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Interview with Dr. Rath on the need
for a new Alliance of Nations

Published on July 26, 2004 in the South African Newspaper “Ilanga”

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What is your medical background, Dr. Rath?

Dr. Matthias Rath

I am a physician, scientist and head of an international health research organization. After graduating from the medical school of Hamburg Germany I held research and clinical positions in Germany and the United States. In 1992 I became head of cardiovascular research at the research Institute of two-time Noble Laureate Linus Pauling. Subsequently I founded my own research and development institute in the area of natural health.

In my medical and research career I am privileged to have contributed discoveries that will lead to the eradication of today's most common diseases, most notably cardiovascular disease and cancer. I discovered that heart disease is essentially an early form of the sailor’s disease scurvy caused by deficiencies of vitamins in the blood vessel cells. Heart attacks and strokes are preventable health conditions and will eventually be eradicated.

Similarly, cancer will be unknown in future generations. All cancer cells spread in the same way by using biological scissors or enzymes that cut through the connective tissue surrounding the cancer cell thereby enabling these cells to spread and metastasize. Based on this discovery I had found a natural way to block the spreading of cancer cells. Over the past years, our team of researchers at our research Institute in California has developed a combination of essential nutrients that are able to block the spreading of all a cancer cells tested thus far - including breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and many others.

Our latest research focuses on the control of viral diseases including HIV/AIDS. We can already show in scientific studies that the micronutrient combinations we developed are able to block the spreading of retroviral diseases. Clinical studies in AIDS patients should soon confirm that there are natural and safe alternatives to the toxic and expensive antiretroviral drugs.

How is this medical background related to the current field of work that you are involved in?

When I made these discoveries I thought that a medical breakthrough that can eradicate entire diseases would be welcomed everywhere. But this was not the case. Only then did I realize that there is an investment industry, the pharmaceutical industry that has a vested interest to suppress this information for a simple reason: vitamins and other natural therapies are not patentable.

John Rockefeller, founder of the Rockefeller financial group

We have to understand that the pharmaceutical industry is not a health industry but an investment business. The pharmaceutical business is a global fraud operation - it promises health to the people of the world but, in reality, its multi-billion dollar drug business is based on the continuation and the expansion of diseases. Mankind has to come to grips with the fact that diseases are the marketplaces of the drug investment industry. During the past century the financial interests behind the pharmaceutical industry have developed this organized fraud into the biggest and most profitable investment industry on earth. Today, two out of three drugs manufactured and sold in the world come from two countries only, the United States and Great Britain. The US-based Rockefeller financial group and the UK-based JP Morgan group are the primary beneficiaries of this pharmaceutical investment business with disease. Millions of people in almost 200 countries of the world pay the ultimate price for this organized business with disease: they die from diseases that exist merely because some people make money from them. Entire national economies are ruined by billions of dollars in tribute payments to this fraudulent investment business.

Ever since I discovered these facts, I have become a global advocate for the health rights of 6 billion people to have free access to life-saving natural health information. To help spread this information worldwide, I founded the Dr. Rath Health Foundation to focus on research and education in the area of natural health and expose those interest groups that block mankind's path toward making health a human right.