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Movement of Life!

Speech by Dr. Rath,
Kerkrade, the Netherlands
April 4, 2009

Speech by Dr. RathThis week we all witnessed at the G-20 conference in London, how fiercely the global battle between the status quo and the forces of change is being fought.

The status quo, represented by the multi-trillion dollar investment businesses of petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals – in short, the oil and drug cartel – is represented by its current political stakeholders France’s Nicholas Sarkozy and Germany’s Angela Merkel.

The forces of change at the G20 are being led by the president of the United States, Barack Obama, who has just been voted into office by the American people with a clear mandate to end the tyranny of oil and replace it with renewable forms of energy.

The G20 dispute is not primarily about mastering the economic crisis. The issue at stake for the cartel and its political stakeholders is much bigger. What is at stake is the very survival of its multi-trillion dollar investment business with oil.

One does not need to be an economist to understand what will happen if under the new US administration the auto city of Detroit starts mass production of hydrogen cars – that is cars using water as energy. Once that happens, people around the world will understand that this very same energy from water can heat their houses, light their cities and energize their public transport.

Hydrogen energy is not new. Every plant, every animal and every single cell in the human body uses this form of energy to produce its biological energy supply. Moreover, 40 years ago, the first human beings reached the moon using hydrogen energy to propel the Apollo rockets.

The transition from the age of carbon energy (oil) to hydrogen energy (water) will solve the energy crisis of this planet for all future generations.

If the people of America and its new administration successfully launch this transition, it will inevitably end the global dependency on oil – as well as the unlimited profits for the Rockefellers and other oil barons.

But even bigger than the economic consequences of this transition will be the political fall-out. The people of the world are already waking up to the sobering fact that energy is not the only field where their illiteracy was the precondition for exploitation.

Millions of people are waiting to join us in the mission that brought us together at this meeting – the need to overcome the devastating consequences of the pharmaceutical “business with disease.”

The cartel knows that once their two main economic legs – the oil and the drug businesses – are recognized by millions of people as a fraud, their rule over this planet is over. No fraud of that magnitude can survive in any democratic society. The only way these fraudulent business models could be continued, is under a global dictatorship.

In spring 2009 the global plan of the cartel is lying in front of us for everyone to see:

A global dictatorship led by key cartel nations, France and Germany, ready to use every economic, political and even military means – including the use of French nuclear weapons – to cement the continued rule of the oil and drug cartel. Under the pretext of fighting the economic crisis, Sarkozy and Merkel cry for a “global economic government.” But what they really mean is to create the first step towards a global dictatorship on behalf of the interests that brought them to power, the oil and drug cartel. That was the background of the battle fought this week at the G-20 between the status quo and the forces of change under US President Obama.

We need to understand this critical moment in the history of mankind. We need to understand that the battle between humanity and the forces of evil has reached a new culmination. But it is not only our responsibility to see the dangers of this situation.

We must also fully understand the transitional power and the breathtaking opportunity of this moment in history. We must refocus our efforts, identify our allies and renew our commitment towards our great goal “Health for All by the Year 2020.”

Eradication through Education

Let us first have a look at the dimension of the task that lies ahead of us in the coming years.

During the 18th century, the British physician James Lind discovered that the sailor’s disease scurvy could be prevented and even cured with the help of lime juice. This discovery ultimately saved the lives of tens of thousands of sailors.

Louis PasteurA century later, the French chemist Louis Pasteur discovered that epidemics are not a curse of heaven, but that they are caused by microorganisms. This discovery paved the way for the development of vaccines against rabies and other infectious diseases and helped to save the lives of a few million people.

These were truly major contributions to medicine and to the progress of mankind. But they are dwarfed by the magnitude of the task that lies ahead of our health alliance. Our goal is not to control just one single disease or a group of diseases.

Our task is the significant reduction and possible eradication of today's most common diseases. The most important of these diseases are: heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, diabetic circulatory problems, cancer, osteoporosis, immune deficiencies and others. These diseases are responsible for about 80% of all deaths in today's industrialized world.

Thus, our task is enormous: we set out to save the lives of the tens of millions of people.

The scientific discoveries enabling us to reach this goal have been made. The natural substances needed for the prevention and control of these diseases are available. The only obstacle that separates us from reaching this great goal and saving millions of lives is one factor: education.

We have to realize that health illiteracy is the main reason for the continuation of today's most common diseases. Health education, in turn, terminates this illiteracy and paves the way for disease eradication. In short: education equals eradication.

