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A Crucial Moment In History

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Did you get any reactions from people living in the United States or New York City?

We got reactions from all over the world. Leading universities, governmental organizations, doctors, and of course many patients and just general people. The most common reaction was one of gratitude for opening their eyes to the connection between the battle for survival of the pharmaceutical industry and the current international crisis. Many asked for further information either in the field of natural health alternatives or in information about the background of the pharmaceutical business with disease.

Particularly noteworthy were the reactions from the United States where many people realized that their own government was no longer representing the interests of the majority of the people, but primarily of a small group of corporate stakeholders around the Rockefeller petrochemical and pharmaceutical interests. If you live in New York and you suspected all along that something was wrong with the official story behind September 11, you appreciate when finally someone explains to you why your own government is blocking an official independent investigation.

2,600 innocent people died in the September 11 tragedy. The same number of people die from side effects of prescription drugs every ten days

I think it is high time that not only the people in New York City but also the people around the world learn the truth about the background to the September 11 tragedy. Even more so, since it has ever since been used to try to repeat that stunt on a global level by coercing the world into a crusade against illusionary terrorists.

People asked me, do you really think that Bush and his circle would deliberately risk 3000 lives on September 11? My answer is simple: this is about the same number of people who are killed every 10 days (!) from the known deadly side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Since the White House on the one hand blocks such an investigation while on the other hand constantly abuses this event to start a world war, this matter is no longer a national issue of the US. It is the task of the United Nations to demand and initiate an independent investigation into this tragedy. This is a legitimate demand, since New York City is not only the seat of the United Nations but the entire discussion and debate at this world forum for a year and a half has been overshadowed by this tragedy. It is time for the people and the governments of the world to stand up and remove any questions about the background of September 11. And the US government better cooperate with this international investigation - otherwise its credibility will have vanished.

Do you think that the September 11 attack will transform the United States into a dictatorship?

Winstone Smith (front) and the Big Brother system in a scene from the 1984 motion picture.

It already has. We are not talking about the dictatorship of one man or a political party. We are talking about a dictatorship of a small group of economic interests that use the current administration as puppets to cement its global interests. Already, in January this year, a group of concerned citizens including Ralph Nader, the actress Susan Sarandon and representatives of the environmental organization Green Peace, published a full-page alert in the New York Times with the title “Big brother is not coming – He is already here”. The words “Big Brother” refer to the novel by George Orwell ‘1984’ in which he describes a society that is controlled, manipulated and abused by a small special interest group with direct access to every private aspect of life. Indeed, much of this is already reality in the United States today. Without any court order, bank accounts can be screened, e-mails be read, telephone conversations be taped, letters be opened, homes searched and other basic civil rights be violated. All of these mind-boggling laws were justified with the staged events of ‘September 11’ and under the pretence of a “War against Terrorism”.

One of the most basic human rights that the current Bush administration is trying to take away from the people in America is the right to free access to natural health information. This civil right has been guaranteed by law to the people of America since the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act was passed unanimously in August of 1994. Restricting access to natural health therapies and information about natural means to prevent and treat diseases is a goal so sacred to the American people that they would not allow that to happen in peace times. More than 50% of the American people take micronutrients on a daily basis to improve their health. The only way to take away this right is by imposing it during a state of “martial law”

This is precisely the background to why the Bush Administration will not seek peace in the Middle East - to the contrary. They will use post war Iraq as a stepping-stone to escalate an international crisis and further wars that include the use of weapons of mass destruction. Without a global terror of that magnitude they cannot accomplish these goals!

The people of America and the world have to be very alert that they see through the intricate maze of tactics and tricks implemented by the cartel and its political stakeholders with the goal to push through their real goals behind their masquerade of an alleged “War against Terrorism”.

You say that the pharmaceutical cartel would benefit from a war with weapons of mass destruction. Can you explain that further?

If you see that an event that destroyed two buildings in New York City and killed 3.000 people could be abused to turn an entire country into a state of fear, that allows just about any civil right to be taken away, you can draw your own conclusion. The interests of the pharmaceutical cartel are global in nature. It cannot allow one continent or even a few countries to escape its control mechanisms.

For example, if the countries of South America would document the superiority of natural health therapies over pharmaceutical products, it would destroy the entire global monopoly of the pharmaceutical fraud business. In the age of the Internet and instant global communication, the eradication of entire diseases by natural means in any corner of the world would immediately spread to all other corners. Thus, any counter-measure imposed by the pharmaceutical Cartel – in their strategies - has to be global in its nature.

The plan of the pharmaceutical cartel therefore is to multiply the psychological fear factor of September 11 on a global scale. The best way to do that is a war in which weapons of mass destructions are used. And the best way to provoke such a war is to start a war in a region with countries believed to possess such weapons of mass destruction and ready to use them in case of their extinction. Any use of weapons of mass destruction on the battlefield or in the London or New York subway, through some revenge by people provoked by the brutality of the war, would form the legitimacy of the pharmaceutical cartel to demand a global implementation of martial laws. This in turn would create an international atmosphere to extend the ‘Big Brother’ regime currently being established in the US – but on a global scale.

Now that the revelations of this plan in my Open Letters and in this interview has essentially killed this strategy, an alternate plan has developed. It is no coincidence that the new epidemic, SARS, became a worldwide fear factor in the very week the strategists behind the Iraq war realized that they could not materialize their preferred plan, to provoke a war with weapons of mass destruction.

