Dr. Rath Health Foundation

Dr. Rath Health Foundation

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Health for All by 2020

Not just a theoretical goal, but achieveable reality

All activities of Dr. Rath and his foundation serve non-profit purposes. The scientific results of all the research from the Dr. Rath Research Institute in the natural fight against heart disease, cancer, AIDS and other diseases are available – for free – to be used by the governments of the world.

Dr. Rath and his Foundation distinguish themeselves from the pharmaceutical business in two fundamental ways:

  1. As opposed to the drug investment business that thrives from expanding diseases, we promote the natural prevention and ultimately the eradication of diseases.
  2. As opposed to the profit motives that drive the pharmaceutical investment business, we are driven by social and humanitarian motives and the realistic goal of "Health for All by 2020"

We encourage everyone, but particularly those politicians who share responsibility for the health of millions of people in their countries to familiarize themeselves with the breakthroughs in science – based natural health from the website-documentation of our Research Institute. This website is the leading source of information in this important field of medicine and public health.

The governments, particularly from the developing nations, are encouraged to make use of this know-how in natural sciences and non-patentable medicine in order to liberate themselves from the strangulating dependency of the pharmaceutical drug cartel.

Any government institution interested to know more may inquire directly with the head of the Dr. Rath Institute of Cellular Medicine, Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, dr.niedzwiecki@drrathresearch.org.