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Rumsfeld's Rage

Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense

Following the publication of Dr. Rath's Open Letter in the August 25 edition of the New York Times, Rumsfeld and other administration officials went ballistic.

Rumsfeld's rage was particular significant, because he had been the teflon-like entertainer of the Bush administration. The architect of three wars, the object of countless attacks – including demands for his resignation even by leading generals – he always kept his countenance. The first time he literally "freaked out" was, when his hidden war agenda was brought to the daylight.

Following are some examples of Rumsfeld's "rhetoric incontinence":

  • "We're really fighting the first war of the 21st century, the first war that's been fought in the new media realities with bloggers and 24-hour talk radio and Internet and e-mails and video cameras, digital cameras."
  • "They hide among civilians precisely to distort the debate, to manipulate the U.S. media."
  • "And as we've seen -- even this month -- in Lebanon, they design attacks and manipulate the media to try to demoralize public opinion."
  • "What bothers me the most is how clever the enemy is, they are actively manipulating the media in this country. They can lie with imputiny."
  • "The enemy lies constantly – almost totally without penalty"
  • "The enemy is so much better at communicating, I wish we were better at countering that because the constant drumbeat of things they say – all of which are not true – is harmful. It's cumulative. And it does weaken people's will and lessen their determination, and raise questions in their minds as to whether the cost is worth it."
  • "That's the thing that keeps me up at night."