The global hysteria promoted by the media around SARS has nothing to do with the real danger from this epidemic. SARS is simply a viral disease that, just like any other viral disease, can be largely contained and prevented by optimum amounts of ascorbate (vitamin C) and certain other natural molecules. But these molecules are not patentable and therefore are not promoted. What is promoted though is a global fear of some mystery epidemic and that scare serves only the Cartel: it drives people’s minds back into a dependency upon the pharmaceutical industry and it promotes a climate where – at least some - enabling laws can also be pushed through.

There is no need to be scared of SARS. Its cause is the corona virus that has been known for a long time. Two spoonfuls of vitamin C powder a day, together with some other vitamins that boost the immune system, are the measure of choice to control SARS, just like any other viral disease. Since ascorbate (vitamin C) is known to block the most aggressive virus known today – HIV/AIDS – by more than 99%, it can also effectively contain SARS.

Instead of creating a mysterious fear that only serves special interest groups, health politicians, health professionals and people should help to educate others about the natural means available right now to control SARS and other health problems.

In one of your open letters you mentioned the Rockefeller group and the Rockefeller financed Trilateral Commission as a key organization behind George Bush and his administration. What is the Trilateral Commission and what are your sources for this information?

On September 13, 1998, two years before George Bush was elected, the New York Times published a long research article with the title “Is there a role for another Bush?” The article features the connections of the Bush dynasty to the Rockefeller group, the petrochemical industry and other national and international liaisons. The article stated that with George Bush junior, the “Rockefeller financed Trilateral Commission” would enter the White House again. The article also highlights the fact that George Bush senior, Vice president under Reagan and president during the first Iraq war, had been on the board of this Trilateral Commission.

What is the background of this commission?

The Rockefeller consortium expanded its power from the petrochemical to the pharmaceutical sector during the first half of the twentieth century. With ever more capital to be administered and reinvested, it became obvious that the national scope of the Rockefeller group would not be sufficient to consider the needs of a global investment body. Thus, in 1972 the Rockefeller group decided to found an informal group of people to coordinate their financial interests worldwide.

The three legs of the organization would represent the three economic power centers of our time; the United States, Europe and Japan – hence the name Trilateral. The first chairman and until this day still honorary chairman of this commission has been David Rockefeller himself. This group comprises bankers, corporate executives and other ‘global players’ who can join this group ‘on invitation only’. Their meetings are protected from the public, yet interestingly they still maintain an official website www.trilateral.org. This website also lists the members of this group and it reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of high finance.

No such organization is founded without a goal. The goal of the Trilateral Commission is to create a “New World Order” that essentially subjects the planet earth to the interests of the Petrochemical/Pharmaceutical Cartel. They never made any secret about that fact and their ideas were picked up by their “hatchet men” like Richard Perle, Paul Wolfewitz, Donald Rumsfeld and some others currently found in and around the Bush-Administration and the Pentagon.

It does not take a degree in history or political science to add one and one to make two. The fears raised in the New York Times article from 1998 have become reality, with the Bush-administration the “Rockefeller financed Trilateral Commission” has entered the White House and the Pentagon, the most powerful political and military centers of the world. There was never any doubt, that the political puppets of the Trilateral Commission would use this opportunity to vigorously and unscrupulously pursue its goal of a New World Order.

Anyone having any doubt about that may recall the force with which the current administration twisted the election results in 2000 in its favor and filled all strategic positions in the administration with “hawks” of uncompromising nature to realize the goals of the Rockefeller group’s “New World Order”. I considered it necessary and important to document the Rockefeller connection behind the quest for a world war in one of the Open Letters in the New York Times. Rockefeller “hatchet man” Richard Perle ‘survived’ this exposure of the Trilateral Commission in my Open Letter for only a few days. Then he had to resign from his Pentagon Post under a pretence.

It goes without saying, that the course of history, the future of this planet, can and will not change unless these connections are revealed and presented for the people of the world to see. The interest groups making money from the continuation of diseases and from a third world war have names and faces. These names and faces have to be known to the people of the world. Thus, our website lists those names taken from the information officially available about the Trilateral Commission.

These people are now known to the world. As long as they serve on the Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission they are responsible for what happens in the name of the Rockefeller-Cartel. Consequently, they must be held responsible for everything that the Bush administration is currently doing. Now that it has led a war against any international law, these interest groups are to be held responsible too for any war crimes committed. Charges for mass murder, war crimes, exploitation, plundering and just about any other illegal act that is conducted by the Bush administration must also be brought against those ‘who made George Bush’. And these executives should know about this.

It was only in March this year that in the Hague, the Netherlands, the International Criminal Court was established. It is not surprising that the Bush-administration has been fighting the establishment of this court vigorously. They knew that they could be the first to be brought in front of this court and have their actions scrutinized by the world with those responsible being brought to justice. In the Nuremberg War Tribunal in 1947 the executives of those industries that instigated WWII - managers of the petrochemical/ pharmaceutical cartel I.G. Farben - were also sentenced for such war crimes.

With the people of the world being unanimously united in the condemnation of this war against Iraq and any future war, how do these members of the Rockefeller financed Trilateral Commission think they can escape being brought to justice? It puzzles me how short thinking top executives can be. In a world of transparent communication it would indeed require a global marshal law to prevent this information from being disseminated around the world and then being held responsible. The only question is: when the tribunal takes place.