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A Crucial Moment In History

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The name Rockefeller is not much in the public debate. If they are so influential, why don’t we see more of them in public?

In some areas of the world the rulers are still visible and honored by their people with their pictures being present everywhere. The most powerful people in the world choose another avenue. They exert their powers clandestinely and they hate the public eye. The Rockefeller group controls more than 200 pharmaceutical companies, large and small, without anyone talking publicly about it. The Rockefeller group is behind some of the most influential financial institutions in the world including Chase Manhattan Bank and others. The Rockefeller group, of course, owns the Exxon consortium and other multinational petrochemical companies. The annual revenues of Exxon alone surpass the sum of the gross national product of half of the countries on earth.

The Rockefeller consortium also controls the media, including Time Warner, CNN and an entire network of newspapers, radio- and TV-stations. Thus, it is no surprise that US public opinion could be manipulated to the point that many innocent people were misled to support such illegal actions as a war against any international law. And those who were in doubt were further manipulated by paid ‘opinion polls’, the results of which were openly questioned in the New York Times and elsewhere.

The counterpart of the Rockefeller group in the US is the Rothschild group in Great Britain with controlling investments in the drug industry of the second largest export nation of pharmaceutical products.

Are you suggesting that governments of the world should file complaints with the International Criminal Court in The Hague against George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and others?

Absolutely yes! The world community has long worked for establishing this court that was set up to prosecute violations of international law, especially war crimes committed in wars that were started or conducted without any international legitimization. When, if not now, is there a situation where those who started the war against Iraq and are about to bring conflicts to other countries have to be brought to justice? If they are not stopped now, they will continue harassing the people of the world, endangering the lives of the people and risking dragging down planet earth in their own demise. Again, the people of the world have to understand that the pharmaceutical industry, the largest investment industry on planet earth, is doomed. It will disappear - the only question is when. Secondly, there is no question that those who are responsible for having conducted this unscrupulous business with disease and have had to justify the unnecessary and premature death of millions of people are doomed with them. Do you think that they will give up voluntarily?

The people of the world and their elected governments have to wake up to this situation. The Bush Administration openly propagates the escalation to a new world war. And they will do it, unless the people of the world stop them. Since they cannot be stopped militarily without risking a world war, they need to be stopped with two other means available: economic and political means.

The economic means are a blockade of the pharmaceutical business with disease by refocusing the national health care systems of nations worldwide on natural health and by refusing to pay the patent fees on a small amount of pharmaceutical drugs that may still be needed - for example antibiotics.

The political means are legally important and must be tackled without delay. The people of the world have to force their governments to start formal proceedings against the Bush and Blair administrations for committing war crimes and violations of human rights. The Court for these violations to be brought to and dealt with is the International Criminal Court in The Hague, The Netherlands.

A complaint needs to be filed for starting and conducting a war against any international law, for mass murder, exploitation, plundering of public and private property and other crimes against humanity and violations of international law. If we, the people of the world, and the governments of 180 countries will let Bush and Blair and the Rockefeller Cartel and the members of the Trilateral Commission get away with terrorizing the world with illegal wars - without holding them responsible - then the United Nations, all its legal framework of International Law and the entire UN Court System is worth nothing any longer.

It is not enough that just the government or corporations are named as defendants. The individual members of the government, George Bush, Condolezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft and all the others have to be named personally. Tommy Franks and the generals conducting this war without any international mandate have to be named personally. All members of the Rockefeller-Group, the Trilateral Commission and other bodies yet to be identified who instigated, promoted, or benefited economically from the plundering of foreign countries have to be named personally. The same goes for the British side. Not only the Blair Administration, but also the heads of the Rothschild Banks and other direct and indirect profiteers from this illegal war must be exposed. This list must comprise bankers, politicians and other corporate executives, whether they are from the US, from Europe or from anywhere around the world.

Another complaint has to be filed against the heads of the pharmaceutical industry for the crimes they have been committing on behalf of the pharmaceutical investment industry against the people and the governments of the world. All of that has to happen without delay.

