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A Crucial Moment In History

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Why did we not hear about these breakthroughs before?

The answer is obvious. The pharmaceutical industry is not an industry that is naturally grown. It was artificially created by investors who, in order to make money from diseases, had to block natural, non-patentable medical treatments from becoming available throughout the world.

John D. Rockefeller

At the beginning of the 20th century the Rockefeller group already controlled most of the oil business in the United States and many other countries. Based on these trillions of dollars in revenues, this investment group defined a new market place: the human body. The profit or return on this investment was dependent on the patentability of the pharmaceutical drugs invented. The trillion-dollar profits of this new investment industry were used to systematically convert medicine into a pharmaceutically driven investment business. Within a few decades, medicine was controlled by these interest groups through their influence in the medical schools, in the media and in the political arena.

One of the primary problems this industry faced was the competition from natural health products. Between 1920 and 1935 most of the vitamins and essential nutrients required for optimum cell metabolism were discovered. It was clear to the scientific world that, without these essential molecules in cellular metabolism, these cells would not function properly and would be the origin of disease.

The pharmaceutical investment strategists realized that and embarked on a global campaign to block this life-saving information from becoming widely available to the people of the world. But silencing this information was only the first step. Further strategic steps to build up the fraudulent pharmaceutical business scheme included discrediting health information about these natural, non-patentable therapies and eventually outlawing any preventive and therapeutic statements about natural therapies.

All of these measures had one purpose only: to protect the pharmaceutical investment industry based on patentable drugs that merely cover symptoms from natural, non-patentable therapies that are essential for maintaining cellular health. In sharp contrast, the scientific facts about natural molecules essential for basic cellular functions and described in the textbooks of biology became a matter of life and death of this entire investment business. If diseases could be prevented by optimizing cellular health with natural non-patentable molecules this must threaten the very basis of the entire pharmaceutical investment business with diseases. A disease that is prevented or eradicated is simply no market anymore.

Of particular importance is to reflect on the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on the medical profession. Through the foundation of private medical schools in the United States, including the so-called “Ivy League” universities like Harvard, Yale, Mayo Clinic and others, the pharmaceutical investment industry simply bought medical opinion worldwide. At an increasing rate, the teaching of medical therapies focused on pharmaceutical drugs and – at the same time - natural health treatments were effectively banned as “outdated”.

Albert Szent-Györgyi,
Nobel Laureate 1937

Hardly any doctor graduating from medical school during the last decades learned that the first Nobel Prize for the role of Vitamin C in cellular metabolism was awarded in 1937. Thus, throughout more than half a century, generations of doctors – millions of them worldwide – left medical school without any knowledge about the life saving role and health benefits of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Everyone can immediately understand the devastating consequences of this investment strategy on global human health by looking at the following facts. Hardly anyone among the 6 billion human beings living today knows that the human body does not produce Vitamin C. Now it has become a scientific fact that it is this same vitamin molecule (that is known to protect the arteries from the ‘sailor’s disease’ scurvy) that is also the primary factor to prevent heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular health problems. Thus, the simple banning of this life-saving knowledge from the medical profession in the interests of the pharmaceutical investment industry, deliberately created the cardiovascular epidemic, the number one health epidemic in the industrialized world as well as in most urban areas of the developing world.

Hardly any of the people living on earth today know that the human body does not produce the natural amino acid lysine, an essential building block of proteins. Now it turns out that it is this natural molecule lysine that is one of the most important factors in preventing cancer cells from spreading in the body. Cancer is the second largest epidemic in the industrialized world and the pharmaceutical drugs sold during the last month of a cancer patient’s life are one of the most profitable markets of the pharmaceutical business with disease.

Thus, at the beginning of the 21st century, mankind is waking up from a nightmare. With the dissemination of simple health information about the molecules needed for optimum cellular function but not produced by our body, two out of three lives in the industrialized world and in threshold countries could have been saved.

And we also have to realize that the fact that the people of the world were ‘asleep’ for an entire century is not because we are not intelligent people. We have to realize that for the deceptive and fraudulent pharmaceutical business to work it spends billions of dollars for deception and to create an artificial façade as ‘the benefactors of mankind’. To reach that goal this industry has spent twice the amount on ‘marketing’ that it spent on research.

Donald Rumsfeld, the current minister of war of the United States has been the chief executive officer of several pharmaceutical multinational companies. He received several awards for service to this industry before being appointed to his present position in the Bush administration. There is no question that Rumsfeld and the all executives of this industry - including the Rockefeller investment group - know these facts. They are shaking in their boots that the truth about the pharmaceutical business with disease is spreading worldwide like a bush-fire. If that happens, their fate is sealed: They will be held responsible for the death of millions of people from diseases that could have been prevented if not for their deliberate decisions. They know: either they take down mankind in a war and a global ‘Big Brother’ scenario, or mankind will take them down. There is no middle way. This is the background of the current war. This is why they take on the entire planet.

For more than a century the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical fraud scheme had as a precondition, the banning of life-saving natural, non-patentable health information in the prevention of today’s most common diseases. So no one should really be surprised that they did just that and that we did not hear about these breakthroughs before.

But what about the role of the World Health Organization, did it not promote nutrition?

The World Health Organization (WHO) was created more than 50 years ago with the purpose to improve the health of the people worldwide. One of its first focuses was to disseminate information on nutrition. Together with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) the WHO issued annual ‘Joint Reports on Nutrition’ – for about a decade.

After that time the pharmaceutical investment interests had taken full control of the WHO. From then on it was converted into its opposite. In 1963, only 15 years after the WHO had been founded to serve the people of the world, it had become an instrument of the global pharmaceutical cartel. In 1963, a new commission was launched to specifically fight micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) from being used to prevent, cure and eradicate diseases. The aim of the so-called WHO/FAO “Codex Alimentarius” (nutritional standard) commission was to impose artificial “upper limits” to prevent the people of the world from using these natural health components for therapeutic purposes. This commission also embarked on a “holy war” against dissemination of natural health information related to the proven scientific benefits of these micronutrients. Thus the Pharma-Cartel abused the WHO as their global instrument to push the first globalization legislation – protectionist laws to artificially secure the global health monopoly of patented drugs

Thus, for the past 40 years, the Organization created to improve the health of the people of the world has been abused by the profit interests of a handful of investors to do exactly the opposite: keep the people of the world illiterate about life-saving information to prevent today’s most common diseases.

The publication of my 10-Point-Program “Health for All by the Year 2020™” at the world summit in Johannesburg in August 2002 marked a turning point for this Organization. With more than 100 Heads of State being made aware of the fraudulent nature of the pharmaceutical business and the alternatives in natural health, the battle to regain the WHO and use it for the benefit of the people of the world has begun. The developing countries from Africa, South America and Asia are leading this historic battle. But let there be no mistake. The forces of the pharmaceutical cartel, entrenched in the WHO, will not give up voluntarily.

The people of the world have to wake up to the fact that the interest groups converting the WHO into its opposite are the same interest groups who have forced the war against Iraq and the current international crisis on this planet. Thus, the war for control of the WHO will be fought with the similar brutality of any military war. The comparison is allowed – after all, the victims in both cases are thousands or millions of people.

The outcome of this battle for the control of the WHO is certain: the people of the world, for their own sake and for the sake of generations to come, will win this battle and retake control of this world body. How long this will take, will lastly depend on the people of the world being informed about these developments and telling their governments to take action at the national and international level. In the meantime it is essential that there are organizations that cannot be bought, bribed or influenced in any other way. The Dr. Rath Health Foundation was founded to make a contribution towards this goal.