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Dr. Rath Health Foundation

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Start Building A New Global Healthcare System


Find out what nutrients your body’s cells need for optimum health. Take advantage of and share with others the information on natural health gathered on this Website. This information and the understanding that health and disease is determined at the level of millions of cells gives you an unprecedented opportunity to prevent and control today’s most common diseases in a safe, natural way.

Learn about the close connection between health and peace on one side and disease and war on the other. The same investment circles that continue to risk millions of lives for profits - that insist on their patent fees, thereby risking the death of millions of people in the third world – these very same interest groups are now promoting George Bush’s war agenda.

Because these interest groups also control the media, these connections have not been made immediately obvious to the public. The Rockefeller investment group (I think you should hyperlink Rock Inv Gp to a page setting out some detail, else it sounds improbable and conspiratorial, without substantiatincontrols Exxon, Texaco, Chase Bank, and over fifty pharmaceutical companies – and they own Time Warner/AOL, the largest media concern in the world.


Raise your voice and talk about these medical breakthroughs. Help implement them. Every city, every country where natural health care is implemented is going to be liberated from the yoke of the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’. This will end the financial support of those investor circles that now threaten to destroy planet earth.

Demand that your elected officials make health a human right by supporting the reimbursement of vitamin purchases by insurance companies, the free supply and use of vitamins unrestricted by pharmaceutical corporation interests, and unlimited corporate liability for injury caused by pharmaceutical drugs. Tell your political leaders that you will not support them if they do not defend and protect your right to natural health. Tell them to “Make Health – Not War”!

Commit yourself to these goals. Talk with your friends and colleagues about this information. Start where you live and work.


Health professionals, teachers and the media carry a particular responsibility. Inform the people you are entrusted with about the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’. Help to open their eyes. Tell them the truth that the harmful side effects of pharmaceutical drugs have become the fourth leading cause of death in the industrialized world, only surpassed by heart attacks, cancer and strokes. Above all, let them know that there are safe, natural and effective alternatives to maintain good health.


Everyone needs to make a decision. Where do you stand? On the side of those special interest groups that promote disease and war – or on the side of those who are committed to a healthy and peaceful world? There is no ‘in between’. You have to decide!

Unfortunately, a healthy and peaceful world does not come by itself. We all need to fight for it and defend these human rights against those who continue to abuse them.

If you are a politician or public official you carry a particular responsibility. You have a constitutional obligation to protect your constituents from harm. Support legislation that will ensure vitamin freedom for the citizens of your country. Set the example for fellow politicians by taking advantage of the medical breakthrough in natural health that will lead to the eventual eradication of most common diseases.

Implement a health care system based on natural health therapies. Stop providing the financial basis of those special interest groups who take away our money, risk our health and our lives for one purpose only: insatiable financial gain.