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What the ‘ARV defendants’ don’t want you to know about ARVs

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  • Does HIV exist?
  • Does HIV cause AIDS?
  • Does everyone who is diagnosed “HIV-positive” develop AIDS?
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It takes 9 to 10 years from HIV infection to AIDS

Important vitamins and minerals for people living with HIV/AIDS

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The time from an infection by a micro-organism, e.g. virus, until the symptoms of the disease occur is called incubation or latent period depending on the nature of infection i.e. acute or persistent. The incubation time period for acutely-infecting viruses such as measles is 8 to 12 days and for influenza 1 to 5 days (!). In contrast, the period for development of disease symptoms following infection with a persistent virus such as HIV is 9 to 10 years [Morgan et al AIDS, (2002)16:597-603; Veugelers et al Am Journ Epidemiol (1994) 140: 747-758; Koblin et al Am J Epidemiol (1999) 150: 1026-1030].

An average incubation time latent period from HIV infection to the occurrence of AIDS symptoms of nine to ten years (!) is remarkable, to say the least. This is consistent with the conclusion that HIV infection is not the sole cause of AIDS and other factors associated with viral infection such as nutritional deficiencies must play an important role in AIDS development.

It is a remarkable fact that neither the pharmaceutical companies nor the defendants inform the public about the extreme latent period of HIV infection. To the contrary, all the articles of the Defendants consistently refer to “HIV/AIDS.” By doing so, the defendants deliberately create the perception of a deadly threat to any HIV infected person, unless – so the defendants say – they take ARV drugs. The deliberate hiding of these important scientific facts is of little help to the people who tested HIV-positive, but the creation of a “fear factor” is a great impulse for the marketing of ARV drugs.