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Consequences of Brexit


Demise Of The Brussels EU Moves Closer:
UK Government Issues Formal Notice Of
Intention To Leave

On Wednesday 29 March, 2017, nine months after the people of the United Kingdom had dramatically voted in a national referendum to leave the Brussels EU, prime minister Theresa May issued formal notice of the country’s intention to withdraw from the undemocratic political construct. In a letter delivered to Donald Tusk, president of the so-called European Council, she described how the Brexit referendum on 23 June, 2016, was a vote to restore self-determination for the British people. By officially triggering Article 50 of the so-called Lisbon Treaty and kick-starting the two-year divorce period it sets out, her letter effectively brought the demise of the Brussels EU a significant step closer.


Demise of the ‘Brussels EU’ – Rise of a ‘Europe for the People, by the People’

On June 23, 2016, the people of Great Britain voted to leave the ‘Brussels EU’. This decision was a historic victory for democracy and the first step towards creating a better Europe. Moreover, despite how sections of the European and global media are already trying to portray it, this was not a victory for xenophobia or racism. It was a vote by a majority of concerned British citizens who refuse to allow the dictatorial construct in Brussels to determine all aspects of their lives. The result was a resounding victory of democracy over corporate dictatorship.


If you don’t live in Great Britain or Europe, why is the 'Brussels EU' issue so important to natural health?

A key goal of the Brussels EU is to prevent non-patentable natural health therapies from competing with the Pharma Cartel and its trillion dollar a year sales of patented drugs. Serving as the Cartel’s unelected political stakeholders, the so-called European Commission – the executive level of the Brussels EU – specifically crafts the laws of Europe on its behalf. Restrictive laws affecting natural health in Europe, such as the Food Supplements Directive and the Regulation on Nutrition and Health Claims, have thus been deliberately designed to benefit the Cartel. Despite over 44,000 health claims having been submitted to the Brussels EU for approval under the Regulation on Nutrition and Health Claims, for example, less than 300 have been given authorization. And this is despite over a century of scientific research now existing on vitamins and other essential micronutrients!


PRESS RELEASE June 10, 2016

Historical Facts On Nazi Roots Of ‘Brussels EU’ Presented In The London Times By Dr. Rath Foundation

In an unprecedented move, on 9 June 2016, the LONDON TIMES published our advertorial providing staggering proof that the foundation of the ‘Brussels EU’ came directly from the drawing boards of Nazi Germany. With this publication of the historical facts about the Nazi roots of the ‘Brussels EU’, any remaining political and moral legitimacy of the undemocratic construct has now evaporated.


PRESS RELEASE June 16, 2016

Dr. Rath Foundation Destroys Political Legitimacy of EU Construct with Exposure of Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’ in London Times

On June 9 the non-profit Dr. Rath Foundation published an advertorial in The London Times, providing staggering proof that the blueprint for the ‘Brussels EU’ came directly from the drawing boards of Nazi Germany. This revelation reverberated widely with international media carrying the news around the world. Within days, major British newspapers were openly calling for their readers to vote for leaving the ‘Brussels EU’ in Britain’s upcoming national referendum on June 23.


PRESS RELEASE June 21, 2016

Dr. Matthias Rath Exposes German Chancellery As Coordinator Of Neo-Nazi Organized Murders

In a recent edition of the London Times and two subsequent press statements, the Dr. Rath Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Matthias Rath, informed the people of Britain and the world about the following facts.


The Hidden Nazi Background Of Walter Hallstein, Founding President Of The Brussels EU Commission

One of the curious things about the Brussels EU is that in promoting itself to the world it continually tries to rewrite, or even erase, some of the most important facts about its history. While there are many examples of this, nowhere is it perhaps more apparent than in the image it tries to present of Walter Hallstein, the man who was the first president of the European Commission, the unelected executive body of Europe. Hallstein held this post between 1958 and 1967 and is described on the Brussels EU website as a “visionary leader” and a “diplomatic force” who propelled European integration. However, no mention whatsoever is given by the Brussels EU to the fact that before and during World War Two Hallstein was a member of official Nazi organizations.


British Referendum On The Brussels EU: Awareness Of The Construct’s Nazi Roots Becoming Mainstream

On 23 June the British people will be voting in a national referendum on whether their country should remain a member of the Brussels EU. A decision that will affect the future of Britain for generations to come, the referendum takes place at a time when awareness of the Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU is becoming mainstream. With Boris Johnson and other British politicians now openly acknowledging the European construct’s Nazi blueprint, whatever the outcome of the 23 June referendum the end of the Brussels EU is now clearly within sight.



The Hidden Nazi Background Of Walter Hallstein, Founding President Of The EU Commission

Nazi Roots Of The Brussels EU: The Hidden History Of Europe And Why The UK Should Vote For Brexit

Mahn and Ohlerichs Celler, Rostock, Germany: Site of Walter Hallstein's 1939 'Conquest Speech'