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Matthias Rath: 'It is the multinational pharmaceutical companies that control the world'

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In other words, in your view doctors themselves have been subjected for decades to a kind of brainwashing or knowledge' programming to make sure that they believe what the pharmaceutical industry wants them to believe.

Dr. Rath: Precisely. It is particularly important to reflect on the pharmaceutical industry's influence on the medical profession. Through the creation of private medical universities in the USA, including the so-called Ivy League universities such as Harvard and Yale, the Mayo Clinic and others, the pharmaceutical industry was quite simply buying medical opinion throughout the world. Medical teaching centred more and more on pharmaceutical medicines, while natural health treatments were dismissed as outmoded'.

Albert Szent-Györgyi,
Nobel Laureate 1937

Hardly a single doctor who graduated from a medical university during the past few decades knows that the first Nobel Prize on the role of vitamin C in the cellular metabolism was awarded in 1937. Thus, for more than half a century, generations of doctors millions all round the world have graduated in medicine without knowing anything about the vital role of vitamins and minerals. And anyone can immediately grasp the devastating consequences this strategy has had for human health throughout the world, especially since hardly any of the billions of people living today know that the human body is incapable of producing its own vitamin C, though it is a scientifically proven fact that vitamin C not only protects against the so-called sailors' disease', scurvy, but is also the main factor in preventing cardiovascular problems and many other disorders. Thus the simple decision to deliberately withhold this vital knowledge from the medical profession has made possible the current epidemic of cardiovascular disease, the number one cause of death in the industrialised world and also in the more urbanised parts of the developing world.

Equally, hardly anyone is aware that the human body does not produce the natural amino acid lysine, an essential building block of proteins. It turns out that this natural molecule, lysine, is one of the most important factors in preventing cancer spreading through the body. Cancer is the second most prevalent epidemic in the industrialised world, and the drugs sold for use during the final month of a cancer patient's life represent one of the most lucrative markets for the pharmaceutical trade in disease.

Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, the human race is beginning to awaken from this nightmare. However, two out of every three people in the industrialised world and the Third World could probably have been saved from death during the last few decades if only information had been made widely known about the molecules necessary for good cellular functioning and which our bodies do not produce. The reason why so many people have been sleeping' for a whole century is not because they are stupid but due to the fact that, in order to keep their fraudulent and dishonest business going, pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars each year on maintaining an artificial façade which represents them as benefactors of the human race'. To achieve this end the pharmaceutical industry spends twice as much on marketing as it does on research.

Donald Rumsfeld, the current US Defence Secretary, has been a Managing Director of several multinational pharmaceutical companies. And he received various awards' for his services' to this industry before being appointed to his current position in the Bush administration. There is no doubt that Rumsfeld and all other pharmaceutical industry executives, including the Rockefeller investment group, are aware of these facts. And you can imagine that they quake at the idea of the truth about the pharmaceutical trade in disease spreading like wildfire around the world. If that happened their fate would be sealed. They would be held responsible for the deaths of millions of people from diseases which could have been prevented but for their entirely deliberate decisions. They know that the human race will either be engulfed in a Big Brother-style war of global proportions, or it will one day rise up and destroy them. There is no middle way. That is what lies behind the war in Iraq. That is why they are taking on the entire planet.

And what role does the World Health Organisation play in all this? Shouldn't it be the first to promote nutrition as an element of preventive health care?

Dr. Rath: The World Health Organisation (WHO) was created more than 50 years with the remit of improving worldwide health. And one of its principal initial objectives was to disseminate nutritional information. Alongside the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the WHO for a decade published annual reports which included Joint Reports on Nutrition . But after this period the pharmaceutical industry had already gained complete control of the WHO, and from that moment it changed into the opposite of what it had been. By 1963, just 15 years after it was founded to serve the world's population, the WHO had been converted into a tool of the global pharmaceutical cartel. That same year a new commission was set up specifically to combat micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) and prohibit their use to prevent, cure or eradicate disease. The purpose of this WHO/FAO commission's so-called Codex Alimentarius (Food Standard) was to impose artificial upper limits' in order to prevent people using these natural health-promoting substances for therapeutic purposes. This Commission also embarked on a holy war' against the dissemination of information about the scientifically-proven health benefits of these micronutrients. In this way the pharmaceutical cartel exploited the WHO as a global instrument to give impetus to the first legislation of globalisation, protectionist laws to artificially safeguard the worldwide health monopoly of patented drugs.

And so, for the past 40 years the organisation created to improve our health has been used to satisfy the interests of a handful of investors by doing the precise opposite: keeping the world's population in ignorance of information vital for the prevention of the most common diseases of our day.

Your campaign of condemnation of all this appears to have become more emphatic since last summer...

"Health for All by the year 2020™", the 10 point programme presented in Johannesburg 2002 Read online...

Dr. Rath: The publication of my Ten-Point Programme: Health for All in 2020 , which we presented at the Johannesburg World Summit in August 2002 was, indeed, a turning point for the WHO. With over 100 heads of state present (who were made aware of the fraudulent nature of the pharmaceutical business and of the natural health alternatives), the battle began to reclaim the WHO and use it for the benefit of the people of the world. The developing nations of Africa, South America and Asia are leading this historic battle. But we should have no illusions: the forces of the pharmaceutical cartel which are entrenched in the WHO will not give up without a fight. The interests that turned the WHO into the opposite of what it should be are the same interests that forced the war against Iraq and the current international crisis. Accordingly , the battle for control of the WHO will be waged with the same savagery as any military battle. This comparison is all the more valid given that in both cases the victims number in the millions.

The outcome of this battle for control of the WHO is certain: the people of the world, for their own good and the good of generations to come, will win and will regain control of this global body. How long this will take depends in the final analysis on how well people are informed about these events and how they manage to communicate to their governments that they must take action at both national and international level. Meanwhile, it is essential to have organisations that cannot be bought, bribed or influenced in any way. The Dr Rath Health Foundation was founded as a contribution to this end.