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A History Lesson for
Mr. Bush and Mr. Rumsfeld

George W. Bush,
U.S. President
Donald Rumsfeld,
U.S. Secretary of Defense

Breathtaking Parallel Between WWII and WWIII

  • Similar corporate beneficiaries: World War II was launched on behalf of the largest oil and drug cartel at that time, Germany’s IG Farben (Bayer, BASF, Hoechst). They brought the Nazis to power and, in return were the recipients of the chemical plants of all countries the “Wehrmacht” conquered during World War II. Telford Taylor, the US Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Tribunal stated: “Without IG Farben WWII would not have been possible!”
  • Similar rise to power. The oil and drug cartel IG Farben was the single largest sponsor for the election campaigns that changed German democracy into dictatorship. In a similar way, the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry was the single largest sponsor of the election campaigns of George Bush.
  • Similar events that led to the transformation of democracy into dictatorship. On February 27, 1933, the German parliament – the Reichstag – was set on fire. It is a historical fact, that the arson was committed by the Nazis themselves. This event served as a pretext to pass emergency and empowerment laws that transformed German democracy and prepared it for dictatorship. The missing step to activate all provisions of these laws is the launch of WWII.
    On September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center was attacked. Five weeks before, on August 6, 2001 George Bush had been alerted about such attacks in a Presidential Daily Brief. The 9/11 congressional investigation revealed that Bush had decided to stay at his ranch and do nothing. However, after 9/11 he was quick to abuse this tragedy to pass a series of empowerment laws, including the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act. These acts contain provisions that will instantly turn the American democracy into dictatorship – with the launch of WWIII.
  • Similar use of enemy concepts as psychological preparation for war. In 1933, the Jewish and Russian people were used as scape goats to construct enemy concepts that would serve as a pretext to abolish civil rights inside Germany and prepare the country psychologically for war. Since 9/11 the Bush Administration is leading a global psychological campaign against the Islamic religion, portraying it as the breeding ground for extremist threat to the U.S.
  • Direct access of the oil and drug cartel to executive power. In 1936, the chairman of the IG Farben oil and drug cartel, Carl Krauch, was appointed head of the German governments “Economic Expansion Office”, that detailed the strategic preparations for WWII and the economic conquest of Europe and other continents. He was sentenced in the Nuremberg WWII War Crime Tribunal for crimes against humanity. In 2000, Donald Rumsfeld, the highest decorated pharmaceutical executive in U.S. history, was appointed Secretary of Defense and has been responsible for all wars conducted since by the U.S. or on its behalf.
  • Similar disrespect for the constitutional process. In the six years between 1933 and the beginning of WWII, the constitutional separation of power – the hallmark of any democracy – was sacrificed for the transformation of society into a dictatorship. The Nuremberg war crime tribunal established, that the largest beneficiaries of the abolition of democracy in Germany was the oil and drug cartel IG Farben. In a similar way, the disrespect for constitutional rights and processes became a hallmark of the Bush Administration. All the dubious programs to spy on the bank accounts, credit cards, telephone calls, internet links and even medical records of American citizens were authorized by George Bush himself under the pretext of “terrorist threat”. According to an article in the Boston Globe on April 30, 2003, Bush has claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws and by-pass any statute passed by Congress.
  • Similar disrespect for the international bodies and world opinion. In 1933 the new German government left the League of Nations, the international body that had been founded after the WWI to preserve world peace, as a signal to the world that it is preparing for WWII. This signal was largely ignored. With the war against Iraq, a war launched without any UN mandate, the Bush Administration has, in fact, destroyed the UN Charta, the very basis of the United Nations.

In summary, the events leading to WWII and those leading to WWIII bear striking similarities: The access of special interest groups around the pharmaceutical and petrochemical investment business to executive power was followed by the transformation of society from democracy to a dictatorship on behalf of those special interests. Then and now, the empowerment laws activating this dictatorship of corporate interests requires only thing - the launch of a global war.

There is one significant difference, however. World War II was the last world war fought with conventional weapons. World War III will be led with nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and would likely be the last war of mankind. The fact, that many governments did not take the overt preparations for WWII serious, cost the lives of 60 million people – but mankind survived. This time, no government can afford to ignore such preparations.

The Crime And Punishment of I.G. Farben
by Joseph Borkin

From 1938 to 1946, Joseph Borkin was the chief of the Patent and Cartel section of the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice in Washington, and was responsible for the wartime investigation and prosecution of the cartels dominated by I. G. Farben.

During the war, he published Germany's Master Plan which led the Associated Press to say: "Joseph Borkin probably knows more about I. G. than anyone outside of it".

Since 1946, Mr Borkin has practised Law in Washington and he has written numerous books and articles. He is chairman of the Federal Bar Association's Committee on Standards and Judicial Behaviour, a lecturer in the Catholic University Law School, and Director of the Drew Pearson Foundation.