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Government surveillance and our right to freedom of speech

Following the tragic events in Paris last week, much discussion has ensued regarding the right to freedom of speech. However, amidst all the various arguments, counterarguments and points of debate that have been brought up in the media, one crucial aspect of this issue has been very noticeably ignored. When it comes to the communication of information about the crucial relationships between health, disease and nutrition, free speech is highly restricted. It doesn’t matter which continent you live on, or in what country, the effects are very similar in all of them. The provision of truthful scientific information regarding the numerous ways in which natural therapies can prevent, alleviate, treat or even cure disease is subject to widespread regulatory controls and strict governmental oversight at both national and international levels. So much for freedom of expression, then.  

But perhaps one of the most predictable outcomes of the events in Paris is that governments have been remarkably quick to demand increased spying powers over their citizens. In the UK, for example, David Cameron has been meeting with his security heads in a bid to grant even greater intrusive surveillance capabilities to Britain’s already overly invasive police and spies. Not only are Cameron and his fellow Western leaders exploiting the attacks in Paris as a retrospective justification for the illegal spying their intelligence agencies are engaging in, they are openly using them as a pretext towards expanding their tracking of us still further and giving their agencies’ illicit monitoring activities the brute force of law.

But as Dr. Rath explained in his speech at the Movement of Life meeting in Auschwitz last year, our leaders are lying to us when they tell us that, in order to fight terrorism, they need to read our emails, listen to our phone conversations and track every movement we make. Ultimately, the only reason for this gargantuan data collection is that they are afraid of us, the people, waking up and replacing the economic tools of the multinational corporate Oil and Drug Cartel via which they control us. For if this happens, the termination of the Cartel’s dictatorial rule over us will inevitably follow.

In view of this reality it is hardly surprising that the global spying operation is essentially being orchestrated by the governments of the very same nations who together control two thirds of the export of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other key Cartel merchandise; namely, the USA, the UK, Germany – and France.

The only solution to this state of affairs is therefore to unmask the Cartel’s plans and enable the people of the world to look behind the curtain of deception that has been constructed to prevent them from learning the truth. For all of us who seek a world of health, peace and social justice, sharing the truth as widely as possible is simultaneously our best defence against dictatorship and our key means of bringing about positive change.

15 January, 2015