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The military phase of World War III has started!

Over the past months, I have been asked repeatedly whether my worries about world peace are justified. After all, despite all rhetoric, no new war has broken out.

The war in the Middle East now answered all question: This is the beginning of the long prepared World War III.

Already more than a year ago, on May 13, 2005 , I gave a speech on the stairs outside the South African Parliament in Cape Town . This speech was entitled: The pharmaceutical drug cartel launches World War III to prevent the construction of a healthy world.

In this speech I predicted:

It is not unlikely that the drug cartel and its political stakeholders will even start a war against North Korea , Iran or any other country. Such a terrible event would allow the establishment of a dictatorship on behalf of corporate interests; the use of martial laws to protect the drug cartel’s global interests by military force; the abandonment of civil rights and the prosecution of those who fight for the liberation of natural health.
The complete text of this speech is documented here.

Now this prediction has come true. The world is facing World War III, a war that is likely to be fought with weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons.

The provoked grounds for the launch of WWIII

Already World War II began on September, 1 1939 with a staged provocation: SS Members, disguised in Polish uniforms, provoked an incident on the German-Polish border near the city of Gleiwitz . Of course the German “Wehrmacht” was already in their positions at the border and German battleships were positioned in front of the Polish harbor city of Gdansk . Hitler’s famous declaration about the beginning of WWII consisted of one sentence - an unscrupulous lie: “Since 5:45 we are firing back!”

In the same way, the beginning of WWIII was a highly questionable staged event: allegedly two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped. And just like 67 years earlier a full blown army was already in position and ready to bomb the neighboring countries, this time the Lebanon and other regions of the Middle East .

To make it very clear: this war is not in the interest of the people of Israel, Palestine, Lebanon or any other nation in the Middle East or in the world. This is a dirty surrogate war which the current Israeli leadership began on behalf of the Bush administration and the corporate interests it represents.

The immediate goal of the Bush-Administration: Drag the world into WWIII

The deliberately designed strategy of this war is the military escalation in the entire Middle East with the goal to engage Syria and ultimately Iran into this war. According to the plan of the Bush administration, this strategy will sooner or later lead to a direct military conflict between Iran and the U.S. - inevitably marking the beginning of a global war. After Bush announced on September 11, 2005 the new military doctrine of nuclear first strike against any country his administration should decide, there can be no question that nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction will be used.

The long-term goal of the Bush administration: Establish a global dictatorship on behalf of the drug and oil cartel

I have warned many times in the past that Bush, Blair, Merkel and all the other political stakeholders of the pharmaceutical investment business, the Pharma-Cartel, need this world war as desperately as a drowning person needs a tree branch. Only in the wake of such a global catastrophe and the ensuing state of martial law can the emergency and empowerment laws be enacted which the Pharma Cartel needs for its survival. The long term goal of WWIII is the erection of a world wide dictatorship that secures the continuation of the unscrupulous business with disease by the Pharma Cartel by brutal dictatorial and military force.

The entire world is waking up to the fact that today’s most common diseases can be largely prevented, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer as well as AIDS and millions of people realize that these diseases only exist as long as the Pharma Cartel is making billions of dollars with them. Africa and other developing regions are already taking steps to free themselves from the chains of the unscrupulous pharmaceutical business with disease, a deadly business that also took the lives of millions of our grandparents, parents and even our brothers and sisters. Only through such a global dictatorship – determined to protect the unscrupulous business interests against the health interests of six billion people with brutal force - can the giant fraud business of the drug cartel be continued.

The bizarre role of the German government

German chancellor Angela Merkel prepared the people of Germany already on July 5 th, 2005 for a dictatorship. During the 60 th anniversary celebration of her so-called Christian Democratic Party she made the following statement on record: “The people of Germany have no right to democracy and free market economy in the future!” It is exactly like three quarters of a century ago, when the Nazis prepared to their takeover of power in Germany . Hitler and the other political puppets of the pharmaceutical-chemical cartel IG Farben (Bayer, BASF, Hoechst) also openly expressed their plans for war for anyone to see. But only few people took them serious. For the great majority of people these aggressive plans sounded so unbelievable that they did not take any action to stop them - until it was too late and half of Europe was destroyed during WWII. The parallels between then and now are breathtaking.

The timing of the political stakeholders of the Pharma cartel to launch WWIII

Neither the war in the Middle East nor its planned escalation into WWIII is a coincidence. George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld – the highest decorated Pharma boss in the history of the United States and present U.S. secretary of defense/war – had planned the beginning of this war much earlier. But during the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Washington in early May 2006 she made a deal with George Bush: There will be no launch of WWIII until the Soccer World Cup in Germany is over. As her part of the deal, Merkel promised to support Bush's plans to launch World War III.

Three days after the World Cup final Bush landed in Germany . George had arrived for a one day visit to the home town of Angela in the rural outskirts of Northern Germany . The boar on the barbecue grill was not yet done when the first bombs fell on Lebanon . Angela and George didn’t bother. They were chit-chatting amused in front of the T.V. cameras like newlyweds. Those who plan for war – then and now – are masters of deception.

What we must do know

If we don't learn from history now we are doomed to repeat it! I trust that the war in the Middle East has woken up the last skeptics about the historic crossroads mankind is facing right now. Those unscrupulous investment interests behind the Pharma cartel who share responsibility for the largest genocide committed in the history of mankind are determined to drag the entire world with them into the abyss. The only thing that can prevent this from happening is that we educate ourselves and our fellow citizens about the plans of the Pharma cartel behind WWIII and then take action.

The battlefield of this war is clear: On one side are the interests of 6 billion people for health and peace and on the other side are the forces of war and disease driven by the insatiable greed of a handful of investment groups around the Rockefeller and Rothschild groups.

As threatening as this situation appears, I am sure that not only will mankind be able to prevent WWIII but the current global crisis will also give birth to a world of health, peace and social justice. The spreading of this information, the “Outcry” signature campaign and all the other information documented on the web site of our foundation will help to reach these goals.

I call upon you to take on this challenge! Join the battle to prevent a nuclear war, now!
Do it to preserve this planet for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren and for all future generations of mankind!

Dr. Matthias Rath