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I stand for a scientific breakthrough which would reduce cancer – until now a sure sentence of death – to a fraction of its present level

Dr. Rath comments upon the recent vehement attacks on his character in the media.

Dr. Matthias Rath
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Dr. Rath, you have come under vehement attack in the media in past weeks. There are many questions on which we would like you to give your opinion. Firstly, what is the background to the campaign, why is there a wave of personal attacks on you?

I stand for a scientific breakthrough which would reduce cancer until now a sure sentence of death to a fraction of its present level. The pharmaceuticals industry which makes billions every year by maintaining the threat of this disease would lose the basis of its trade with this breakthrough.

Since natural cellular nutrient therapy for cancer became known, more and more people have been cured by it. The pharmaceuticals-oriented cancer medicine has since the start of 2003 found itself in a credibility crisis that threatens its existence. If our natural remedy for cancer wins through, then it is certain that millions of people have been knowingly sacrificed to the trade in disease by the pharmaceuticals industry.

With the case of Dominik they are trying to apply the emergency brake. Dominik, who has already been cured by natural means, is going to be taken back into the arms of chemo-medicines - which have already failed - by force of a court decision. The death of the child, which they are prepared to accept in their calculations, would then have been used as grounds to take legal action against me as a scientist and my research company. The legal complaint against me would have been: failure to provide aid, second-degree murder and other crimes, which would be an attempt to turn the facts of the matter upside down and discredit life-saving cellular nutrient therapy.

In November 2003 Dominik's parents asked us for help to save their child, because medical care of their child had been withdrawn at the request of chemo specialist Professor Jürgens from the Münster university clinic. I agreed to give this support, and the following series of explanations and lectures created the publicity required to save Dominik's life and to make the scientific breakthrough in the treatment of cancer widely known. The alternatives were: either Dominik survived or the pharmaceuticals trade in the continuation of cancer - worth billions - did. The severity of the argument and the campaign of defamation against me in the media has its roots in this situation.

How do you explain the fact that the German media have been most involved in this?

Well, that is down to history. Until recently, the FRG was the leading export nation for the world-wide pharmaceutical trade in disease. All areas of society, from professors of pharmaceutical medicine, the media, health funds and associations through to politics are subject to lobbying by the pharmaceuticals industry. This alone explains how otherwise generally independent media such as Der Spiegel, ZDF, Süddeutsche Zeitung and others follow blindly in the furious assault by the pharmaceuticals cartel against this scientific breakthrough.

A few brief explanations:

It is claimed that you are alone in your struggle.

Definitely not. Initial support for this medical breakthrough came from no one less than twice Nobel prize-winner Linus Pauling. Linus Pauling didn't just have forty honorary doctorates, but was also the discoverer of the structures of protein and of the first hereditary disease, sickle cell anaemia.

The scientific basis for Cellular Medicine is in every textbook on natural science, such as biochemicals, biology and cellular physiology. What I and my research team are doing is nothing other than applying this fundamental scientific knowledge in the field of medicine. The stabilisation of connective tissue with amino acids is a scientific truism which cannot be doubted by any serious scientist. At the end of January 2004 the world children's organisation UNICEF published an alarming analysis of the health of the people of the world. This UN organisation concluded that the health and lives of no less than 2 billion people a third of the population of the world could be improved by an optimal intake of vitamins and other essential cellular nutrients. So I am doing nothing other than supplying people in the main countries of the pharmaceutical cartel in the face of bitter opposition from this interest group.

It has been claimed that there is no scientific evidence for cellular nutrient therapy against cancer.

The opposite is the case: No one can ignore the fact that all types of human cancer cell so far researched can be blocked with the help of the natural remedies that we have developed. This includes lung cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, bone cancer, leukemia, skin cancer and other types of cancer. The scientific work on this has been published in recognised specialist journals and presented at specialist cancer conferences. Further details are given on this website. In addition, the largest medical library on the Internet www.medline.de documents over 10,000 studies into the health significance of vitamins and other cellular nutrients in the battle against cancer and other common diseases. Anyone open-minded can see this. As Bertold Brecht said in Galileo Galilei, Anyone who does not know the truth is just a fool. But anyone who knows it and calls it a lie is a criminal.

What was the effect of your lectures on scientific discussion in the medical world?

