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Invitation To The Hague Tribunal

14th-15th June 2003, at the Congress Centre in The Hague

We hereby invite you to one of the most important conferences taking place in Europe this year. The Dr. Rath Health Foundation is organising ‘The Hague Tribunal’ on the weekend of 14th-15th June 2003, at the Congress Centre in The Hague. On Sunday 15th June, in a solemn ceremony, Dr. Rath will present the ‘The People’s Agenda’ as a basis for what the people of the earth now most urgently need to do: that is, build a new world with inalienable basic rights of peace, health and justice.

Resignation is widespread in many circles following the end of the Iraq war. Politicians are already starting to perform U-turns once again, falling into the arms of those who are still working, as before, to kindle a third world war.

Yet there is no reason to bury one’s head in the sand – on the contrary. The current world crisis is not an expression of the strength of powerful interests but of their desperation. These apparently mighty powers are threatened by the loss of the world’s largest investment industry – the pharmaceutical industry. On 30th March this year a leading article in ‘Der Spiegel’ adopted Dr. Rath’s analysis, describing the whole pharmaceutical industry as an organised deception system that is ruining millions of human lives and countless national economies. This says it all.

Insight not Resignation

It is essential to recognise the “two battlefields” of today and to understand the financial interests at work, in order to assess the current situation properly:

  • “Battlefield No. 1” is the struggle by the pharmaceutical cartel and its investors to keep the investment disease business afloat. This great conflict is taking place in secret and is hard to discern for the majority of people. At stake are not millions nor hundreds of millions, but billions and, in the long-term, trillions of euros. Once people all over the globe recognise the organised deception underlying this branch of industry, they will put an end to such business and hold its directors, financiers and political supporters to account. Donald Rumsfeld, for instance – who previously thrived in the upper echelons of pharmaceutical companies – would spend the rest of his life behind bars.

    In order to prevent this happening, this interest group needs worldwide emergency legislation and protection laws, which could never be passed in times of peace. And the second ‘battlefield’ has come about for this very reason.

  • “Battlefield No. 2” is the psychological, political and military escalation of crisis and war, with the chief aim of diverting attention from the main battle and creating the legislative preconditions for winning it. That is why this second battlefield is being developed and implemented very publicly.

The International Court Of Justice in The Hague was set up by the UN in order to protect humanity from contraventions of international law and illegal wars. Dr. Rath urges responsible politicians of the world to file suits against George Bush, Tony Blair and those pulling the strings behind the pharmaceutical and petrochemical cartels for the crimes they have committed. Dr. Rath says “The truth must come to light – only by such means will lasting peace be assured.”

The aim of the billion-dollar pharmaceutical and petrochemical investment groups and their political henchmen is to escalate international conflict to such an extent that weapons of mass destruction are used somewhere on the earth – either in battle or as an act of revenge. For only in the wake of global terror at the use of such weapons will these groups attain their goal of psychologically paralysing the world’s population and thus of continuing their true reign of terror unhindered: the unnecessary deaths of millions of people through useless but highly profitable pharmaceutical products.

Realities not Illusions

We must open the eyes of every politician who subscribes to the illusion that peace has been achieved. Humanity finds itself not in a post-war period but in a time before the next war – and the use of weapons of mass destruction is planned as part of this. Humanity cannot wait for a peace conference after the next war: such a conference must happen beforehand. That is also why we are inviting you to come to The Hague on 14th and 15th June.

Dr. Rath has spoken out internationally in recent months as a doctor and scientist and as the person who, more than anyone else, has pushed pharmaceutical interests into a tight corner with his scientific findings. With the full sanction of the legal departments of the world’s biggest newspapers, he has characterised the pharmaceutical industry as the largest economic beneficiary of current international tensions and the war against Iraq.

This has not been without consequences. The article in ‘Der Spiegel’ was only one aspect. In the meantime, state prosecutors in the US federal states of New York and Connecticut have filed suits against the large pharmaceutical companies, accusing them of unscrupulous business practices. An avalanche of court cases, to the tune of hundreds of millions – similar to those against the tobacco industry – is thundering down on the pharmaceutical industry. The avalanche will bury this branch of industry if the Rockefeller Group and its political henchmen don’t pull hard on the emergency cord and drag the world down as well in their own downfall.

Dr. Rath’s ‘open letters’ in influential newspapers would not have been possible without support from the people and patients that his scientific discoveries have helped and in many cases saved from death. A great many people have thanked Dr. Rath for his courage and urged him to maintain this educational work. This is also a reason why the Dr. Rath Health Foundation is now organising the symposium in The Hague.