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This simple but fundamental question can change the life of everyone living on this planet today. Millions of people all over the world already ask this question to everyone they know and thereby spreading the most important health information of our time. Behind this question stands the scientific breakthrough by Dr. Matthias Rath that will lead to the eradication of today’s most common diseases. People all over the world support us because they know that this historic goal will not be reached by itself – it takes everyone’s direct and active contribution.

Wherever you live or work, you can immediately start building a new healthcare system by using and implementing the live saving information on this website.

Make yourself and the members of your community familiar with 10 eye- opening facts of new health care system based on natural and side-effect free natural therapies:

The 10 Cornerstones of an Effective and Affordable Health Care System

By disseminating the information on this website you can not only eradicate today’s most common diseases, you can change the world.

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