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Save Vitamin Freedom! Now!Save Vitamin Freedom! Now!

Vitamins are life-essential, a scientific fact, confirmed by nine Nobel Prizes and thousands of studies. Throughout the 20th century, the health benefits of these natural health approaches have been strategically suppressed in the interest of the pharmaceutical investment business with patented drugs. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994 changed that fundamentally and triggered an explosion of science-based natural health research and evidence. This explosion of natural health knowledge over the past 15 years was so massive that it became a threat to the continuation of the pharmaceutical investment business. In this situation, the pharmaceutical lobby has launched an unprecedented attack on DSHEA, the very legal framework that allowed this explosion of health knowledge. Now, the natural health community, health food stores, natural health practitioners and the people of America must act to protect vitamin freedom and optimum health for millions of people.

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The Natural Control of the
AIDS Epidemic Is Possible:
Concluding Remarks By
Dr. Rath To A Historic Public
Debate With The New Yorker.


Michael Specter, the staff writer of the New Yorker, who authored the planned article that triggered this debate.

The medical profession has been wrong before

The medical profession would have you believe that only patented synthetic chemical drugs can prevent or treat disease.

However, when it comes to identifying what is and isn't good for our health, it should be remembered that the medical profession has been wrong before.

As this 1949 American TV commercial advertising cigarettes shows, it is not so long ago that commercials featuring doctors smoking were telling people to see how cigarettes "agree with your throat."


EU-U.S. Summit Signals New Threats
To Natural Health Therapies

New transatlantic economic integration agreement and secret FDA-EU ‘confidentiality arrangement’ threaten the harmonizing of U.S. dietary supplement legislation to restrictive European regulations


Rath International

Worldwide Edition – Issue 2/2006


  • Analysis: Stop AIDS and free Africa!
  • South Africa: Impressions from Khayelitsha
  • Feature Article: Natural Health Research bursts the Bird Flu Bubble
  • Reports: Reports from our international correspondents
  • Background: A Modern Major General Exposed?
  • Research: Your key to health and a powerful tool to win "Health for All by 2020"
  • Feature Article: CODEX – Major threat to world health
  • Research: Micronutrients Help Control AIDS
  • Science: What is a Vitamin?
  • People: "Back on track" Portrait of Martin Waldoch
  • Demise of the Pharma Cartell: The Continuing Story of the Fast-Failing "Business with Disease"...
  • Science: The Truth about Statins

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Focus on Health

Rath International Regional Information – Issue 1/2006


  • Cellular Nutrients Helped Me Overcome Skin Cancer
  • The War Against Vitamins
  • New Study Shows The Dangers Of Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • The Trilateral Cooperation Charter
  • A Closer Look At Senate Bill 3546
  • Support Your Independent Health Food Store

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