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Dr. Rath's Open Letter Campaign

Dr. Rath's first Open Letter in the New York Times was published in February 2003 and public reactions to the consistent themes that have been woven throughout this continuing campaign have been closely monitored. Click on the links below for a summary of the reaction of the American people to each of the main themes:

Click on the headlines below for access to the full contents of each Open Letter, links to a wealth of additional background information and a downloadable PDF file of the Open Letter itself.

The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’

Health Means Education

The Collapse of the ‘European Union’ And the Threat of a Nuclear Crisis

Victory Over Cancer!

President Obama,
Wake Up America!

Wake Up, America!
Prevent Dictatorship And War!

The Oil Cartel's Goal: Toppling the Obama Government

One Trillion Dollar Bailout Can No Longer Conceal the Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’

Stop the Nuclear War Plans of Sarkozy and the ‘Brussels EU’!

Oil and Drug Cartel Plans "Global Coup" through IMF

Yes, We Can Prevent Their WWIII Plans!

Russia Can Become a Health Care Model for the World

Road Map to Affordable
Health Care For All

Why Sarkozy and Bush Need World War III

Oil and Drug Cartel Behind WWII Nuremberg Records Reveal

Mr. Bush, Mr. Rumsfeld: The Game Is Over!

Stop Bush! Stop WWIII!


Stop Nuclear War!

Bird Flu: Public Health Information for the Goverments of the World

George Bush, Do Not Attack Iran In Order To Pass Your Patriot Act!

Stop AIDS Genocide By the Drug Cartel!

Protect Your Health!
Act Now!

Why Millions of Americans Cannot
Get Flu Shots

Vitamin Consumers
Will Determine the
Next US President

George Bush -
Do Not Start
World War III

The Alliance
of Nations

From 'Pharma-Fraud' to 'Pharma-Terror'

A Patients'
Bill of Rights

The United Nations
Committed Suicide!

World War III -

Why 9/11?
Why the Iraq War?

The Only Future for the UN The Only Way To World Peace:“ One Country - One Vote!

You Are Deciding About the Future of Mankind

Save Our Planet Now!

This Year's UN General Assembly Decides On The Future Of The United Nations, World Peace And The Future of Mankind!

Black Out
Through Blackout?

Don't Let The UN-Charter Be Destroyed

Say "No" to Nuking Iran or North Korea to Cover Up the Lies About September 11 and the Iraq War

Stop The Lies - Discover The Truth

George Bush, Tony Blair: Don't Risk A World War!

Constitution for a Healthy and Peaceful World

Vitamin C
Against SARS

Health for All by the Year 2020™

Pharma-Cartel War Plans Can No Longer Be Achieved!

We Are No Longer Willing To Sacrifice Health And Peace!

Mr. Bush - This War Is
Not A Sign of Strength,
But of Desperation

Make Health -
Not War



Bush And Blair And Their Deception

At first, people on the street were not open to believing Bush and Blair could start a war for personal gain..or that the war was sponsored by special interests. It was too extreme a thought. However, over the course of the past few months, more and more people said, “I agree with Dr. Rath”…and further, they stated that “I'm glad someone is speaking out.”

Of course, there were those who dismissed the Open Letters saying that “we needed to go into Iraq to oust Hussein and to fight terrorism” – a connection we now know was concocted by the administration and the media.

Many appreciated the opportunity to speak out after feeling so helpless for so long.


The Illegal War In Iraq

One need only look at the polling numbers at the beginning of Dr. Rath's Open Letter campaign to see how strongly the war in Iraq was supported by the American public.

But as Dr. Rath's Open Letters continued and he produced evidence to back up his charges, people started to wonder about the veracity of their own points of view. In particular, people were becoming more and more suspicious of the pharmaceutical industry through Dr. Rath's statements because it was beginning to dawn on them that this industry was capable of any wrongdoing, given that it would promote illness rather than cure in order to grow its already unfair profit stream.


The Threat To The UN Charter

Dr. Rath's Open Letters made clear just how important the UN Charter is and how urgent it is that we voice our opposition to dissolving that Charter in any way. Many people were glad that Dr. Rath raised the issue because, for them, it had existed “under the radar”. Many voiced frustration that there was so much going wrong in America, so much to be truly fearful about.


The Business With Disease

As each Open Letter was published, people voiced their unease with the medications that their doctors were prescribing. Many stated that they were sick and tired of the industry pumping them full of drugs but doing little to find the root cause of disease.

The Open Letters had opened their minds to the fact that, for the ‘business with disease' profitability was far more important than saving lives - whether it was by the pharmaceutical companies' disregard for cure or, equally as disturbing, how they have profited by the War in Iraq.


Determining The Public's Awareness Of Issues

Dr. Rath's Open Letters provided one of the few sources of the truth and his campaign has now triggered more courage in the media because articles are beginning to appear that are against the war, against Bush and against the pharmaceutical industry. In a way, the media has been forced to confront more of these issues because Dr. Rath's Open Letters cannot be avoided.


What The Public Knows And Thinks About Dr. Rath

Yes, there were those who distrusted Dr. Rath's messages and his motives…AT FIRST. One could not expect otherwise given how outspoken the Open Letters were and continue to be. However, little by little, many people recognized the courage it took to begin speaking out when those opinions were not at all popular.

Whilst we cannot say that everyone now approves of the messages in Dr. Rath's Open Letters, there is no denial that the messages are now welcomed as the public sees the world crumbling before them and watches those in power only interested in remaining in power…at any cost.

The people of America are also starting to believe that seemingly unrelated events (the blackout etc.) could possibly be connected to the profit-driven power play that now exists in their country.