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Article published in “TC Tubantia ” on May 25, 2005 with English Translation

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Anti-quacks: sponsor money smells

Almelo – The Association Against Quackery hits out at Heracles Almelo, again. The anti-quacks want the club to break off relations with (co) sponsor Matthias Rath, the controversial trader in vitamin supplements. If Heracles does not break off with Rath, then the club is tainted with the inhuman suffering “of millions of indigent and HIV-positive people in the Third World”, says the Association Against Quackery. Heracles Almelo chairman Jan Smit was not reachable for a reaction yesterday.

The German Matthias Rath – who has the head office of his vitamin kingdom in Almelo – goes to war against the pharmaceutical industry in many countries. Rath claims that his vitamins can prevent diseases like cancer and AIDS.

With that message, Rath has now taken the plunge to South Africa. By a huge PR campaign, the Almelonian German tells his remedy (he calls it Cellular Medicine) works much more effectively than AIDS inhibitors.

South African AIDS activists have sued Rath at the Supreme Court in Cape Town. According to them, the Heracles sponsor endangers the lives of millions of people.

The Association Against Quackery could not agree more and thinks Heracles is accessory to this, if it will not sever the ties with Rath. “Sometimes money does smell. Certainly when one earns money by speculating on the agony of millions of indigent and HIV-positive people in the Third World. If you keep on refusing to sever the ties, then there is just one conclusion possible. It is not just the jump from red to green of the traffic light (referring to a well-known joke by Almelonian comedian Herman Finkers about the dullness of Almelo) which makes Almelo world-famous, but then there is something much more serious happening and you will have that lying on your conscience. Success in sports and horrible cynicism go hand in hand.

In March 2000, the Association also urged the severance of the ties with Rath, who was a shirt sponsor at that time. “But our arguments have remained in full force. Rath still is a sponsor and a prominent member of the business club.”