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List of Micronutrients

To learn about the roles of specific micronutrients in preventing heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular conditions, read the book 'Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks...But People Do!'
Picture of Dr. Rath's and Dr. Niedzwiecki's new book "Victory over Cancer"
To learn about micronutrient approaches that have been shown to block all key mechanisms that make cancer a deadly disease, read the book 'Victory Over Cancer'.



Trace Elements

Amino Acids

Other Essential Nutrients

Micronutrient Therapies for HIV/AIDS

The synergistic combination of micronutrients shown above has been shown to reverse the course of AIDS, even in its advanced stage, in patients who had not previously taken any ARV drugs. You can read details of this important finding here.

There is now widespread scientific evidence demonstrating the clinical benefits of micronutrient supplements in HIV/AIDS. Moreover, even Dr. Luc Montagnier – recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) – has now spoken out for nutrition and micronutrients in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Nevertheless, despite all this, the promoters of ARV drugs continue to hide the truth.

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