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A Crucial Moment In History

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You mentioned the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Can you explain more about that?

Codex Alimentarius is a commission of the WHO and FAO. About half of its members are directly or indirectly related to the pharmaceutical industry. While Codex Alimentarius addresses a variety of questions related to food protection, the vast majority of its time, efforts and resources have been wasted in the battle of the pharmaceutical cartel against the dissemination of natural health information related to vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

All "Codex Alimentarius" - Meetings since 1998 took place in Berlin - behind closed doors

After my discoveries of the scurvy-heart disease connection, the success of my book “Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks” and after a first attempt to outlaw natural therapies in the USA had failed in 1994, the drug companies revitalized “Codex Alimentarius” in 1995. Since then they have been leading a vigorous effort to protect the pharmaceutical business with disease from effective, save, non-patentable micronutrients. This commission now meets every year behind closed doors. Its primary goal is to outlaw preventive and therapeutic health statements related to vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. These unscrupulous recommendations would be passed on behalf of the pharmaceutical cartel to the United Nations General Assembly and recommended to be become binding law for all member countries of the United Nations, that is worldwide. This, at least, is the plan of the pharmaceutical cartel.

For the past few years we have organized regular protests against the ‘Codex’- plans of the Pharmaceutical Cartel, including scientific conferences, rallies and protest campaigns directed towards the members of the ‘Codex’ Commission and the governments still supporting it. During the most recent protest campaign more than 600 million (!) protest letters reached the governments and members of parliaments of the countries still supporting this unscrupulous effort.

On the eve of the ‘Codex’ meeting in November 2002 in Berlin we had a conference of health experts from around the world, including South Africa. Not surprisingly it was at this ‘Codex meeting’, when the official delegation of South Africa unmasked for the first time the hypocrisy behind ‘Codex Alimentarius’. To understand the significance of this step the following facts need to be clarified:

No one of healthy mind would support a ban on natural health just like that. The drug Cartel therefore needed to provide a pretence for the yet undecided politicians why they should outlaw natural health therapies. That pretence was the invention of non-existing vitamin side effects. Of course, these side effects only exist in the imagination of the pharmaceutical interest groups and on the drawing boards of their global PR-machinery. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are the building blocks of life and the body can eliminate any surplus of them without any problems.

This is in sharp contrast to synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. Because they are synthetic, the body does not know them and this is the reason why almost all pharmaceutical drugs are related to severe side effects. According to the April 15, 1998 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association these deadly side effects of pharmaceutical drugs have become the fourth-leading cause of death in the industrialized world. Ignoring all these facts, the pharmaceutical PR-machinery tries to manipulate worldwide public opinion and twist the arms of the politicians they need to pass these unscrupulous recommendations of Codex Alimentarius.

It is with this background that we have to appreciate the position the South African government took at the ‘Codex’ Meeting in 2002, unmasking the hypocrisy of the decade long efforts of the drug Cartel within ‘Codex’ by supporting our arguments as an official government position. But this was no coincidence. Two years earlier the South African government had taken on the fight against the pharmaceutical cartel by refusing to pay the royalties on AIDS drugs.

Their argument was straight forward: Paying the exorbitant royalties for these drugs will make them unavailable for the vast majority of people in South Africa and the developing world. Thus the pharmaceutical industry, by insisting on these huge profit margins, is deliberately risking the death of millions of people in Africa and around the world. The Drug Cartel - that is the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers - was arrogant enough to sue the South African government in the court of Pretoria. Not surprisingly, this war was not won in the courtroom but in the court of public opinion.

Worldwide protests against the “killing in the interest of the pharmaceutical business with disease” made it impossible for the pharmaceutical cartel to continue this litigation. In January 2001, only weeks after it had challenged the South African government in court, the pharmaceutical cartel conceded its defeat and withdrew its litigation. The South African government had won an historic victory against the pharmaceutical cartel. In the meantime many countries are following the example of the South African government and are producing their own drugs without having to pay the strangulating patent fees.

You mentioned AIDS drugs. Are there natural alternatives to these drugs?

It is a scientific fact that essentially all viruses can be partially or completely blocked by natural therapies. Ascorbate (vitamin C) decreases the multiplication (replication) of viruses. A study published in the influential Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA in 1990 showed that Vitamin C in amounts that can be taken by people on a daily basis could block the replication of the HIV-Virus by more than 99,9%! The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the US is one of the most widely read scientific publications in the world. Thus, for over an entire decade the pharmaceutical industry, the World Health Organization and the medical establishment knew that there are natural, non-patentable alternatives to drugs. Moreover, these natural treatments are more effective than any current pharmaceutical approach in controlling the disease.

A second substance critical to block the spreading of viruses is the amino acid lysine. Since all viruses spread by digesting the surrounding tissue (collagen) with the help of enzymes (collagenases) neutralizing these enzymes will decrease or prevent the spreading of the virus. The natural amino acids lysine and proline have been shown to accomplish this effect. Moreover, vitamin A and other essential nutrients have been documented to enhance the immune system and thereby contribute to the effective prevention and treatment of AIDS.

We have documented many of these studies on this website for anyone to take immediate advantage of and help spread this life-saving message – patients, health professionals and health politicians alike.

Why do you think that the UN AIDS program benefits the pharmaceutical industry?

