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Unanimous Support for Natural Health Policy of Our Government

Siphiwe Thusi,
Provincial deputy chairperson of South African National Civic Organization (SANCO), Gauteng

Just as important as the contributions by the scientists was the participation of members of community and other civic groups. Most notable among them were the South African National Civics Organization (SANCO), the Traditional Healers Organzation (THO) and the National Organizazion of people Living With AIDS (NAPWA).

From the very beginning, the meeting was planned to bring together these community leaders, together representing millions of people, with the scientific leaders in the field of natural health research.

Considering the fact that conventional, western-oriented medicine is controlled by pharmaceutical interests, the new health care system based on effective natural and nutritional health will have to be built by the people and their organizations themselves.

In light of the recent attacks on our government by certain individuals from COSATU and other organizations for its strong position in favour of natural health, it was important to see the unanimous support of the entire conference in favor of our government's comprehensive health care policy.

"Everyone who is standing against our people?s right to receive information is our enemy.

We are promising that each and every research that is there, each and every step that is taking forward in this country reaches the people. And anyone that blocks this process of delivery to our people, we will crush.

We will make sure that the information that is there is being utilized. You don't listen to the leader, you go to the assemblies of the people where the people themself will judge that thing. And then the people themselves will say that that thing is correct!"

"We are calling on the people
to fight with us!"


Pephsile Maseko
National Coordinator, Traditional Healers Organization, THO

"Why are we in an alliance with a natural health providing organization like the Dr. Rath Health Foundation?

This is not a coincidence, it is an intended relationship, it is a long time relationship.

We have said to ourselves as THO that if the Dr. Rath Health Foundation goes down the drain we need to go down with it. The reason for us saying that, for taking that very firm stand, is because we cannot allow the pharmaceutical industry - which is a business industry that is wanting to make money out the health of the people of South Africa - to exploit our people.

We would have to refuse to be bogged down by money given to us. And at the end of our days we would have compromised, we would have compromised our profession and we would regret it to the end of our lives.

It makes no sense for South Africa that is democratic today to say people should only look at health from one direction which is western. We need to give the people choices.

If our people want natural health, if people want traditional health, if people want western health, it is for the people to choose.

Our most important role is that of fighting for access to information for access to better quality of health.

And that is why we want to say to the Minister of Health in her absence: 'Thank you so much, we thank you endlessly, because you have always been behind our profession.'

No matter how the western world has tried to sabotage her by using the influence of the media, using the influence of a lot of organizations - among them the Treatment Action Campaign - she has always been very firm and said nutrition is the way to go, traditional medicine is the way to go.

And I think it is very important that before we even start, we give her a standing ovation in her absence.

I call upon you to assist us to reach a goal. Our goal is to ensure that our people are totally liberated from diseases.

This time it is not about Dr. Rath, this time it is not about THO, this time it is not about NAPWA, this time it is not about SANCO.

It is about a unified body that is standing together and saying: 'Let us have better health.'

Our government is one of the very progressive governments of the world. The only thing that it needs: it needs a lot of support from us, it needs a lot of people who are visionary in their approach.

We are calling on the people to fight with us in this traditional natural health revolution. It is a revolution and it is not going to end today or tomorrow.

We have to make sure that everything that is happening around us is for the sake of watering this kind of revolution.

Victory is certain. Amandla!"

"We shall one day overcome!"


Thanduxolo Doro
Spokesperson, National Association of People Living with AIDS (NAPWA)

"Victory is indeed certain. And when that day comes people who will be remembered mostly will be people like Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang. She continues to be ridiculed. And at times we find it difficult to understand that the people closest to her do not seem to be supportive enough to her. We just do not understand this.

There are people who know what is right, but they do not want to be marginalized by UN AIDS and the WHO because they would like to find themselves in these high offices in New York. They will use whatever in their availability to mobilize us, to use us as their ladder toward their New York or Switzerland offices.

In our country we are faced with many hypocrites. We are dealing with people that would like to ensure that they are amassing the human and material resources even at the expense of us dying.

In Angola, the Bush administration pumped millions of US dollars into the country in what is known as PEPFAR (President Bush's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief)*.

The people of Angola have just recovered from a civil war. They are still sitting with vast amounts of land with landmines. Now they are told that this money can only be used to buy ARVs.

You think about all these facts and see for yourself if all of these things are making sense!

* President Bush's 'PEPFAR' Plan for AIDS Relief takes US-tax payer money - not to help people with AIDS - but to exclusively promote ARV drug sales by US pharmaceutical multinationals to Africa. The pharmaceutical multinationals were the single largest donors to Bush's election campaign. Thus, the PEPFAR money is a kick-back for the drug industry under the deceptive cover of charity and humanitarian aid.

The Natural Control of AIDS Is In Sight!

Two AIDS patients - out of many - for whom the disease is no longer a death verdict

"My name is Nombulelo. In 2001 I was diagnosed as HIVpositive. I started to be really sick in November last year. I am also suffering from tuberculosis. The way I looked, my skin, my face, were all covered with a terrible rash. But if you look at me now it?s all gone since I started using the vitamins.

Just below my breast I had a feeling that something was moving inside and it was quite painful. I had to strap my body in order to cope with the pain, all that is gone since I started using the vitamins.

When my first batch of vitamins was finished I started to worry because I felt uncomfortable again. I missed something. But I was pleased to receive another batch of vitamins and continued my programme.

I am feeling as happy and as good as anything. I am living proof, I eat like a lion and I am happy!"

"My name is Boniswa. I am from Khayelitsha. I was pregnant in 2000. That's when I discovered that I am HIV-positive. I was taken to the medical centre and I was given vitamin B. When I was tested, they discovered that my CD4-count has gone down dramatically.

At that particular stage I felt so sick I started to wonder what is best for me, but I was already totally afraid of ARVs. Fortunately for me I got information from friends that there is another way of getting better. When I started to use the vitamin pills, things started to improve.

As I can tell you right now, all those symptoms diminished and I am continuing with my vitamins and I am feeling better. I am not saying I am cured but I am feeling better. I want to deliver this message to the community around me who know that I am a person who is suffering from HIV/AIDS.

In fact I will continue to preach in my community the fact that they need to take the right route and not being intimidated by the hooligans that are being paid by the TAC."

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