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About Wiki-Rath:

How the facts aren't welcome on Wikipedia when you challenge the interests of the multi-billion dollar drug industry

Between February 2008 and April 2009, aided by some willing assistants, we attempted to correct some of the key factual errors and blatantly biased statements in the Wikipedia article on Dr. Rath. It proved to be an eye-opening experience.


Introducing 'MastCell'

Is 'MastCell' David H. Gorski?


Introducing ‘Keepcalmandcarryon’: Is he a “friend” of the ARV-promoting South African "brown shirts", the Treatment Action Campaign?

Is 'Keepcalmandcarryon' Nathan Geffen of the Treatment Action Campaign?


Wikipedia: Free access to the sum of all human knowledge, or just another way of supporting the scientific, political and social status quo?

By effectively forcing its editors to rely on medical journals, books published by "respected publishing houses" and mainstream newspapers for their references, the reality is that much of Wikipedia's healthcare-related content is essentially just supporting the same pro-pharmaceutical and corporatist ideologies as are pumped out on a daily basis through the world's Big Media and publishing outlets.


Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales
Any embarrassment Jimmy Wales might feel when asked about his controversial attempts to rewrite the past and paint himself as the sole founder of Wikipedia must surely pale away into insignificance compared to the public humiliation he suffered in 2008 following the breakup of his liaison with onetime Fox News pundit Rachel Marsden.


The Soros Connection

George Soros
One of the most notable of the Wikimedia Foundation’s supporters is the so-called “Open Society Institute”, founded by the chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC, George Soros.


When you visit our website and try to evaluate the validity of the information you find here, you may be asking yourself whether it can all be true. For, if it is true, no-one can stay indifferent about it.

As such, if you had never heard of us prior to visiting our website, you may decide to get third party information about Dr. Rath or our organization. When doing so, one of the websites you may have come across is Wikipedia, and you may have read about us there. If you have not yet done so, we encourage you to do so by clicking here.

When looking at Wikipedia, you may have assumed that it is an independent child of the internet age, run by a small army of volunteers committed to spreading truthful and independent information. This may be so – except when you challenge the interests of the multi-billion dollar investment business with pharmaceutical drugs.

You can test this for yourself. If you put information online on Wikipedia about the proven health benefits of vitamins – acknowledged by around a dozen Nobel prizes and documented in every textbook of biology – you can set your watch by the speed with which it is removed, as if by a magic hand.

Moreover, if you enquire as to who these magic hands are, most often you will not be able to find out their real names. What you will find, however, is a network of anonymously operating censors who meticulously control any information that challenges the monopoly of the pharmaceutical industry in the healthcare sector.

Interestingly, therefore, it turns out that these magic hands largely operate from within the world’s leading pharmaceutical nations – namely the US, UK, Germany and some others – and from the pharmaceutical drug trafficking hubs in the developing world, such as present-day South Africa.

Perhaps not surprisingly, then, the attacks on Wikipedia against Dr. Rath are mostly launched from these countries, and any effort to correct or amend them with the true facts is reversed within hours, sometimes within minutes, by the magic hands of the drug cartel.

On the following pages we document our battle with these magic hands. This educational information is provided as a part of our ongoing worldwide exposure of the true nature of Wikipedia.