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The Hague Tribunal

June 14 & 15, 2003

In The Name Of The People Of The World:
Complaint Against Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity
On 14th June 2003 before an international audience in The Hague, Dr Rath laid a complaint of genocide and other crimes against humanity against the financial interests behind the pharmaceutical industry and the war against Iraq more

Unanimous Support For ‘The People’s Agenda’
The Hague Tribunal audience hears Dr Rath read the ‘Constitution for A New World of Peace, Health and Social Justice.’ Universally acclaimed by all present, this document will form the foundation of a new healthcare system to replace the criminal ‘business with disease.’ more

Expert Witnesses Testify
Against The ‘Business With Disease’

International experts provide The Hague audience with extensive evidence of the criminal activities that are the subject of the Complaint more

We Shall Overcome
A survivor of the IG Farben Auschwitz labour camp provides moving testimony to the inhumanity of the business with disease more

A Momentous Occasion
A photo-impression of the momentous events that took place at 'The Hague Tribunal' with thanks to all those who took part. We Shall Overcome! more

Complaint Lodged At The ICC
Dr. Rath addresses supporters outside the ICC building before lodging the Hague Complaint on behalf of the people of the world.
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