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This article appeared in the October 2003 edition of the Spanish health magazine “D Salud ”

Dr. Matthias Rath
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The work of Dr. Matthias Rath on the positive influence of vitamins, amino acids and diverse trace elements – especially lysine, proline and vitamin C – as an alternative to pharmacological treatment for many illnesses which right now are considered incurable – including cancer – has led him to openly clash with orthodox medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

This has finally led him to the International Criminal Court in The Hague to make a case against President George W. Bush and the large pharmaceutical companies for Crimes against Humanity. His research, based on the structure and function of proteins, has helped him to develop what is known as Cellular Medicine. Dr. Rath declares that practically all known diseases can be controlled or cured .

The fight against cancer is more famous for its failures than for its great victories. There have been many spectacular advertisements in the media promising cures but only very few with real results when it comes to curing the disease. In spite of this, the current oncological strategy – which consists of fighting the tumours directly and aggressively – has still not changed. And it doesn't seem to matter that both doctors and researchers, who have been brought up and educated within the system, have often condemned it as useless.

Such is the case of Dr. Matthias Rath, known the world over for repeatedly condemning what he has been calling for years the business with disease. For Dr. Rath the current overload of diseases is nonsensical when you realise that there are natural solutions which are far less traumatic, less yatrogenic and more efficient than surgery or pharmacology. And, in this sense, he states openly that: “The pharmaceutical sector uses its incredible power to try and delay what nobody now is able to get away from: the evidences that using vitamins and other natural therapies allows cardiovascular diseases, cancer and many other diseases to be treated effectively and without side effects.”

But, who are we talking about? Who is Matthias Rath? He was born in Stuttgart (Germany) in 1955 and, after studying Medicine, began working as a doctor and researcher in Hamburg University Clinic and, later, in the German Cardiology Centre in Berlin. There he would focus his research on finding the causes of arteriosclerosis – and, consequently, cardiovascular diseases – which is how he discovered – in 1987 – the connection which exists between arteriosclerosis and Vitamin C deficiency.

In other words, Dr. Rath found out that the lipoprotein-a (molecule present in “bad” cholesterol or LDL) is only deposited in the artery walls causing arteriosclerosis – with the consequent narrowing of the arteries – when the organism lacks vitamin C – a substance which is abundant in fresh fruit and vegetables. This knowledge can therefore prevent and treat practically all cardiovascular diseases and has provoked the very battle which Dr. Rath continues to fight today against the pharmaceutical industry . That should come as no surprise seeing as, if he is proved correct, then the numerous drugs which are currently used for cardiovascular problems, and which bring in fat profits for the multinationals, will become useless overnight as they will no longer be needed.

“ We've known that vitamin C stabilises artery walls for over 200 years when James Lind also discovered that its deficiency caused loss of blood and scurvy. No pharmaceutical company director and no doctor can deny knowing these facts. So why hasn't this information been used medically to fight cardiovascular diseases? What's more, was the recommended minimum dose of Vitamin C set at 60 mg. because it was known to be a high enough quantity to prevent scurvy... but low enough to ensure that cardiovascular diseases became an epidemic? After forming such an insolent – and incredible – question, Dr. Rath went even further with his accusations: “ I'm convinced that the pharmaceutical companies have known for decades that an optimal vitamin supplement would brings the multi-million prescription drug market crashing down . At the end of the day, you can't patent a vitamin and their profit margins are low.” And he adds: "It shouldn't come as any surprise that the survival of the pharmaceutical industry depends on a double strategy: obstructing research, information and use of vitamins and other natural therapies by all possible means, and promoting the lie that patentable synthetic drugs are the answer to human diseases.”

These opinions make it clear that Dr. Rath supported the research carried out by Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes– the first for Chemistry, awarded in 1954 for his research into the structure of protein molecules, and the second for Peace (1962) for his support for disarmament and his opposition to nuclear experiments – who attributed powers of regeneration and protection to Vitamin C which delay the ageing process thanks to its ability to combat the negative effects of free radicals, electrically charged unstable molecules which negatively affect cellular functions . It will come as no surprise, then, that in 1990 he should agree to move to the United States, accepting the offer to run the Linus Pauling Cardiovascular Research Institute. Only two years later – in 1992 – Dr. Rath developed what is known today as Cellular Medicine, fruit of his research into the fascinating world of cells.