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A Crucial Moment In History

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Why do you think that natural treatment and control is better and more efficient than traditional pharmaceutical treatment?

The pharmaceutical industry is an investment industry. By its very nature it cannot and will not produce drugs that prevent or eradicate diseases, because that would eliminate these diseases as a market place for the continued use of those drugs. This fact is hard to comprehend and even harder to accept. But it is the truth and everyone should know about it.

Accordingly, 80% of the pharmaceutical drugs currently on the world market have no proven efficacy but merely cover symptoms. As a direct result of this fact, today’s most common diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, AIDS and many other diseases, are not contained but rather continue to spread despite the fact that effective, non-patentable alternatives are available.

Students of biology and biochemistry around the world learn about the role of micronutrients for the optimum function of the cells. Unfortunately, the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on medical education worldwide has such a tight grip that, so far, these scientific effects have not been applied to solving medical problems. The precondition for the world to enjoy the benefits of natural health treatment is both, the acceptance of new scientific effects and the removal of artificial barriers in medicine that are economically motivated by the pharmaceutical investment business with disease.

The late two-time Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling described your achievements as significant. Why did he think that?

Dr. Rath with Linus Pauling, 1991

Linus Pauling was the only scientist that had received two unshared Nobel Prizes. –He received his first Nobel Prize for Chemistry and the second one for Peace, for his commitment to bringing about the first disarmament agreement, the partial nuclear test ban in 1963. Linus Pauling was a giant in science during the twentieth century. He had solved the molecular structure of countless inorganic and organic molecules. He was the first to discover the structural properties of proteins (alpha helix) and the first genetic disease (single cell anemia).

I got to know Linus Pauling more than twenty years ago when I was a spokesperson for medical students in Germany and on the board of the medical students association of the World Health Organization (WHO). But our acquaintance at that time was not primarily based on science - rather on our common interest to work for peace and nuclear disarmament.

"The goal of eliminating heart disease as a major cause of death is now in sight" Press Conference on July 2, 1992

Years later my own research in the area of cardiovascular health had led me to recognize the role of vitamins and I talked to him about these discoveries. He immediately recognized the significance of this discovery and invited me to become the first director of cardiovascular research at his institute in California.

Linus Pauling and I were more than scientific colleagues. We shared a common vision for a healthier and more peaceful world. Thus, it is not surprising that shortly before his death, Linus Pauling stated that there is no doubt that he considered me as his successor.

How did the traditional scientific community react to your work and research?

New discoveries go through three stages. First they are ridiculed, secondly they are heavily fought and finally they are considered as self-evident. My discoveries in the area of cardiovascular health and cancer are no exception. In a medical world where mechanical solutions like bypass operations and balloon catheter (angioplasty) are the “solutions” to the cardiovascular epidemic and radio-therapy and chemo-therapy the “solutions” to cancer, the possibility of natural, safe and affordable prevention and control of these health problems was nothing short of a revolution.

Full page ad in "USA Today", on March 8, 2002

In the area of cardiovascular health it took more than 10 years from the publication of my landmark scientific paper “Solution to the puzzle of human cardiovascular disease” until a breakthrough in its acceptance. But ultimately it came on May 4th 2002. Stanford University, one of the leading medical schools in the world, invited me to present this breakthrough at their symposium organized by the medical school. This invitation already reflected the growing public acceptance of our new understanding of cardiovascular disease as an early form of the sailors’ disease scurvy.

This presentation summarized for the first time in a leading medical institution that has been used by the pharmaceutical cartel for more than a century, some of the most fundamental unsolved questions of cardiology: “Why animals don’t heart attacks, but people do”; why we get heart attacks and not nose attacks; why we get hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) but not of the veins. That is why “venosclerosis” is unknown. The entire presentation is documented here.

Similarly in the field of cancer it took about 10 years from the publication of my discovery of the natural blocking of cancer through the application of lysine and other micronutrients until it was publicly presented. On March 8th 2002, this breakthrough was announced on a full page in the world’s largest newspaper “USA Today”. It spread like a bushfire and many institutions and countries are taking advantage of this knowledge.

