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The Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel
Launches World War III To Prevent
the Construction of a Healthy World

Never before in the history of mankind was a greater crime committed than the genocide organized by the pharmaceutical drug cartel in the interest of the multibillion-dollar investment business with disease. Hundreds of millions of people have died unnecessarily from AIDS, cancer, heart disease and other preventable diseases and the only reason that these epidemics are still haunting mankind is that they are the multibillion-dollar marketplace for the pharmaceutical drug cartel.

Never before in history was there a larger, more profitable and bloodier fraud than that perpetrated by the pharmaceutical drug cartel. Over almost a century it has built a global monopoly in health care based on fraud: the drug industry promises health to millions of people yet the entire industry depends on the continuation and expansion of diseases as the market places for their patented drugs.

Never before were the accomplices to this global drug-genocide more desperate about hiding this fraud and their crimes against humanity. They were never more anxious to prevent the collapse of this unscrupulous investment industry and the extinction of their fraud business with losses amounting to thousands of billions of dollars.

Never before were the financial groups behind the drug cartel, namely the Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan investment groups and their political puppets in the White House and 10 Downing Street, more worried that they will be held responsible in national and international courts for their crimes against humanity.

Never before were the profiteers of this global genocide and their political stakeholders in the US, UK and other countries forced to spend more money in order to prevent the imminent collapse of the global empire of the drug cartel.

Never before were the drug cartel and its stakeholders in medicine, the media and their storm troopers in the streets more eager to silence those who expose this global fraud and genocide. That is the background of the attacks against the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, against traditional medicine and against the government of South Africa.

Now, we, the people, must build a world without diseases!

All these actions by the drug cartel are not a sign of their strength but of their desperation. They are a reaction to a scientific breakthrough that will inevitably liberate mankind from the yoke of the drug cartel.

Now we, the people, have a chance to liberate ourselves from the deadly yoke of the drug cartel and replace it with a health care system based on effective, safe, non-patentable and affordable natural therapies.

Now we, the people, have a chance to build a world without diseases. This is possible by taking advantage of the scientific breakthrough in natural health which gives us all the chance to control the epidemics of AIDS, cancer, cardiovascular disease and other preventable disease.

Now we, the people, have a chance to implement the knowledge about the life-saving benefits of vitamins and other micronutrientsinto health care policies around the world, which will be the first step towards effective control of today's most common diseases.

Now, the governments of the world have a chance too to implement these advances in natural health into public health policies as effective and affordable ways to improve the health of the people.

Today, the people of the world can accomplish the goal of building a world without diseases! The scientific understanding of the nature of today's most common diseases and their natural remedies are available anywhere in the world. The eradication of today's most common diseases is dependent on one factor only, how fast can we, the people of the world, spread this life-saving information worldwide.

The biggest obstacle to building a world without diseases is the pharmaceutical drug cartel which set out to block this information at all costs and at the risk of its own demise. It is for this reason that the drug cartel has broken cover and is fighting an open and all out war against the liberation of human health.

The Drug Cartel and Its Media Have Launched World War III to Try to Block the Realization of the Next Goal Uniting All Mankind: A World Without Disease

The year 2005 marks the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War and the victory over Nazi Germany. It also marks the beginning of the Third World War, a global misinformation war led by the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical investment business with disease against all mankind.

The liberation of mankind from the yoke of the pharmaceutical cartel and the termination of the drug cartel genocide is a true world war affecting the life of each and every person on this planet, as well as the lives of generations to come.

For almost a century, the pharmaceutical investment business has led a silent war against the people of the world and built a global monopoly on drug-related health. It has gradually and silently infiltrated key parts of society including the media, medicine and politics. From this position of institutionalized power it has silently built its global monopoly based on patented drugs and has virtually outlawed all effective natural health approaches because they are not patentable. Hundreds of millions of people have paid the price of this global tyranny of the drug cartel with their lives.

But on May 6, 2005, the silence imposed by the drug cartel on its genocide was broken. The Dr. Rath Health Foundation published a “Call to the People and Governments of the World: Stop the AIDS Genocide of the Drug Cartel” in the New York Times, one of the world’s most influential newspapers. By announcing the advantage of natural means in controlling the AIDS epidemic, the Foundation uncovered the basis of the business with disease responsible for deaths in genocidal proportions. For the first time, the astonished world community learned that the drug cartel and its political stakeholders are leading a secret ‘War on Africa.’

This ‘War on Africa’ is, however, not limited to that continent. It is a war by the drug cartel against all mankind. Not surprisingly, this war is being led by the governments of the two largest drug export nations – the US and the UK - in order to subjugate the people of the world to its merciless grip. And not surprisingly either, the first target in this war is South Africa, a country that has become a world leader in health liberation by promoting natural health care solutions.

The drug cartel knows that its global survival is dependent on cementing its health monopoly in the developing world. The first battleground of the drug cartel’s strategy has become South Africa and the battle around the AIDS epidemic. The drug cartel’s first victory would be to force the South African government to abandon natural health solutions to fight AIDS and instead force it to distribute toxic AIDS drugs to millions of South Africans. Consequently, on May 8, two days after the New York Times publication, they mounted a frontal attack on the South African government.

We, the People of the World, Will Win this War in Order to Achieve Our Goal: A World Without Disease

The investment business with disease of the drug cartel has cost the lives of hundreds of millions of people, more than all the wars of mankind combined. If the people of the world do not act now, diseases like AIDS, cancer and cardiovascular disease which are killing four out of five people today, will continue for generations to come. Only if we, the people of the world, act now will we be able to liberate ourselves from the yoke of the drug cartel. The hidden World War III, the global war between the drug cartel and the people of the world, is well defined:

The purpose of World War III is the liberation of the people of the world from the unscrupulous yoke of the drug cartel and for the right to rid itself from Aids, cancer and other diseases.

