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Stop the Takeover of Europe by Big Pharma

Stop the takeover of Europe by Big Pharma!

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The Brussels EU Commission, the executive body of Europe, is removing responsibility for policing pharmaceutical drugs from its Health and Consumers department and giving it instead to its department of Enterprise and Industry. This decision, taken by new Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker – who, despite his claims to the contrary, was not elected into the post he holds – puts the commercial, profit-driven interests of the trillion-dollar-a-year pharmaceutical “business with disease” right at the heart of European health policy decisions. In doing so Juncker has simultaneously removed any lingering traces of doubt that it is now official Brussels EU policy to put the business interests of the Pharma Cartel before the health interests of 500 million European citizens.

If you live in Europe we urge you to send a message to Juncker via his Facebook or Twitter pages and express your outrage regarding this highly dangerous, unethical development. And towards the goal of a truly democratic Europe for the People, by the People, we urge all European citizens who have not already done so to sign our petition on the website of the European Referendum Initiative.

Act now to stop the takeover of Europe by the Pharma Cartel and help create a world in which health always comes before profit!

Publication date: 2 October, 2014. 
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