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Vitamins Also Help Fight Tuberculosis/TB!

Siphiwe Thusi
Deputy Chairperson, South African National Civic Organization (SANCO), Gauteng

Phephsile Maseko
National Coordinator, Traditional Healers Organization, THO

Thanduxolo Doro
Spokesperson, National Association of People Living with AIDS (NAPWA)

Mzwanele Ndibongo
Chairperson, South African National Civic Organization, Khayelitsha

The Global TB Epidemic
More than 500.000 TB patients each year die in Africa alone - largely in vain

The Global Aids Epidemic
More than 2.5 Million AIDS patients each year die in Africa alone - largely in vain

Besides the AIDS epidemic that kills 2.5 million African people every year, tuberculosis is the second biggest health problem on our continent. The TB epidemic is further exploding as a result of the widespread use of ARV-drugs that destroy the immune system of AIDS patients taking them.

The figures (blue graphs) below show that vitamins and micronutrients are effectively helping to control not only the AIDS epidemic but also the TB epidemic.

As mentioned before, in the clinical study we conducted in European hospitals, those patients taking micronutrients in addition to the regular drugs experienced significant health improvements.

The figures below document these improvements in detail. Symptoms frequently associated with TB such as inflamation and fever disappeared in those patients taking micronutrients. Symptoms like coughing and liver enlargement were significantly reduced.

As opposed to ARV drugs, tuberculosis drugs are among the few conventional drugs that have proven health benefits and should be taken by patients with TB. However, it is obvious that these drugs must be combined with a micronutrient programme in order to show maximum benefit for the patient.

It is a remarkable fact that with tuberculosis and AIDS two of the main health challenges of our time affecting the lives of millions of people, especially in Africa and other developing countries can be largely controlled by natural means.

The question arises: Why is the World Health Organization (WHO) not promoting this basic and life-saving information around the world?

The answer is sobering: The WHO, founded half a century ago to serve the health of the people of the world, has been strategically infiltrated by pharmaceutical interests that instrumentalize this UN-organization to promote their unscrupulous business with disease.

Worse, the political stakeholders of the pharmaceutical industry inside the WHO not only deliberately ignore the health breakthroughs in vitamin research but actively fight them in order to protect the financial interests of the pharmacartel.

In the interests of the health and lives of millions of people, the World Health Organization has to be replaced by an international movement of people determined to end the pharmaceutical business with disease and to build a new health care system by the people for the people.

Vitamin C Effectively Fights HIV Multiplication

Dr. Raxit Jariwalla

Scientific Facts
about Vitamin C:

  • It is an essential nutrient for the human body. Humans, unlike animals, cannot produce this nutrient; they can only get it from their diet (fresh fruits and vegetables).

  • Lack of Vitamin C causes scurvy (the sailors' disease, causing death from blood loss) and the decline of the immune system and mental function.

  • Vitamin C can block HIV multiplication in the body by more than 90%; it can also block many other viruses.

  • Vitamin C can fight immune deficiencies and help restore immune function in people suffering from viral and nonviral diseases.

Vitamins Can Save Lives
of Millions of AIDS Patients

Anyone publicly questioning the health benefits of vitamins in the fight against AIDS is maliciously distorting the scientific truth and committing a crime against humanity

Dr. Jariwalla is a senior researcher in nutrition and infectious diseases at the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California, USA. He was formerly head of the virology and immunodeficiency program at the Linus Pauling Institute and held other leading research positions.

Dr. Jariwalla has investigated the effects of vitamins and other micronutrients on viruses for over 15 years.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Jariwalla and his research team investigated the ability of vitamin C and other essential nutrients to block the multiplication of the HI virus. The results were dramatic.

They could prove that vitamin C in high doses is able to inhibit the ability of HIV to copy itself in chronically infected cells by 99%.

They also found that the combination of vitamin C and other micronutrients is most effective in fighting HIV.

Dr. Jariwalla's studies are well known in the scientific community but have never been accepted by pharmaceutical medicine, because vitamin C is a natural substance with very low profit margins for drug companies. Fifteen years have been wasted since these discoveries, whilst AIDS patients are needlessly dying on a daily basis from the side effects of ARV drugs.

This is the sad reality of the pharmaceutical business with disease hell-bent on suppressing life-saving information for the sake of profits.

To change that Dr. Jariwalla presented a wide spectrum of facts which are documented on the following page.

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