The responsibility for World War III has been forced upon the people of the world by the drug cartel that has kept the health of the people of the world hostage for more than a century. The drug cartel has denied the people of the world the right to make their own health decisions and liberate themselves from today’s most common diseases.

The participants of World War III fall into two camps: on one side are the financial interests of a small group of investors behind the drug cartel - namely the Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan investment groups. On the other side are the health interests of the 6 billion people alive today and of all future generations to come. In this war there can be no compromise. If the drug cartel prevails, today’s common diseases will continue and hundreds of millions more people will pay the price with their lives. If the people prevail, the drug cartel's investment business with disease will be terminated, opening up the way for the control and elimination of many of today’s common diseases.

What triggered World War III? The war of the drug cartel against the health of the people of the world has been going on silently for decades. But it was the unmasking of the genocide committed by the drug cartel in connection with the AIDS epidemic in Africa that has brought this war into the open. From the New York Times and other leading newspapers around the world, the information that the AIDS epidemic is an immune deficiency that can be controlled by vitamins and other natural means has reached the four corners of the world. This was the call to the people of the world to liberate themselves not only from the ‘business with AIDS’ but from the ‘business with disease’ in general.

The historic parallel of the beginning of World War III. It was on May 8, 2005, precisely the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War that the drug cartel launched its unprecedented attack on natural health and the South African government as the political leaders of this liberation of human health worldwide.

The differences between the previous World Wars and World War III. World War I and II were wars between rich countries fighting for the conquest of the world and its resources, including continued exploitation of the people and the natural resources of their colonies in the developing world. The key interest groups behind these wars were the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, which, amongst others, also financed the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany. World War III is fundamentally different from the previous wars. It is a war between the health interests of the 6 billion people all over the world and the financial greed of a handful of drug cartel shareholders.

The decisive role of the developing world. The more than 4 billion people living in the developing world are the first victims of the drug cartel. The AIDS epidemic in Africa costs the lives of more than 6000 people every day, more than twice the number that died on September 11, 2001 in the World Trade Center. It is a scientific fact that the great majority of these lives could be saved by effective, safe and affordable natural means. Implementing this knowledge into health care policies in the developing world alone would save tens of millions of lives, billions in wasted health care costs and would decrease the dependency of the developing world upon the rich nations.

The role of South Africa. Together with a few other developing nations, South Africa has become a leader in the liberation of mankind from the business with disease. By taking up the fight against strangulating patents fees, the South African government has already taken the first step in the liberation of mankind from the yoke of the drug cartel. The second and even more important step is replacing a health care system based on mostly ineffective and toxic pharmaceutical drugs with a health care system based on effective safe and affordable natural health approaches.

The ‘weapons’ of World War III. World War I and II were fought with military force. In contrast, World War III is a war of information and education. On the one side are millions of people throughout the world whose role in this war is to learn and disseminate the factual, life-saving information about the benefits of vitamins and other natural health approaches for the control, prevention and eradication of diseases. On the other side are the forces of the drug cartel that - through its influence in the world media - has launched an information campaign of unprecedented proportions to discredit the scientific truth and to attack those who have become pioneers in spreading this breakthrough.

The possible escalation of World War III. It is not unlikely that, in their desperation and facing defeat during World War III, the drug cartel and its political stakeholders (primarily in the US and UK) will resort to the escalation of international crises - even starting a war against North Korea, Iran or any other country that lies in their interests. Such a terrible event would immediately draw world media attention away from the collapse of the drug cartel and allow the establishment of a dictatorship on behalf of corporate interests; the use of martial laws to protect the drug cartel’s global interests by military force; the abandonment of civil rights and the prosecution of those who fight for the liberation of natural health.

But even this last desperate step will not help the drug cartel to survive. Anticipating this escalation and by publicly talking about this threat we, the people of the world, will destroy the possibility for our opponent to resort to this last desperate move and to escalate WWIII into a military conflict.

The duration of WWIII. World War I and II lasted several years. The people of the world and their commitment to health will determine how long it will take to win World War III. The people of the world have to realize that we carry the strongest weapon in this war – the truth. The drug cartel can only continue its rule by brutally suppressing the facts about natural health and the global health liberation movement. And we have already had many victories in this war: the fact that the course of AIDS could be reversed by vitamins and essential nutrients - without the use of ARV drugs - is now known all over the world. The ingredients to fight the global AIDS epidemic are available to any government anywhere in the world, right now. Preventing the governments of Africa, South America and Asia from incorporating natural health approaches into their health care policies is no longer possible. The largest amount of bribery and even force can no longer stop the course of history and the liberation of mankind from the drug cartel. And this is just the beginning. The natural control of cancer and cardiovascular disease is also in sight.

Why WWIII will be the last world war. World War I and II were fought on behalf of economic interests promoting disease, death, exploitation and social injustice. World War III will not only liberate mankind from diseases, but also from the economic interests and profiteers that have subjected this planet for more than a century to their tyranny and in their insatiable corporate greed were the driving force behind the two previous World Wars. By exposing these economic interests to the world, we make sure that World War III will be the last world war mankind has to fight.

The winners of WWIII. The outcome of World War III is already clear. No economic or even military force can any longer prevent the liberation of mankind from diseases and from the business with disease. From now on all mankind is united by one goal: a world without diseases, a world of peace, health and social justice.

On this day, May 13, 2005, from Cape Town South Africa, we call upon the people of the world to join us in the largest liberation movement of all time: the liberation of human health.

We call upon you: Join us! The time to act is now!

Dr. Matthias Rath

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