Most important is the support of the people of the world for their governments to take these actions. I call upon every single person on planet earth to take action to push your own government to file a formal complaint against these interest groups.

Either we, the people, allow these forces to bring our planet into an abyss, or we take control now. Of course, we the people, may have to drag our governments along to initiate a formal complaint in The Hague. Governments are slow and easily intimidated, especially when someone carries a large economic stick. But we are the people. Can we do it? Of course! And the people of the world have to unite in this endeavor.

We have to realize: the exposure alone of these interest groups behind the war efforts is the single most important step to prevent another world war. The world can simply not afford another war like the Iraq war, with every day bringing the risk of an outbreak of world war three. The time to act is now. Every responsible politician, every citizen of planet earth needs to realize this historic opportunity and act immediately.

What can the people do?

Everyone should familiarize themselves with the breakthroughs in the area of natural health. Everyone, no matter whether you live in New Deli, Cairo, Johannesburg, New York, Buenos Aires or Mexico city, no matter whether you live in a developing country or an industrialized country, should inform themselves about the breakthroughs in natural health that can effectively and immediately replace more than 80% of current pharmaceutical prescription drugs. With further research in the area of natural health I estimate that within the next years 95% of pharmaceutical drugs will be rendered redundant.

That means that the people of the world have the possibility to take away 95% of the revenues the pharmaceutical cartel uses to finance the continuation of its unscrupulous business with disease and to continue supporting politicians like Tony Blair and George Bush in their election campaigns. Think about that! What a great opportunity for everyone immediately to make a contribution not only to a healthier world but also to guarantee peace for the future of this generation and for the generations of our children and grandchildren.

In addition, you need to organize local support groups to bring your governments to file an official complaint in The Hague and in other courts, to bring those to justice who are behind the current world crisis and who benefit from it. Bringing these forces and their actions to the daylight is a precondition to diminish their future influence and prevent further damage from these interest groups to our planet and its people.

I’m often asked why have we not heard or seen the pharmaceutical interests behind this current war scenario before? The answer is very simple. These interest groups are hidden behind an umbrella of philanthropy and well doing for this planet. Before understanding the unscrupulousness and meanness of the pharmaceutical business model you first need to tear down the masquerade of philanthropy in order to see the true nature of the unscrupulous investment character of the pharmaceutical business with disease. Now that this is done, there is no time to be lost. This interview provides a strategy for the people of the world and their political representatives to take immediate action to preserve our planet and to hand over a healthier and more peaceful world to our children.

How do you see the role of the United Nations in the future?

It is not enough for the United Nations to compete with the United States for building a government of post war Iraq. Confining the role of the world body to that is nothing short of a capitulation in front of the petrochemical and pharmaceutical cartel and its political and military operators. This must never happen.

The United Nations themselves should be the driving force to bring George Bush, Tony Blair and the other violators of international law to justice. Imagine what an important step it would be for the world body to file such a complaint on behalf of the majority of the general assembly of the United Nations. There is no question in my mind that such a decision can be made and will be made.

The United Nations must be protected. But it is not protected by giving in to the interests of the pharmaceutical cartel and trying to compromise with them. The role of the United Nations, if it wants to play a role in the future, has to be one of self-confidence and implementation of its own authority.

No one, no government, not even the most powerful government in the world, must be allowed to ignore the decisions of the United Nations and hope to get away with it. Those who do so, must be brought to justice and their motives must be exposed to the world. This is the most urgent and most immediate role of the United Nations.

Of course, the same is also true for the sub organizations of the United Nations like the World Health Organization. An immediate process of cleansing away the interests of the pharmaceutical industry has to take place. It can no longer be tolerated that the people of the world believe in the World Health Organization as a body protecting their health while the primary agenda of the WHO has long ago become an instrument of the pharmaceutical interests. This must stop. Exposing the pharmaceutical interests as the main benefactor of the current crisis will be an important contribution to also stop the abuse of the World Health Organization and bring it back to its original mission: improving health on a global level, particularly in the developing world where this organization is most needed.