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The Natural Control of AIDS:

Landmark scientific conference in Johannesburg supports natural health policies of South African government

The pharmaceutical industry is not a 'health industry' but an 'investment industry' that makes money not from the prevention of diseases - but from their expansion. In recent years, scandal after scandal around the drug industry revealed its true nature to everyone as reckless profiteers at the expense of the health and lives of millions of people. The pharmaceutical industry within our society behaves like a cancer in our body: it grows at the expense of the body and eventually kills it.

The most recent scandals were the deadly side effects of Merck?s arthritis drug Vioxx which is estimated to kill tens of thousands of patients within the next few years. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. For a century the pharmaceutical industry has maintained cancer as a sure death verdict on our planet and millions of cancer patients have paid for this organized fraud with their lives.

Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki at the Natural Health Conference

On September 12, 2005 the world?s leading research institution, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) finally had to admit that the decades-long promotion of cancer chemotherapy by the pharmaceutical industry was all part of an organized fraud. The NIH announced to the world: "Vitamin C can kill selectively cancer cells" - without any side effects. The publication of this study by this renowned research institution was no coincidence. It happened under scientific pressure from cancer research at the Dr. Rath Research Institute, one of the world's leading research institutes in natural health. Dr. Rath's research team, under the leadership of Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, had already published close to two dozen studies in leading scientific journals - all of them confirming that vitamins and micronutrients effectively block the spread of cancer cells. The fact that vitamins are the answer to the cancer epidemic will inevitably destroy the hundred billion dollar market for toxic and deadly 'chemo' drugs built up over decades by pharmaceutical multinationals.

After the breakthroughs in heart disease, cancer was the second major disease where scientific progress in vitamin research and natural health science has claimed victory against the fraudulent pharmaceutical business with ineffective, expensive and highly toxic pharmaceutical drugs. Now, the AIDS epidemic will be the next victory!


Realizing that they are about to lose their multibillion dollar investments in cancer and heart disease drugs the pharmaceutical 'business with disease' has turned its attention to the AIDS market and the developing world.

The drug manufacturers and their agents have banked on South Africa and the rest of the continent being largely ignorant about the fraudulent nature of the pharmaceutical business. Over the past decades the pharmaceutical multinationals - the drug cartel - has turned South Africa and the entire African continent into a dumping ground for their toxic ARV drugs. AZT and other ARV drugs are 'chemo' drugs that are being used on AIDS victims because the 'chemo' market with cancer is about to collapse globally.

Some of these ARVs, like Boehringer's Viramune (nevirapine) have proven to be so toxic that they harm and kill people and are not allowed to be given to mothers nd their babies in other countries - not even in Boehringer's home country Germany.The people of Africa truly have been abused by the drug multinationals as experimental 'guinea pigs'. But this time is over now!


In order to promote their unscrupulous 'business with disease' inside South Africa, the drug multinationals have strategically undermined and infiltrated all sectors of society. The management of socially responsible organizations has naively invested their funds into the pharmaceutical drug business and become financially dependent on this 'business with disease'. For example, 'leaders' of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) have invested tens of millions of rands from the pension funds of millions of COSATU members in pharmaceutical multinationals and drug companies via its investment arm. Did these COSATU 'leaders' duly inform their members about the fraudulent nature of the pharmaceutical 'business with disease'? Many COSATU members are AIDS victims themselves - did they give their approval to take their money for helping to spread ineffective and toxic drugs? This information answers the question for millions of COSATU members, why some individuals in the present COSATU leadership consistently attack their own government on its steadfast position to provide effective and safe solutions to the AIDS epidemic. But not only is COSATU compromised by the interests of the drug cartel. Members of other community organizations in South Africa must also ask themselves: Whom do our leaders serve by protecting the pharmaceutical ?business with AIDS? and by attacking our own government for trying to save lives?


The South African government is a global leader in the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic and in its resistance to pharmaceutical interests pushing ARV drugs. The harder our government is being attacked by the mass media under pressure from the multibillion-dollar drug business, the more the people need to support our government.

Our Minister of Health, Dr. Tshabalala- Msimang has every reason for her public warnings in connection with ARV drugs. The side effects of these toxic drugs have become the leading cause of death among AIDS patients taking ARV drugs! According to the statistics of the National Department of Health in the Western Cape Province, 5 out of every 100 patients treated with ARVs are dead within 3 months, rising to 8 out of every hundred after 6 months. After 1 year on these drugs, 13 out of every hundred are dead. These facts once and for all destroy the fairy-tale of the drug business and their stakeholders in the mass media that ARVs are the answer to the AIDS epidemic.

