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The Time Has Come

Constitution For A New World Of Peace, Health And Social Justice

At the beginning of the third millennium mankind stands at the crossroads. On the one hand are the interests of six billion people currently inhabiting our planet - and of all future generations - who wish to live a dignified and healthy life in a peaceful world. On the other hand is a small corporate interest group denying the whole of mankind these basic human rights for one reason only - financial gain.

In this situation, we, the people of the world, have the choice: we either continue accepting the yoke of those investment industries forcing wars and diseases upon us or we liberate ourselves with all peaceful means available from these burdens and start building a world determined by the principles of peace, health and social justice.

When, if not now, is there a situation where those who started the war against Iraq and are about to bring conflicts to other countries have to be brought to justice? If they are not stopped now, they will continue harassing the people of the world, endangering the lives of the people and risking dragging down planet earth in their own demise. The people of the world have to understand that the pharmaceutical industry, the largest investment industry on planet earth, is doomed. It will disappear - the only question is when. Secondly, there is no question that those who are responsible for having conducted this unscrupulous business with disease and have had to justify the unnecessary and premature death of millions of people are doomed with them. Do you think that they will give up voluntarily?

The people of the world and their elected governments have to wake up to this situation. The Bush Administration openly propagates the escalation to a new world war. And they will do it, unless the people of the world stop them. Since they cannot be stopped militarily without risking a world war, they need to be stopped with two other means available: economic and political means.

The economic means are a blockade of the pharmaceutical business with disease by refocusing the national health care systems of nations worldwide on natural health and by refusing to pay the patent fees on a small amount of pharmaceutical drugs that may still be needed - for example antibiotics.

The political means are legally important and must be tackled without delay. The people of the world have to force their governments to start formal proceedings against the Bush and Blair administrations for committing war crimes and violations of human rights. The Court for these violations to be brought to and dealt with is the International Criminal Court in The Haguem The Netherlands.

A complaint needs to be filed for starting and conducting a war against any international law, for mass murder, exploitation, plundering of public and private property and other crimes against humanity and violations of international law. If we, the people of the world, and the governments of 192 countries will let Bush and Blair and the Rockefeller Cartel and the members of the Trilateral Commission get away with terrorizing the world with illegal wars - without holding them responsible - then the United Nations, all its legal framework of International Law and the entire UN Court System is worth nothing any longer.

Either we, the people, allow these forces to bring our planet into an abyss, or we take control now. Of course, we the people, may have to drag our governments along to initiate a formal complaint in The Hague. Governments are slow and easily intimidated, especially when someone carries a large economic stick. But we are the people. Can we do it? Of course! And the people of the world have to unite in this endeavor.