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The truth about ARVs – and what their promoters
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For 25 years, the promoters of anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs have been advocating these drugs as the treatment of choice for AIDS with claims of life-saving and life-prolonging properties. The promoters of these claims include certain media, ARV-supporters among the clinical community, activist groups as well as politicians around the world.

However, the scientific validity and truth of these ARV-related health claims has never been proven in well-controlled, long-term scientific studies. Moreover, the promoters of these drugs never had to defend these claims in court and under oath.

That has now changed. In 2007, a case brought against the British newspaper the Guardian presented for the first time the opportunity to challenge these claims in a court.

The exchange of scientific arguments about the value of ARVs in AIDS treatment also provided the Guardian and its scientific advisors – collectively described here after as “the ARV defendants” – with a chance to defend their position in sworn testimony.

Following is a summary of the key arguments from the historic scientific exchange that took place during this court case. As the several hundred pages of court documents on these web pages show, the ARV defendants were unable to defend the falsity of some of the key claims they have been advancing for a quarter of a century.

The truth regarding the clinical and scientific limitations of ARV drugs are presented below.

These web pages are provided as a service to AIDS patients, doctors, scientists, insurance companies and governments around the world who have to take decisions relating to this health challenge.