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A Crucial Moment In History

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Can you elaborate on this historical parallel that terminated the Medieval Times?

During the 16th century the illiteracy rate in Europe dropped from 80% to 20%

400 years ago, millions of common people of Europe learned to read and write through the invention of the printing press and the translation of the first books from Latin into the spoken languages. This ‘liberation from illiteracy’ terminated the medieval times in Europe and ignited what is known today as modern times. No force, no wars, no dictatorship could prevent millions of common people then to give up their right to reading, writing, knowledge and to a dignified life.

In a similar way today no war, no abandoning of civil rights, no ‘Big Brother’ state will be able to stop the liberation of mankind from the yoke of the pharmaceutical cartel. Too many people have already died in vain, too many economies have already been ruined by these corporate interests and now the people of the world are understanding why all that is happening and they will continue to fight for their right to natural health.

Our campaign “Make Health - Not War” shows the interest of the pharmaceutical industry behind the current war and the next ‘world war’ already announced by former CIA-Director James Woolsey. It is also a call to action, not to allow that to happen. Everyone, anywhere in the world can immediately take advantage of the great breakthroughs in the area of natural health. Every household, every doctor’s office, every hospital and every health care system that takes advantage of natural health approaches deprives the pharmaceutical interest groups from the money they need to finance the next war. This is why the two areas are so connected.

The people of the world are waking up to the fact that the same interest groups that continue to allow diseases to kill millions of people for financial gain are the same interest groups that are now dragging mankind into a third world war. And the people of the world are waking up to realize that this health sector is the single most strategic sector to change the fate of our planet towards a healthier and also a more peaceful world. The equation is simple. There are a handful of investors wanting to continue benefiting from diseases and war and there are the interests of more than 6 billion people in a world without disease and without war. The outcome of this battle is certain. We, the people, will win it, but more and more people need to join.

Who financed your campaign “Make Health - Not War”?

This campaign was made possible by the contributions of people who have already been helped by natural health therapies. Our research institute provides knowledge and natural health programs that allow people with heart disease, heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetic circulatory problems, cancer, osteoporosis and many other conditions to benefit from natural health breakthroughs in the areas of vitamin research and cellular medicine. Hundreds of thousands of people and patients in 5 continents are already taking advantage of these breakthroughs. The health benefits in many cases go beyond anything they ever experienced with pharmaceutical drugs.

Consequently, they do not only enjoy the benefits of these natural health approaches but also want this knowledge to be disseminated worldwide in order to help other people who do not know about these breakthroughs yet. Thus, the support for this campaign comes from people who in most cases experienced the benefits of what they believe in and what they fight for in their own life and their own bodies. Otherwise this worldwide information campaign would not have been possible.

What are some of the most significant accomplishments of your campaign “Make Health - Not War?”

By exposing the pharmaceutical industry as the instigator and primary corporate benefactor of the current international crisis and the war, we made a major contribution that this war was denied any legitimacy and mandate by the international community. Those who conducted it can now be held responsible in front of international courts for the rest of their lives, once the people of the world unite behind this demand.

Open Letter by Dr. Rath, published in the New York Times on February 2, 2003

The publication of my Open Letters in the “New York Times” was deliberately chosen. The New York Times is published in a city that hosts the United Nations. Hardly ever in its history have more politicians, heads of states and governmental representatives gathered at the seat of the United Nations than in February and March this year. Thus the information contained in my Open Letters and the exposure of the pharmaceutical industry as the primary corporate benefactor of this war reached virtually every country of the world. Moreover, many newspapers, especially from the smaller countries with a seat in the UN Security Council like Chile, Pakistan, Cameroon etc. - but also Turkey - printed my Open Letters in their countries. The fact that millions of people in these small countries were alerted and informed about the corporate background of this war was a significant factor why their governments resisted the tremendous political pressure and economic bribes from the administrations of the United States and Great Britain.

These two countries are the largest export nations of pharmaceutical products in the world. The money from two out of three pills sold anywhere in the world goes back to these countries. And it is precisely this money that brings corrupt and dependent politicians into the White House and into Downing Street and it is this money that is now also used to finance the war in the Middle East and the already announced ‘World War.’

The second goal we accomplished was that this war against Iraq did not turn into a nuclear or biochemical holocaust. By exposing the interests behind this war, the fact that a war with weapons of mass destruction would automatically serve as a strategic goal of the pharmaceutical industry to establish global martial laws and abandon civil rights in the countries of the world in order to cement its monopoly is also exposed.

