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A Crucial Moment In History

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After your campaign against war on Iraq, the public is interested to know more about you, can you please give us more information about your achievements?

First of all let me emphasize, I’m a doctor, a scientist and – above all – a human being, an inhabitant of our planet with the desire to keep this planet intact and not to allow it to be incinerated in a third world war.

As a doctor and scientist I was privileged to contribute to several areas which I believe will allow mankind to build a healthier and hopefully more peaceful world. My discoveries in the area of natural health prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease will allow us to largely eradicate heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, heart failure, irregular heart beat and a variety of other related conditions in this and the future generations of mankind.

In June 1997, Dr. Rath gave a historic speech in Chemnitz, Germany in which he outlawed the pharmaceutical 'busi-ness with disease'

The second contribution to mankind I made was the exposure of the pharmaceutical industry as the largest investment industry on earth, maintaining and promoting one of the largest deception and fraud schemes in the history of mankind. While the advertisements promise “health” the very market place of this investment industry is the existence and expansion of diseases. Prevention, root cause treatment and eradication of diseases threaten the pharmaceutical “investment business with disease” and are therefore fought by the so-called pharmaceutical cartel. In a public presentation in June 1997, I formulated for the first time the sobering analysis, that the very industry that claims the monopoly on global “health care” is by itself the biggest obstacle for the people of the world to enjoy a healthy life.

The third accomplishment I consider noteworthy is the fact that I was able to spread this life saving information and analysis on a global scale. By doing that it became so threatening to the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical investment group that it is now seeking to cement its global grip on the people of the world with the help of legal force through protection laws and the abandoning of civil rights.

The pretence for this strategy is the so-called global “war on terrorism”. This war against “terrorism” is not a real war. It is strategically developed and implemented to create a global state of fear and intimidation that allows the implementation of such drastic legal measures not only in America, but also around the world.

My closest co-workers foresaw this development more than a decade ago. It was at that time that the late two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling said: “Your discoveries are so important that they threaten entire industries. One day there may even be wars just to prevent your breakthrough from being widely accepted.”

You graduated from medical school and worked as a doctor and researcher, what made you switch to research in natural therapies?

I started off in conventional research into the causes of cardiovascular disease. At that time it was thought that high cholesterol levels were the main factor for causing heart attacks and strokes. Under the influence of the manufacturers of cholesterol lowering drugs, the medical doctors were told that high cholesterol levels damage the blood vessel walls, thereby leading to their thickening and eventually to their blockage leading to heart attacks and strokes. Today we know this was just another marketing story of the pharmaceutical industry. If high cholesterol would damage the blood vessel walls it would do so everywhere along the long pipeline of our blood vessel system. This system would clog everywhere and not just in the heart or in the brain. In other words, we would also get infarctions of the nose, the ear, the knees, elbows, fingers and any other organ of the body. This is clearly not the case.

An X-Ray that confirms Dr. Raths breakthrough in natural health therapy. A patient before and after starting with the intake of dietary supplements.

Then I discovered that cardiovascular disease is essentially unknown in the animal world, whereas amongst human beings it is a leading cause of death. The next discovery, was a breakthrough for natural health worldwide. Animals manufacture their own vitamin C in their bodies, which is required to produce the reinforcement molecules of our body and its blood vessel system called collagen. The more vitamin C, the more collagen, the more stability for our blood vessel walls and the less heart attacks. Animals rarely get heart attacks because they produce sufficient amounts of vitamin C in their own bodies. We human beings cannot produce a single molecule of this vitamin and frequently get too few vitamins in our diet, exposing our blood vessel system to weakness and to the development of deposits. These deposits develop primarily in areas where our blood vessels are exposed to mechanical stress, such as the coronary arteries of the pumping heart.

This series of discoveries was so compelling that it not only explains why animals don’t get heart attacks but people do but also why we get heart attacks and not nose attacks. In the meantime these dramatic findings were confirmed by research data and clinical studies beyond any doubt.

