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Dr. Rath Health Foundation

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Are you a patient, health care professional or a politician and you want to support our work?

For Patients

For Healthcare Professionals

As for Patients, plus:

  • Utilise and learn from the extensive library of scientific information that we have made available through our website by clicking here.
  • Read testimonials in the "Natural Health Care" section from patients who have cured themselves of cancer and other diseases using this information, and encourage your own patients to do the same
  • The health benefits of vitamins and micronutrients have been documented for almost a century and the archive on this website is one of the largest sources for this vital information in the world. Use it!

For Politicians

As for Patients and Health Professionals, plus:

  • In particular, you should consider the natural health programs detailed in the archive on this website, which can be used as handbooks for the implementation of natural health policies in your country
  • See how many other countries are implementing these policies and watch as the world map turns green. Your constituents will be asking why your country is not turning green on this map
  • Read about and learn from the national policies already adopted by countries such as Wales, Scotland and China and in particular, read the interview with the Welsh Health and Social Security Minister, Jane Hutt. Any country can and should implement these policies without delay