The survival of the pharmaceutical industry was, is and continues to be dependent on a war involving weapons of mass destruction in the battlefield or through some staged attacks at home and as soon as possible. It is also a historic fact that every day, every week that this does not happen the pharmaceutical industry is denied the possibility to impose global muzzling laws and thereby cement its monopoly on the global ‘market with diseases’. By exposing these plans openly and worldwide we have denied the pharmaceutical investment circles the ability to reach their goals so far.

Open Letter by Dr. Rath, published in the New York Times on February 28, 2003

On a side note, the publication of these open letters reads like a spy novel or an episode from Inspector Columbo. When the police officer is not sure about the crime of a potential suspect, he confronts the suspect with some evidence in order to test the reaction. This too was my intent when I published these Open Letters. If I was right, and I knew I was, then the ‘criminals’ had to act.

And what a reaction that was. Only 24 hours (1 day) after the pharmaceutical industry was exposed as the largest corporate benefactor of the September 11 tragedy and the current war, the so-called “master mind” of September 11 was presented to a stunned global public. After the armies of several countries had chased the alleged masterminds behind September 11 through the Hindukush Mountains for one and a half years, a sheik was suddenly found sleeping peacefully in an apartment in Pakistan and was arrested.

For an entire week, major US media were feeding on this “Catch of the Day’ – evidently an organized media distraction. But hardly anyone outside the USA believed this media stunt anyway. The international press already suspected the hidden agenda – even in the media of the ‘war ally’. The British newspaper “The Independent” wrote about the suddenly detected sheik: “What a convenient discovery”.

Even more significant were the reactions in the US congress and US law enforcement community. Many intelligent people in America had already suspected a hidden agenda behind the September 11 attack. They noticed in disbelief, that precise warnings of the attack by the FBI had been ignored, that FBI superiors had silenced the whistleblowers about this attack. Even more suspicious was the fact that for more than a year, the relatives of the victims killed in the World Trade Center had been denied an official investigation into the background of this tragedy. The authority blocking this investigation was none less than the White House and President Bush himself. These relatives of the victims wanted nothing else but the truth. If this attack was truly the work of “terrorists”, any government would have an interest to immediately and with all resources available, investigate the truth - not only in the interests of the relatives but also the public at large. They asked themselves, what has the Bush administration to hide by blocking an official investigation?

These suspicions were of course nurtured by my Open Letters telling the stunned US members of congress, the US law enforcement community and the public at large that already 70 years ago a similar event had taken place. On February 28, 1933, the German parliament was set on fire. That event too was immediately abused to abolish all civil rights and issue empowerment laws (Homeland Security Act) that became the legal foundation for a corporate and political dictatorship and for the Second World War.

70 years ago, the German parliament building was set on fire

Today it is an historic fact that this attack on the German Parliament (‘Reichstag‘) was carefully planned in advance by those interest groups who used it to prepare German society for their conquest war- WWII. It is also a fact that the enabling law taking away most civil rights had already been prepared in advance. Now, 70 years later the political community and the people of America learned that the same blindfold was pulled over their eyes. And those who developed this scheme did not even bother to change the wording. 70 years ago the legal groundwork to abolish civil rights was called “Gesetz zum Schutz von Heim und Reich.” Those taking advantage of this September 11 tragedy called it, in striking analogy, “Homeland Security Act”. Did those ‘lawmakers’ really believe that the people of the world would not be able to look back for 70 years and look behind this scheme?

An outcry went through the members of congress, the political and law enforcement community. They had only supported the Bush administration in the belief of a “war against terrorists’. Now they learned about a hidden agenda by those who were currently running the White House. Moreover, the US politicians and the US law enforcement community knew that the people in America - their voters - would also read the New York Times and would ask them questions they may not be able to answer.

The phones did not stand still in the White House and in the US Department of Justice. Scared politicians and lawmakers made clear that they would not be part of any such ‘coup’ on behalf of the Rockefeller Group and their political puppets in the White House.

The reaction was swift. Four days later US Attorney General John Ashcroft – in a surprise move - had to go public with the so-called Patriot Act No. 2. The stunned public in America learned that the current laws against terrorism were allegedly insufficient and needed to be amended. The core of these amendments was nothing less than a general immunity for the entire law enforcement community in the US executing the orders of the Bush administration.

Thus, with the strike of a pen Bush, Ashcroft and the other political puppets of the Cartel tried to provide immunity for everyone supporting their unscrupulous acts and their war crimes. If there was any question mark left about the true background of September 11 and the true purpose of the current international crisis, these reactions by the Bush administration to the information contained in my Open Letters should open the eyes of every intelligent person anywhere in the world.