Most of the United Nation's programs are dominated by pharmaceutical interest groups. This also relates to the UN-AIDS program. We have to understand that for the pharmaceutical industry, a battle of credibility has begun in the countries of the developing world as well as in the industrialized countries. More and more of these countries realize that there are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs that are not only more effective but also available at a fraction of the costs and without paying prohibitive patent royalties. Thus, many governments of the world have realized the unscrupulous nature and fraudulent business scheme of the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’ and are now refocusing their national health strategies on natural health approaches.

We have to understand that any country that decides to move away from the pharmaceutical business with disease is a nail in the coffin of this investment industry. Such a decision not only means that the pharmaceutical industry will make only a fraction of its revenues in this country. There is a much worthier consequence: every country that turns its back on the pharmaceutical business with disease is a contribution to the world to open its eyes to the century old fraud business with disease maintained and promoted by the pharmaceutical investment groups.

The consequences as more and more countries liberate themselves from the yoke of the pharmaceutical cartel are devastating for that industry. Imagine what will happen when more and more countries in the world realize that the AIDS epidemic can be contained by providing sufficient vitamin C and other non-patentable natural therapies in optimum amounts to their people. Imagine the reaction of people who realize that the drug industry has deliberately withheld the life-saving information of these natural ingredients from them?

We are just witnessing this turning away from the drug companies on a global scale. The governments of Jordan, United Arabic Emirates, Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Malawi and many other African governments as well as the Peoples Republic of China have decided to embark on natural health care strategies. What the pharmaceutical investment industry is facing is not simply a ‘domino effect’ - it is the crashing of the ‘Berlin Wall’ of the global pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’.

In order to serve the people and the nations most effected by AIDS, the United Nations and all its Organizations need to take advantage of the breakthroughs in natural health and make this knowledge and these therapies available to the people of the world as soon as possible.

Don’t you have enemies if you attack such powerful interest groups as the pharmaceutical industry?

I have been facing these powers ever since I picked up the torch from two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling. I was fully aware from the very beginning that the discovery of the scurvy-heart disease connection alone is incinerating a multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical market forever. So picking up this battle to liberate mankind from the yoke of this deceitful and immoral industry was a deliberate decision.

Looking back, there are a few important lessons to be learned. If one scientist, one man can make such a difference to the course of human events as to bring down the largest investment industry on earth, it is not solely because of my own strength. The main reason why, together with a few people, I was able to initiate the demise the largest investment industry of the 20th industry was, because the nature of this industry was deception: promising ‘health’ and selling ever more disease.

Once the fraud was unmasked there was no defense to protect it from demise. Thus, over all those years that I have confronted the pharmaceutical industry and accused them publicly as being fraudulent and risking the lives of millions of people, they never dared to openly counter attack. Nor did they openly question my scientific discoveries.

What has happened though, are efforts by some of the pharma-dependent medical opinion makers and media to discredit me as a person. But that is the fate of everyone who dares to stand up for what is right. I hope that many young people, future generations, can learn from this example and will have the courage to stand up for what they will recognize as being right when their time comes.

As for my personal safety, many people ask me whether I’m not afraid for my life. They refer to the latest novel by John le Carré ‘The Constant Gardner’ and the fact that the business model of the pharmaceutical industry has no respect for lives. John le Carré himself wrote in the epilogue to his book that while working on this book he realized that “compared to the pharmaceutical reality his novel reads like a vacation post card”.

If you are in a privileged situation, like I am, that you can make a difference to the lives of millions of people on earth for generations to come, you make the right decision. Speaking out the truth loud and everywhere becomes your best protection from those interest groups opposing you. The series of Open Letters I published on behalf of our Foundation in various countries was just another step in this process.

What were the goals of your global information campaign “Make Health - Not War”?

From the very onset of the current international crisis, the people of the world were suspicious about the so-called “war on terrorism” propagated by the Bush administration. In every rally against this war held anywhere in the world there were posters that revealed one of the true motives of this war: oil.

If your goal is only oil, you do not need to create global mass hysteria, you do not need to convert the society in the USA into a paramilitary state and you do not need to build an entire ‘Big Brother’ office with 67,000 people spying on your very own citizens – all of that under the pretense of ‘Homeland Security.’ This only makes sense if you are afraid of something in your very own country and the entire population is potentially threatening your economic profits and your political rule.

Open Letter by Dr. Rath, published in the New York Times on March, 9, 2003

As explained in my open letters, repeatedly, the primary benefactor of the current crisis, the war against Iraq and the potential third world war, is the pharmaceutical industry. Faced with debilitating lawsuits worldwide in August 2001, the pharmaceutical industry was not only the largest benefactor of the tragic events of September 11. In an effort to make a last stand to stabilize the breaking dam of credibility of its fraud business, the investment groups behind this industry faced the demise of their entire investments.

You have to understand that, if you are able to create the largest investment industry on planet earth on a fraud model and the fraud is revealed, there is no sector of society that is not affected. This is exactly the situation the Rockefeller group is currently faced with. This is the reason why they placed Donald Rumsfeld, a former executive of pharmaceutical multinational companies, into the position of the minister of war essentially determining where and how long the bombs will fall. This is the reason why the pharmaceutical industry was the single largest donor for the election campaigns of George Bush, including the midterm elections in November 2002 governed by a clear war agenda.

Make no mistake that these interest groups - facing their own demise – are ready to drag all of mankind with them. Such a situation 500 years ago triggered the transition from medieval times to Modern Times in Europe. Faced with their own demise, the rulers of that time started a war against their own people. In the “30-year war” (1618 - 1648) one third of Europe was destroyed and tens of millions of lives sacrificed.