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Send a copy of Dr. Rath’s Open Letter to your Head of State and your political representatives – from this website.

Hardly anyone knows the full facts behind the current war efforts. The largest investment industry – the pharmaceutical industry - has been unmasked as a trillion dollar fraud system saying they offer health - but instead delivering ever more disease as the basis for future drug markets.

Any responsible politician should be immediately familiarized with Dr. Rath’s 10 Points to reach ‘Health for All by the Year 2020™’. This program was presented in the official program of the World Summit in Johannesburg in August 2002. As daring as this program reads, it is reality and based on scientific knowledge and discoveries available to everyone.

With the advertizements in the New York Times and in other major newspapers around the world, Dr. Rath and this Foundation took the unprecedented step to familiarize not only the politicians but also the people of this planet directly with this unique opportunity to eradicate entire diseases.

Don’t you think that the political representatives in your country should be immediately informed about this? Don’t you think that they should take immediate action and follow the example of countries like South Africa, Nigeria, the Arab Emirates and many others in implementing a national health care system that is effective, safe and affordable?

If you want to inform them from this Website you can forward a copy of Dr. Rath’s Open Letter to your political representatives – via the Internet. You can accompany this mail with a personal note for your political representative to take action.
But you can do much more.