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Statins lower the body's levels of CoQ10: Merck knows about it, why don't many cardiologists?

A recent survey conducted among cardiologists in the United States found that the majority of them now recommend the important cellular nutrient Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ10) for their patients. However, despite this promising finding, the same study also revealed that many of these physicians did not know why supplementation with this key micronutrient is vital for anyone taking statin drugs. Apparently, U.S. cardiologists still haven’t been properly educated about the nutrient-robbing nature of these aggressively-hyped cholesterol-lowering chemicals.

Far from being a new finding, it has been known for over a quarter of a century now that statins lower the body’s levels of CoQ10. Studies have shown that this can contribute to the development of a wide variety of side-effects and serious health problems. Unknown to many of the patients who take them, statins have been shown to raise the risk of developing muscle pain and muscular injuries, fatigue, osteoarthritis of the kneenerve damageeye damage, cataractskidney problemsbreast cancer, diabetes – and, ironically, even calcification of the arteries

Notably, therefore, in May and June 1990 the drug company Merck took out patents on the use of CoQ10 in combination with statin drugs. However, despite believing that the inclusion of CoQ10 with statins would be of “considerable benefit” to patients, Merck has never marketed any products containing this combination. We can therefore only assume that the company’s main motivation at the time it took out these patents was essentially to prevent others from doing so.

To this day, despite their proven dangers, cholesterol-lowering drugs continue to be one of the pharmaceutical industry’s largest business segments. Currently worth almost 30 billion dollars per year, this entire business is built on fear – the fear that cholesterol supposedly causes heart attacks. However, contrary to what the drug industry would have you believe, cholesterol is a vital component of all cellular membranes, and is essential in the production of adrenal and sex hormones as well as in bile formation. Moreover, it is also a precursor of vitamin D and is needed for optimum function of the brain and other organs.

Ignoring these facts, the drug industry continues to be cynically intent on distorting the important role cholesterol plays in our health. As a result, in our current pharma-dependent healthcare system, the side-effects and new diseases caused by statin treatment simply result in yet more drugs being prescribed. Predictably, this results in a vicious circle and a license to print money for the “business with disease”.

As Dr. Rath describes in the Barletta Declaration, health is one of the most important human needs and social goals worldwide. Clearly however, a comprehensive state of health and well-being for the people of the world cannot be achieved by profit-orientated pharmaceutical medicine and its reliance on patented chemical drugs.

Ultimately, the goal of providing health for all will only be achieved when the focus of healthcare is switched from pharmaceutical intervention to true prevention – that is, towards averting and correcting the malfunctioning of our body naturally, through nutritional and Cellular Medicine, before diseases develop. In pursuit of this noble aim, the work of Dr. Rath, Dr. Niedzwiecki and their research team has already shown that the end of heart disease and victory over cancer are possible. As such, the crucial question we should all now be asking ourselves is: How can we educate doctors and the people of the world to bring this about?

16 July, 2015