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Ten Reasons Why You Should Come to The Hague

‘All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing’

(Edmund Burke (1729-1797), British writer and politician)

  1. Help to educate others. The interest groups behind the unscrupulous “disease business” are the same as those who are prepared to plunge the world into a new world war. If these interest groups are not exposed to the light of public scrutiny, it is absolutely beyond doubt that they will unleash the next war, a war in which the use of weapons of mass destruction will be pre-programmed.
  2. Help to create realities and abolish illusions. We do not find ourselves in a time of peace after a war, but in a period between two wars. The aim is to intentionally use the escalation of international crises so that, in their wake, the survival of the unscrupulous pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’ can be assured with the help of emergency legislation. Only those who understand the reasons behind what is happening can work productively to prevent it.
  3. Help to assure lasting peace. Only those people who understand the strategies being used on the hidden ‘battlefields’, where what is at stake is the survival of the unscrupulous pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’, can secure long-term peace. Only those who know their enemy and also assess the balance of power properly can win the day. A handful of economically powerful interest groups stand on the side of the losers. The health and life interests of six billion people stand on the side of the winners . The decisive prerequisite for victory in this battle is the education of our fellow human beings: this will act as a breath of fresh air to blow away the shrouds of deception and let people see the true state of affairs.
  4. Help us to name and shame those responsible. At the Nuremberg trials in 1946-47, the directors of IG Farben, the largest chemical and pharmaceutical company group in Europe at the time, were exposed as a financial cartel without which, according to the US chief prosecutor Telford Taylor, the Second World War would not have been possible. Yet, there is a decisive difference: the Second World War was fought with conventional weapons, while a forthcoming world war will be waged with weapons of mass destruction. After that, there will be no further trials or tribunals, where those responsible will be held to account. That is why we must do all in our power to shed public light on these interest groups and their goals – before another world war can begin. These are the same multi-billion dollar investment groups that have already sacrificed millions of people to the unscrupulous “business with disease”.
  5. Help to give politicians the courage of their convictions. It is important to speak out clearly and decisively in a period between two wars. For this reason, the Dr. Rath Health Foundation is organising ‘The Hague Tribunal’ now. When the next war is almost upon us, the very last moment has arrived for even the most hesitant and timid politicians to seize their opportunity and take the only justified step: to file legal suits against the political, military and financial circles responsible for crimes against humanity. The Hague is the place where the UN has set up the International Criminal Court, in order to protect humanity from crimes such as those that led to the last world war. So what are we waiting for?
  6. Help to stabilise international law and the United Nations. After Dr. Rath published open letters in the New York Times and other newspapers urging that George Bush, Tony Blair and members of the Rockefeller-financed Trilateral Commission be tried in the International Court Of Justice, the US foreign minister Colin Powell is now travelling through the world to buy immunity from tiny nations. Albania (!) and Sierra Leone (!) are the first countries from whom Powell has extracted an avowal that US politicians, the military and company bosses should not be tried by the International Court Of Justice in The Hague! The Bush administration is setting fire to planet earth and at the same time seeking to guarantee itself legal immunity as well! If you still needed convincing that you should come to The Hague on 14th-15th June 2003 to support the ‘The People’s Agenda’, the US foreign minister has provided a convincing argument himself.
  7. Help to highlight perspectives. Never before have the world’s people been in more agreement about what they want: a world of peace, the eradication of illnesses and social justice. If the politicians are not able – or do not have the courage – to realise these basic needs of human existence in the interests of the world community, then we, the world’s people, must do it ourselves. That is why we are not only lodging accusations in The Hague but also highlighting perspectives. ‘The People’s Agenda,’ which Dr. Rath will announce during this weekend in June, will be the reply by the world’s people to the silence maintained by politicians in the face of soluble problems.
  8. Help to realise economic strategies for building this new world. Every home, doctor’s practice and hospital that uses effective natural remedies without side effects is a nail in the coffin of the pharmaceutical cartel and its unscrupulous ‘disease business’. Every country that aligns its health care system with the principle of the prevention and eradication of illness is helping to make peace more certain. By doing so, billions of dollars are withdrawn from the pharmaceutical cartel and are thus no longer available as election donations for politicians such as George Bush, Tony Blair and other warmongers.
  9. Help to realise these political strategies. All support for ‘The Hague Tribunal,’ every signature appended to ‘The People’s Agenda,’ is not just a voice raised against war but also promotes a new world order that is built upon the principles of peace, health and social justice. It is quite simply no longer tenable or acceptable that, in over half the world’s countries, every other child fails to reach the age of ten – just because it has been born on the wrong side of the equator.
  10. Help to build this new world order. The principles laid down in ‘The People’s Agenda’ will become reality. All that is needed is to increase the numbers of people who are working to make this happen. Five hundred years ago, millions of people began to learn to read and write, thus putting an end to the ‘Cultural Dark Ages’ and introducing the ‘Age of Enlightenment’ and the modern era. Today, humanity is emancipating itself from the age of the ‘business with disease’ and once again introducing a new era in which, after almost a hundred years of deception by the pharmaceutical cartel, health will become a human right.

Since the same interest groups are behind the ‘business with disease’ and the war, this liberation for health will also lead to a more peaceful world. The financial means that are released will become available to facilitate greater justice for the world’s people. So what are we waiting for? Let us begin!