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The Global Healthcare System Is BROKEN: Only Natural Health Education Can Fix It!

Every year, on 7 April, the World Health Organization (WHO) sponsors what it calls ‘World Health Day’. Promoting it as a ‘global health awareness’ day, the supposed goal is to draw worldwide attention to subjects of major importance to global health. And yet, despite all the time and money the WHO spends on this campaign each year, it achieves no meaningful results. Today, a full 66 years after the campaign was first launched in 1950, deaths from heart disease and cancer continue in their millions and the drug industry’s profits continue to skyrocket.

The ongoing failure of World Health Day reminds us that good health is not given as a privilege; it is a human right that we have to fight for. A key reason for this is that the WHO’s promotion of “health” has become synonymous with serving the interests of the trillion-dollar-a-year pharmaceutical investment business. Thriving on the continued existence and spread of diseases, this multinational industry sees preventing or eliminating human health problems as a threat to its future profits. As such, we urgently need a new global healthcare model that focuses on the interests of people, rather than those of the drug industry’s shareholders.

Recognizing the difference between science and pro-pharma propaganda

Real health has nothing to do with the promotion of drugs, it’s about giving people access to micronutrient-rich food that is free from dangerous synthetic chemicals, artificial hormones, antibiotics, and untested genetic technologies. It’s also about providing clean water and ensuring a pollution-free environment, of course. But given the misleading media blitz that accompanies World Health Day each year, reaching the goal of preventing and eventually eradicating diseases firstly requires teaching people to recognize the difference between truthful science-based health information and pro-pharma propaganda.

With the interests of the WHO so closely intertwined with those of the drug industry, the fact is that none of the things the world really needs to know about health are ever mentioned on World Health Day. Instead, what we get is a deluge of mostly useless information about orthodox medicine and the treatment of diseases with drugs. This approach clearly serves no purpose other than to protect the pro-pharma status quo.

Saving millions of lives through natural health education

The most important fact that the WHO isn’t explaining to us on World Health Day is that health and disease are determined not at the level of the body’s organs, but at the level of the billions of cells that make up those organs. The cells of the body need to be properly nourished on a daily basis, which therefore means we have to know what types of food – and which specific micronutrients – are required in order for them to function optimally.

So fixing the broken global healthcare system requires providing natural health education. In other words, we have to share the new scientific understanding that micronutrient deficiencies are the primary cause of chronic diseases and that, through ensuring an optimum supply to our bodies of these health-giving substances, malfunctions of the body can safely and effectively be prevented.

Perhaps most importantly of all, under the new global healthcare system that our Foundation is working towards, natural health education should not be restricted to doctors, or to any other privileged groups of people. Instead, it should be freely available to every single human being living on our planet. Clearly, however, this will only be possible if we all take responsibility for building a prevention-oriented healthcare system, starting from the bottom up. Such an approach, in which health is truly respected as the fundamental human right that it is, would bring significant improvements to the health and lives of everyone, young and old alike, and ultimately save millions of lives.

Creating a world without disease is the next great mission that will unite all of mankind. Join us – and play your part in making history in medicine!

8 April, 2016