Clearly the time has arrived for natural, effective, safe and affordable alternatives to the fraudulent investment business with ineffective and toxic ARV drugs.


Since the Dr. Rath Health Foundation started its work in South Africa, it has been focusing on exposing the unscrupulous pharmaceutical 'business with disease' - at the expense of the health and lives of millions of AIDS patients. It was this exposure of the genocidal proportions of the pharmaceutical business with disease that put the pharmaceutical cartel and its stakeholders in South Africa in a state of sheer panic. The mass media have been running amok against the Foundation for one reason only ? because it exposed the genocide by the drug companies.

The pharmaceutical stakeholders in South Africa are panicking about the billions in financial losses and the possible meltdown of their entire industry. And they have every reason to be afraid: pharmaceutical executives, as well as their stakeholders in pharmaceutical medicine, the media and other sectors will be held accountable by the law.

Soon millions of people in South Africa will have recognized the genocidal dimension of this pharmaceutical fraud business, that they have been robbed of their health and their money and that they were forced to sacrifice their husbands, wives, children to these business interests. Once that happens, the people will make sure that those responsible will be held accountable for their crimes in the courts of law. And that day is not far off!

But this exposure is only part of the work of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation. Being the world leader in the field of natural cancer research, the Foundation decided to support the South African government in winning the fight against AIDS with effective and safe natural means. It is a well known fact that vitamins and other micronutrients boost the immune system and help fight immune deficiencies, including AIDS. This knowledge has been suppressed and even fought by the pharmaceutical stakeholders for decades, because vitamins are not patentable and - unlike ARVs - do not yield huge profits.


Towards this end, the Dr. Rath Health Foundation has been donating vitamin programmes to community organizations for nutritional support of people living with AIDS. Already the results of the first 18 participants were so dramatic that the Foundation published them on May 6, 2005 in the world?s most influential newspaper, The New York Times, under the sobering title "Stop the AIDS-Genocide by the Drug Cartel!" New York is the seat of the United Nations and from there the news reached the four corners of the world.

After these encouraging results, SANCO extended the vitamin community programme to hundreds of people with even more encouraging results. In December 2005, the time had come to summarize the health benefits of these initial community health programmes from the townships of Cape Town and bring them to the attention of community organizations nationwide.


On December 4, 2005 the Dr. Rath Health Foundation organized a landmark conference "The Natural Control of AIDS - From Science to Health Policies" in Johannesburg. Speakers at this conference included world renowned scientists Aleksandra Niedzwiecki PhD, Raxit Jariwalla PhD, Professor Sam Mhlongo, MD and David Rasnick PhD. Among the distinguished speakers were also leading representatives of the South African National Civic Organization (SANCO), the National Association of People living with AIDS (NAPWA), the Traditional Healers Organization (THO) and other distinguished guests from South Africa and abroad.

Prof. Sam Mhlongo during his speech at the landmark conference

The conference highlighted the results of the first community health programmes with vitamins and micronutrients. The encouraging results of these nutritional health programmes are documented on the following pages for everyone to see. It goes without saying that no such health improvements have ever been documented with any of the toxic ARV drugs.

The results presented here once and for all document that vitamins can reverse even severe symptoms of AIDS, and increase quality of life and life expectancy. In the absence of a cure for HIV/AIDS, nutritional and natural health approaches ? not toxic ARV drugs ? are the answer to the AIDS epidemic. Reading this newspaper, everyone will immediately understand why the pharmaceutical industry and their stakeholders in medicine, the media and the street peddlers of the drug cartel ? like the TAC ? are panicking. All of them now know that no longer will profits counted in billions of rands continue to fill the chests of the drug companies at home and abroad.

The scientific facts documented at this landmark conference fully confirm the position of the South African government in its stand on natural health approaches in the fight against AIDS. From this landmark conference the representatives of SANCO, NAPWA, THO and the Dr. Rath Foundation unanimously called on the South African government to intensify its worldwide leadership in the implementation of natural and traditional medicine into the national health care system. All speakers applauded the courageous stance of the Minister of Health, Dr. Tshabalala- Msimang and assured her of their future support. Based on the facts documented here, it is time for the people of South Africa to come out in strong support for their government and its natural approach to health. Now it is time to educate as many people as possible on the new possibilities to fight AIDS and other diseases and maintain health naturally. Each one must teach one!

These are truly historic times and the people of Africa have every reason to celebrate. Billions of rands currently being wasted on purchasing toxic ARV drugs can now be released to combat the primary cause of death in Africa: poverty and malnutrition. We, the people of South Africa, are in this struggle firmly on the side of our government ? a government that has become the beacon of hope for the entire developing world.



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