So the scientific discoveries that passed my way were the most important reason why I left conventional research and turned to the molecules that are most effective in preventing and curing today’s diseases - the molecules that are produced by nature itself and are required for the optimum functioning of the cells.

Many of your research papers were published in scientific magazines. What was the focus of your research?

The discovery about the nature of cardiovascular disease, that is the cause of heart attacks and strokes, was just the beginning. Understanding that vitamins, minerals, certain amino acids and trace elements are needed as biological “fuel” for millions of cells in our body, it became obvious that not only coronary artery disease and heart attacks could be prevented by applying this knowledge, so could variety of today’s most common health conditions. Over the past years my research institute in collaboration with scientists and doctors worldwide have established beyond any doubt, that the following diseases are primarily caused by long-term deficiencies in these micronutrients (vitamins, minerals etc.). By supplying an optimum amount of these micronutrients either in our regular diet or by supplementing our diet, the following health conditions can largely be prevented: High blood pressure (caused by long term micronutrient deficiency in millions of cells of the blood vessel wall), heart failure (micronutrient deficiency in millions of heart muscle cells) as well as irregular heart beat, diabetic circulatory problems and others.

Illustration of the effect of lysine (green) in the blocking of collagen-digesting enzymes (red)

Another significant discovery was the natural way to prevent cancer cells from spreading in the body. Some years ago I had published information that all cancer cells, irrespective of what type of cancer and in which organ it begins, spread in the same way. They use “biological scissors” (enzymes) that are able to cut through the tissue molecules (collagen) of our body. The more aggressive a cancer type is, the more of these collagen-digesting enzymes it produces.

This overshooting production of enzymes that can destroy the tissue can be diminished or entirely blocked in a natural way by using the amino acids lysine and proline, combined with vitamin C and certain other micronutrients. Recently our research firm has established that all types of cancer cells studied can be blocked by taking advantage of this nutrient synergy in blocking the action of these enzymes. In Europe and America there are already tens of thousands of cancer patients taking advantage of this natural way to prevent and treat cancer. Hundreds of them have already recovered from this disease. This is even more significant, considering the fact that, up until now, conventional medicine has considered cancer a “death verdict”. We have carefully documented many cancer patients with x-rays of their lungs, their bones before and after this natural therapy. You can actually see the documented success on this website.

Thus I am in the privileged position of having contributed to the control of some of today’s most common diseases. The only question that remains is why is this information not being spread worldwide at once? To answer this question we have to talk again about the pharmaceutical investment business that is actively fighting any breakthrough that allows the eradication of their global disease market.

You are the founder of a new concept of medicine “Cellular Medicine”. Would you explain what Cellular Medicine is and the benefits of its implementation?

Today, medicine is divided into different disciplines according to organs of the body. The cardiologist takes care of the heart, the gastro of the intestine, the orthopedic doctors of bones and hips. This organ-approach ignores the facts that health and disease are not determined on the level of organs but at the level of the millions of cells that make up these organs and the human body. The single most important reason for an impairment of cell function and ultimately disease is a lack of bio-energy at the level of these cells. The most important bio-energy molecules needed for these cells to function properly are biocatalysts, small molecules that accelerate the chemical reactions in these cells. The most important among these natural molecules are vitamins, minerals, trace elements and certain amino acids. Cellular medicine is a new field of medicine that applies this knowledge to the prevention and treatment of today most common diseases. At our cellular medicine research institute we continue to investigate the specific need for these micronutrients to prevent and correct specific diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and infectious diseases.

It is already visible that medicine in the twenty first century will take advantage of the knowledge on a global scale, enabling mankind to largely eradicate itself from today’s most common diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. There is no time to be lost; every person on earth can understand this principle without a medical degree. Every health care professional, every politician responsible for the health of his people should immediately familiarize themselves with these scientific facts and develop national health care programs using this knowledge.