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Who, If Not You?

Who, if not you, the young people of this earth – the next generation – will liberate mankind from the most tyrannical yoke in history, the unscrupulous business with disease?

Who, if not you, will prevent unnecessary mass deaths from illnesses that do not really exist? Who will save the 18 million men and women who die from heart attacks each year and who will continue to do so if you do not take action?

Who, if not you, will liberate humanity from endemic diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, cardiac weakness, circulation disorders and many others, which cellular medicine can prevent by natural means?

Who, if not you, will ensure that cancer is no longer a death sentence for future generations?

Who, if not you, will end the unspeakable suffering associated with these illnesses?

Who, if not you, will ensure that billions of people in the impoverished countries of this earth get a fair chance of life?

Who, if not you, will save the life of every second child in developing countries - a life which, without your efforts, will be lost through malnutrition and avoidable diseases?

Who, if not you, will ensure that these countries can liberate themselves from dependency on international commercial interests and develop in a self-determining way? Who will ensure that the earth’s resources are distributed more fairly?

Who, if not you, will ensure that the UN becomes a world parliament, in which every country acquires an equal vote, so that a foundation is created for finally banishing wars of aggression from our planet and so that this earth is not annihilated in an inferno of weapons of mass destruction?

Who, if not you, will ensure that future generations will live in a peaceful world, no longer enslaved by those who reap profit from illness and war?

If you do not do it – if you do not do it now - then health and peace will continue to be sacrificed to global commercial interests.

Who, if not you, will create a world in which health, peace and social justice are an unquestioned human right and reality for all future generations?

Who, if not you – when if not now! Take the future in your hands, for it belongs to you – and take it in both hands now!

Dr. Rath addressed this appeal to the youth of the world from the stage of Berlin’s Tempodrom on 8 October 2003. An audience numbering 2800, many of them young people, attended this event.

We are pleased to hear from each and every one of you, so that we can develop the new, natural global healthcare system together.

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