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Experts Agree on Key Role of Nutrition in Fight Against AIDS

Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki
World renowned expert in nutrition research

Prof Sam Mhlongo
Head of Primary Health Care, Family Medicine, Medunsa

Dr. Raxit Jariwalla
Virologist, Research Expert on Vitamins and AIDS

Dr. Dave Rasnick
Research Expert on Toxicity of ARVs

For many years now, a debate has been going on amongst scientists about the causes of immune deficiencies, including AIDS. Some scientists see a connection between HIV and the development of AIDS. Others doubt this connection and attribute the symptoms of AIDS to malnutrition and other consequences of poverty in the developing world. Such arguments lead up a blind alley.

Whatever the real causes of AIDS, certain specific combinations of vitamins and other micronutrients offer the only real solution to this dreadful disease. For multinational pharmaceutical companies, the connection between HIV and AIDS is a precondition for their multibillion- dollar business with ARV drugs.

These antiviral drugs, of course, only make sense if there is a virus. Consequently, the pharmaceutical interests and their stakeholders in media and medicine have been leading a crusade against those scientists who question the connection between HIV and AIDS, labelling them as dissidents. Furthermore, their business with ARV drugs can only survive if there are no cheaper, safer and more effective alternatives, so the pharmaceutical interests seek to ridicule the use of scientifically proven natural programmes as well.

Despite the noise, the pharmaceutical multinationals have no answer to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. None of the ARV drugs promoted by them are allowed by law to claim that they can prevent or cure AIDS.

To the contrary, these highly toxic drugs destroy the immune system and thereby further aggravate already existing immune deficiencies. Patients taking ARV drugs literally paralyze their immune systems, increasing the risk of succumbing to tuberculosis (TB) and other infectious diseases. In the interests of millions of people living with AIDS the time has come to put differences behind us and to present the scientific basis for a national health-care strategy that allows the effective, safe, affordable and sustainable control of the AIDS epidemic.

This goal was accomplished at the recent conference entitled "Natural Control of AIDS - From Science to Health Care Policies" held in Johannesburg on December 4, 2005.

All AIDS experts present at this conference declared with one voice that micronutrients and healthy nutrition are the key in the fight against AIDS and other immune deficiencies. Following are summaries of the speeches given by some of the scientists present at this landmark conference.

The Power of Micronutrients in the Fight Against Human Epidemics

Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki

Aleksandra Niedzwiecki PhD is one of the world?s leading scientific researcher of nutritional approaches to chronic diseases. A longtime professional associate of Nobel Laureates Linus Pauling and Gerald Edelman, Dr. Niedzwiecki joined Dr. Rath in 1994 and became the director of the Dr. Rath Research Institute for Cellular Medicine in California, USA.

AIDS is no longer a death verdict!

Millions of lives can now be saved with good nutrition and vitamins!

Dr. Niedzwiecki is a fellow of the American College of Nutrition, a member of the American Heart Association, the American Medical Women?s Association and other professional organizations. Her groundbreaking studies in the area of heart disease, cancer, and aging have been presented at international conferences and published in over 70 leading scientific journals.

Over the past 15 years Dr. Niedzwiecki has worked with Dr. Matthias Rath on advancing the science of nutritional medicine and has become one of the most outspoken critics of the pharmaceutical business with disease. This outmoded but lucrative form of medicine merely treats the symptoms of diseases instead of addressing their root causes. In her keynote address at the conference "The Natural Control of AIDS", Dr. Niedzwiecki presented the latest published research reporting the efficacy of Cellular Medicine, a new approach to health and disease developed by Dr. Rath.

This fundamentally new approach proves that vitamins and other essential nutrients can be used not only to prevent but also to reverse the course of many diseases at the level of millions of cells of our body. The success of this approach in the area of heart disease and cancer has opened up an opportunity to control these and many other devastating diseases, including AIDS, by natural means.

After describing the mechanism by which viruses spread in the human body, and how they can be effectively blocked with micronutrients, she explained four ways in which micronutrients help to fight immune deficiencies.


  • Limiting the spread of infections in the body (e.g. Lysine, Vitamin C)
  • Decreasing multiplication of viruses (including HIV) in the body (e.g. Vitamin C, N-acetylcysteine)
  • Preventing the activation of silent viral infections (e.g. Vitamin C)
  • General improvement of the immune system function (e.g. Zinc, Selenium)

"These basic scientific facts have been known for many years but are completely ignored by ARV promoting groups in South Africa because they threaten the business with these drugs," Dr. Niedzwiecki told the conference.

"We should not wait much longer and implement these safe and cost effective natural approaches for the benefit of thousands of patients." Dr. Niedzwiecki said.

"Most AIDS patients are actually dying from tuberculosis (TB). Today, 2 billion of the world?s people are infected with TB - a third of the world's population," she explained. "TB kills 6000 people every day. TB causing bacteria are increasingly resistant to currently used drugs and about 50% of patients die despite the treatment.

In its effort to find a natural way of improving conventional treatment of TB, the Dr. Rath Health Foundation developed a joint project with European physicians in conducting a study on 160 hospitalized TB patients. All patients received the conventional drug treatment for 2 months, but half of them received additionally a micronutrient programme. The results are dramatic.

The group of TB patients taking micronutrients in addition to conventional treatment experienced significant health improvements:


  • Full recovery was 2-3 weeks faster
  • Healing of the lung improved dramatically (97% compared to only 29% in the drug only group)
  • Less side effects from the drugs (only 1% compared to 25% in drug only group)

Dr. Niedzwiecki called on the people of Africa and the developing world to take advantage of the historic opportunity to become the world's leader in establishing science-based natural therapies as the basis of an effective health care system for the future.

On the next page the results of our vitamin research against TB are reported in detail.

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