Very great. Although they tried to brand me in public as a 'charlatan' and a 'guru', every scientist already knew that I was right. At the end of February there was an international cancer conference in Berlin with a dominant theme: how can the migration of cancer cells (metastasis) be stopped? This is the core of my scientific discovery from over 10 years ago, except now we have succeeded in finding the therapeutic answer in the form of scientifically-researched natural remedies.

This shows it quite clearly: The major puppet-masters of the pharmaceutical cartel have realised that they cannot defeat me scientifically. So they are trying to use their medical opinion-formers to claim this scientific breakthrough for themselves. But this faces them with two basic problems: firstly, we have ensured that the medical method of natural cancer treatment is protected by patent and therefore cannot be claimed and then blocked by the pharmaceuticals industry.

The second problem for them is that they would need years or decades to replace the effective, side-effect-free natural substances of Cellular Medicine with synthetic, patentable preparations, and it is possible that they might never succeed. So there is only one way out for them: to use the force of law to prohibit Cellular Medicine and other effective natural remedies, as is already being attempted by four different EU directives.

They are however under considerable time-pressure. This is also the reason why the political leaders of the three largest pharmaceutical export countries in Europe, Schröder, Blair and Chirac, met in Berlin only three days after the end of the lectures. Totally surprising the more than thirty other EU member states, they suddenly called for the establishment of an EU 'supercommissioner', who would implement the interests of the economic cartel against the health and life interests of more than 400 million Europeans.

You mentioned patents. You have been accused of registering patents yourself.

We are playing them at their own game, and they don't like it. Every time the pharmaceutical cartel is hit in the heart, it has its hangers-on in the media raise a racket. Once more: pharmaceutical investments rely on ensuring that common diseases continue and new common diseases are discovered. Therapeutic procedures such as Cellular Medicine, which prevent and eradicate common diseases are resisted by the pharmaceutical cartel with all the tools at its disposal. To counter this we have registered protective patents. To put it simply: the pharmaceuticals industry uses the principle of patents to fix its profits for patent charges arbitrarily high. We patent the results of our research and the natural remedies based on this, in order to protect people's right to free themselves from common diseases which have been curable for some time. The idea that pharmaceutical investment in the trade in disease will disappear of its own accord is naive.

There have also been questions about the economic success of your company. What is going on there?

We have nothing to hide. The Chamber of Commerce publishes our turnover and profit figures every year and they are available to anyone. Any profits earned are used specifically for the eradication of common diseases, with two key focus points: scientific research and the dissemination of our findings. One requirement for the eradication of common diseases is that a stop is put to the pharmaceutical investment industry. This is the purpose of our work. Of course the pharmaceuticals industry is aware of this. And everyone already understands the mad behaviour of the pharmaceutical cartel specifically against our economic success: we are beating these interest groups with their own weapons.

If that is the case, why is this not more widely known?

The people who know me, and who are members of our great movement the Health Alliance have known this for a long time. In order to make it even clearer in the future especially for people who are considering joining our alliance, I have decided to transfer the profits earned by my company into a non-profit trust fund. The money from this fund will continue to be used for the same purpose, but this will reinforce its non-profit character. With this step we are creating a unique company, not just in the field of health care. In these times of globalisation and of the misuse of economic power, our Health Alliance will thus set a standard for the principle of Common good before individual good.

Der Spiegel alleges that you are unjustly tackling the pharmaceuticals industry and even imputing genocide to it.

In fact I was the first person to say publicly what is now common knowledge: the pharmaceuticals industry and the billions it invests in the trade in disease is the greatest obstacle to the health of the people. Now, half a decade later, books criticising the pharmaceuticals industry top the best-seller lists. And I am no longer the only one to accuse them of genocide: At the end of January the Vatican accused the pharmaceuticals industry of killing millions by its patents policy. Even the Vatican used the term 'pharmaceutical cartel' and calculated an annual profit of over 420 billion for this investment trade in disease.

You have been disparaged as a 'charlatan' and a 'guru', and even accused of founding a sect.

That is nonsense, of course. For a decade, the pharmaceuticals industry has unsuccessfully tried to belittle me scientifically. Then they forced over 30 court cases on me, but these were not able to stop the triumphant progress of Cellular Medicine either. Now, as their last desperate measure they are trying it with personal insults.