While I have not met opposition on scientific grounds, the opposition from the pharmaceutical industry is very fierce. For the last five years their main strategy has been to try to outlaw the dissemination of these breakthroughs in the area of natural, non-patentable health, in order to protect their multi-trillion dollar global investment business with disease.

What was the impact of your books on the pharmaceutical industry?

My book “Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks – But People Do” listed for the first time the “laws of the pharmaceutical industry”. These laws identify the pharmaceutical business with disease as an investment industry and not a health industry. They unmask the principle of patentability as a principle that deviates the research directions of this industry towards making money not to providing the health needs of the people of the world. This book openly blamed the pharmaceutical investment industry for the premature death of hundreds of millions of people worldwide over the past decades and for the financial ruin of entire economies. This unmasking of the world’s largest investment industry as a multi-trillion-dollar fraud scheme was a courageous act. When I gave my speech on the 21st June 1997 openly saying these things for the first time in history to a crowd of 3.500 people in Germany the effect was felt around the world.

The only reason why the pharmaceutical industry did not retaliate against me is because I connected this unscrupulous “business with disease” with the largest crimes against humanity committed in the 20th century: the mass murder during the second world war. It is a historic fact that the largest European petrochemical and pharmaceutical cartel financed Hitler’s rise to power 70 years ago. The Second World War was primarily a war for the conquest of the natural resources in Eastern Europe and Asia.

The Nuremberg War Tribunal in 1946/47 established that the Second World War would not have been possible without this petrochemical cartel, called I.G. Farben. As a result of this tribunal, I.G. Farben was split into Bayer, BASF and Hoechst and some of its managers were sentenced for starting a war against international law, mass murder, exploitation and plundering of private and public property in foreign countries and other crimes against humanity. The history of the corporate background behind the second world war is documented in a book by Josef Borkin ‘The Crime And Punishment Of I.G. Farben’ which is documented here.

10-page article in German News Magazine "Der Spiegel", unmasking the pharmaceutical industry

Thus, from the very onset of my unmasking strategy the pharmaceutical industry was on the defensive. Thus, it comes as no surprise that they never dared to retaliate or start a lawsuit for libel and slander. In the meantime, my decade-long efforts to unmask the pharmaceutical industry as a multi-trillion-dollar fraud operation have been confirmed in a lead article in Europe’s largest News weekly “Der Spiegel”. This article openly accuses the pharmaceutical industry of fraud, deception, risking the lives of people, damaging the economies of countries around the world in the magnitude of billions of dollars and of many other accusations I made over the previous years. It took more than 5 years between my first public tribunal against the pharmaceutical business with disease and the large media coverage now confirming these facts. This is no surprise since this article also confirms that the pharmaceutical industry is closely connected to the highest political decision makers in the world. This article also reveals that even now, if a government wants to take action against the pharmaceutical business with disease, the US embassies are directly intervening on behalf of the US government!

I take delight in having been a pioneer not only in the area of natural health but also in unmasking the pharmaceutical business with disease. The article in “Der Spiegel” of March 31, 2003 is the first domino stone that will bring the walls of the pharmaceutical industry down within the foreseeable future. Other media will follow. And this is good. It simply cannot be that the health of millions of people and the economies of the countries of the world is sacrificed to a handful of investors who consistently renew themselves by supporting more and more unscrupulous politicians, including the present administrations in the United States and Great Britain, with the primary purpose to still artificially maintain this multi-trillion-dollar fraud on our planet.

Are your books available everywhere in the world?

My books have been translated into more than 10 languages and they are available in most languages in printed form. We also offer these books online on this website so that everyone interested can read this information there. We are making every effort to continue spreading this life-saving information for millions of people, including the natural prevention and therapy for cardiovascular disease, cancer and other common health problems.

This information is so fundamental that it should be spread worldwide immediately. We welcome every newspaper, radio channel, TV station and other media who understand the importance of this message and assist in disseminating it. The three most prominent books are “Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks - But People Do”, describing the breakthrough in the area of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, heart failure, irregular heart beat and other cardiovascular problems. The book “Cancer” describing the breakthrough in the natural control of cancer. This book describes for the first time that cancer is no longer a death verdict. The third book I wrote is a documentation of my 10-year long fight against the pharmaceutical cartel. It has the title “Ten Years That Changed Medicine Forever”.