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Dr. Gerd Hadrich


I want to make a medical statement as to the death of Dominik Feld.

November 8th, 2004 - As accompanying medical specialist and doctor I witnessed the last weeks in Dominik's life with intensive dialogues with his treating doctors.

His death has been effected by a cardiac decompensation due to a pericardial effusion (accumulation of liquid in the heart sac) as well as a suppression of the whole mediastinum including the heart to the right pulmonary site.

Due to a trauma in the region of the cranium (as a result of a soccer injury) in May of this year a peripety lead to a tragic break/cesura. The subdural haematoma, which was one of the typical intricacies, lead to a trepanation with dissection of the haematoma in typical way. Thereby it was remarkable that this has been interpreted as a bleeding metastasis in a medical and professional way although I did not see any evidence in a patho histological way.

In detailed knowledge of the long and entire disease process with operation of an osteosarcoma including the afterwards occurring chemotherapy, the subsequent abort of the classical and conventional medicine and oncological therapy by the parents, due to an absolute incompatibility and reduction of the general symptoms at degradation of the general state, there followed the beginning of a complementary-oncological therapy with vitamins and/or cell vital substances including polyphenols, as well as essential amino acids which added to a more than exceptional improvement and normalization of the condition of the child and led to a nearly normal rhythm of life.

As a result of a hard pneumonia a bruise in the region of the pleura appeared. The pleura was punctured and more than 2 litres of liquid was removed which did not contain any tumour cells or rather osteosarcoma cells. During this puncture the lung got damaged so that it collapsed. This is retrospectively the decisive incident for the further course.

Without having any pain, a pain therapy (morphine) was administered during the supposed final tumour stage. Thereupon Dominik was taken at the end of August of this year, in a more or less, desolate condition to an alternative clinic at his parent’s instance. His condition improved due to infusions with protein and blood.

The x-ray radiographies and computed tomographies of his lung, which had been made on September 6 th of this year, suddenly showed a total clouding of the left site of the thorax. The doctors working there, interpreted this as an exploding metastasis.

For this reason the management of this alternative clinic in Germany refused any further treatment of the child.

After that he was transferred to one of the few complementary medical clinics in North America.

During his week-long stay his state of health improved. At times he could also spend some hours at the beach. It was noticeable, that in spite of treatment his cardial and pulmonary situation did not improve and that the oxygen situation and the ventilation of the healthy lobe of the lung led to an interference of breathing. Due to this it came to a pericardial effusion.

Meanwhile at the past computer tomographically or rather sonographically and common x-ray radiographs a question arose concerning the accurate inspection of an intrathoracic haematoma with central accumulation of liquid.

After intensive dialogues and discussions, and consideration of the risks as well as the interpretation of the process of Dominik, I decided to perform a procedure after prior consultation with paediatricians, oncologists, radiologists, internists and paediatric surgeons.

The aim was to relieve the heart and the right lung due to the hypertensive crisis and tachycardia which had appeared in the meantime as well as the known oxygen problem which was due to the restricted ventilation of the right lung. This was done under local anesthesic.

During the procedure, which Dominik survived very well, we found old coagulum (old blood) and no tissue at all. This all took place under the presence and attendance of all medicines and myself.

It showed that the left lung did not unfold itself after the pleurocentesis in August.

Obviously a massive intrathoracic bleeding occurred after an afreshed biliary drainage in the clinic of Dr. Aschoff, which had been incomprehensibly done retro thoracal.

Via constant mechanical aspiration (by dint of depression) through the fixed catheter, a big quantity of old blood and in part serous, bloody liquid (a sign for an existing haematoma) could be absorbed in the next days after the procedure.

The histological examination of the drainage-liquid showed neither tumourous event nor any metastasis.

The death of Dominik certainly occurred through a primary heart failure in consequence of the pericardial effusion which did not degenerate. This pericardial effusion was formed due to the compression of the breast and the heart. According to the available results of examination, the decisive event for the death is the collapse of the left lung with subsequent bleeding in the whole left thorax which occurred in August of this year. The consequence was an irreparable damage of the cardial and pulmonary vital functions.

The results of the thoracic intervention of October, 25 th as well as the following histological analysis, exclude a malignancy and therewith pulmonary metastasis as cause of death.

Dr. Gerd Hadrich