When the history of this process is written, these insults will become distinctions. The accusation of a sect arose firstly in connection with the acquisition of a location in Wittenberg, Luther's erstwhile home. There as many already know we have established our health academy opposite the church at the castle, a place which UNESCO has declared a world heritage site. Following thorough examination the council of Wittenberg has officially supported this project by council decision. This decision would not have been possible if there were even the slightest suspicion. No, the only community I belong to is the evangelical church.

In view of these basic statements, most of the other accusations are a waste of time. Do you still have something to say about them?

Perhaps a couple of brief comments:

I have been accused of misusing the fate of Dominik, who was ill with cancer. The fact is not that I contacted Dominik's parents, but they asked me and the foundation for help to save Dominik's life by intensive publicity work.

The argument has been made that Dominik's lung metastasis disappeared due to chemotherapy. This is nonsense. During six months of chemotherapy from October 2002 to March 2003 Dominik's lung metastasis continued to spread. After six months of cellular nutrient therapy an independent medical report stated that the lung metastasis had disappeared completely in some areas, and in others clearly reduced in size. In the X-ray examination on 9 January the radiologist established: At present no evidence of the formation of suspicious pulmonary metastasis focal points. In other words, no sign of lung metastasis. In any case, the X-ray from September could have been interpreted as a belated effect of the chemotherapy, but not the improved findings after another five months of cellular nutrients. The claim that the chemotherapy had cured Dominik is absolutely ridiculous!

It was also claimed that Prof. Jürgens only wanted the best for little Dominik when he withdrew the care of the child from his parents. The fact is, Prof. Jürgens did not present the action to withdraw parental care at the Betzdorf local court because Dominik was getting worse, but because he had clear documentation of the successes of Cellular Medicine in front of him. The X-ray picture from 23.9.2003 showed, as stated, that the lung metastasis had disappeared completely with Cellular Medicine. Only six days later, on 29.9.2003, Prof. Jürgens presented his action to force Dominik back into the power of chemotherapy and pharmaceutical medicine which had already failed - in spite of the successful cure documented in the X-ray photo.

The course of events alone shows Prof. Jürgens' true motives. He is obviously not acting out of concern for another, but as the representative of a long-outdated, pharmaceutically-oriented medicine. He still has to justify this.

I have been accused of attacking Prof. Jürgens personally and scaring him. When I told Dominik's mother about this accusation, she asked me, What is he talking about? He was the one who has scared and terrified us with his brutal court action and who made us fear for the life of our child. As a doctor and a scientist I have nothing against the person Heribert Jürgens. My opponent is the principle of the pharmaceutical business and its beneficiaries.

It has also been alleged that the published X-ray photograph documenting the curing of Dominik's lung metastasis cannot be evaluated. This accusation is aimed at my credibility. I immediately asked Dominik's parents to consent to the publishing of all X-ray photos, to clear up any suspicion in this important question. Since these pictures were published in the Internet, these infamous imputations have stopped.

Then it was claimed that the radiologist who took the X-ray CT photos on 9 January has distanced himself from his findings. The opposite is the case: The radiologist simply insisted on his surname not being published any more, but he confirmed the correctness of his findings in an affidavit, including the statement that there is no [further] evidence of the formation of suspicious pulmonary metastasis focal points.

The head of BfArms, Prof. Christian Steffen, warned that our cellular nutrients are medicines which are not licensed in Germany. In October 2003 the Berlin local court rejected an action by Prof. Steffens on the basis that our natural remedies are not medicines. Mr Steffen is therefore knowingly stating an untruth and thereby endangering the health of millions of citizens and yet he finances his campaign of lies with taxes. This desperate and mad behaviour by someone who is still head of an official agency will have legal and political consequences. I welcome the Gerster case.

It is especially absurd when the head of an official agency that claims these natural remedies must be graded as medicines because of their high dosages in the same breath brags that their contents are equivalent to an orange, an egg and two cups of tea. Any government that continues to back such a civil servant places its own credibility spectacularly in doubt.

One of the high points of the campaign of insults has been the claim by the Münster paper, the Westfälische Nachrichten, which claimed that I am not a real doctor and that my licence had been withdrawn. On 4 February this paper then felt it had to admit to its mistake and expose its lies to its readers after the court ordered a retraction. Pigeons come home to roost.