Over the past two decades, we have already contributed to ending the “illiteracy” about many common diseases, as well as the illiteracy about the true nature of the pharmaceutical business with disease.

In the next sequence of my presentation, I will highlight some of the “illiteracies” that have prevailed for decades – or even centuries – and which we could help to remove through education.

Ending health illiteracy about cardiovascular diseases

For centuries, the people of our planet have been dying from cardiovascular diseases. During the 20th century, however, these diseases reached epidemic proportions, taking the lives of every second man and woman in Europe, and the entire industrialized world.

Whenever diseases – such as cardiovascular diseases – reach epidemic proportions, this must be for one of two possible reasons: first, the underlying cause of the disease has not yet been identified and no effective therapy is available.

Or, second, the people of the world are being kept illiterate about the true cause of the disease as a precondition to deliberately maintain the disease as a global market for patented pharmaceutical drugs.

This illiteracy about cardiovascular diseases ended in 1991. In two scientific publications [1], [2], I could summarize our new understanding about these diseases. The first to support these discoveries was my colleague and friend, the late Dr. Linus Pauling.

For the first time, mankind received answers to the most basic health questions that had remained open in connection with the number one killer in the industrialized world:

  • Why do almost all human beings develop arteriosclerosis – the hardening of arteries – but hardly anyone suffers from “veno-sclerosis” – the hardening of our veins?

  • Why do we suffer from heart attacks, but not from nose or ear attacks?

  • Why do animals not get heart attacks, but people do?

These discoveries also ended the era when the atherosclerotic deposits developing inside our arteries were no longer a stroke of fate. The development of these deposits – the causes of heart attacks and strokes – had become a predictable reaction of our body to the growing instability of the blood vessel walls due to vitamin deficiency.

» http://www.why-animals-dont-get-heart-attacks.org

Natural Disappearance of Coronary Artery PlaqueFour years later, in 1996, we provided the first clinical proof that vitamin supplementation can stop – and in some cases even reverse – the development of atherosclerotic deposits in the coronary arteries of patients.

For the first time in the history of medicine, the natural disappearance of calcium deposits in human coronary arteries was documented in pictures.

Yet today – almost two decades after the veil of illiteracy has been lifted from cardiovascular diseases – 15 million people continue to die each year from these diseases.

This number corresponds to the population of cities like New York and London combined, or of Hong Kong and Mexico City combined. These millions of people are vanishing each year from diseases that could largely be gone by now. They are sacrificed by the pharmaceutical business with disease, who feed their insatiable greed on the health and lives of their victims.

To keep cardiovascular diseases as their market, this industry is maintaining an army of lobbyists in medicine, the media and politics. They are the “gatekeepers of health illiteracy.”

Today we come together to renew our commitments to intensifying our health education efforts and to overcome these forces of greed and death with our message of health and life.

Ending health illiteracy about cancer

For decades, the gatekeepers of illiteracy have kept the true causes of cancer hidden from the people. Health illiteracy about cancer was a precondition to maintain this disease as a multibillion dollar market for toxic drugs, deceptively promoted as “chemo”-therapy.

Unlike other diseases, cancer was also strategically maintained over decades as a psychological instrument to subjugate the people of this planet to the unscrupulous business with disease. As a result of this strategy, the diagnosis “cancer” is still widely perceived as a “death verdict.”

The cancer market with toxic chemotherapy is a perfect example for the strategic expansion of diseases by the pharmaceutical industry.

Cancer patients – intimidated by the “death verdict” of a cancer diagnosis – accept the infusion of toxic chemicals into their bodies as an alleged “therapy.” Due to the extreme toxicity of these chemicals to millions of cells in the body, the most frequent side effect of “chemo” drugs is the generation of new cancers in the body.

These new cancers are “chemo” therapy induced cancers. The winners and losers of this vicious strategy are known: millions of cancer patients feed the limitless greed of the drug companies with their health and lives.

But this unscrupulous investment business with cancer only functions under one condition – that the public is being kept illiterate about alternatives.

Finally, in 1992, the veil of illiteracy was also lifted from cancer. After the publication of new ways for the natural control of cancer the door was wide open for this disease to no longer be a death verdict.

The natural control of cancer is based on the following facts:

  • All cancer cells use collagen-digesting enzymes to spread in the body.

  • Unlike other diseases, cancer escapes the body's defense system, because the same enzymes are already being used by our bodies under normal conditions e.g. during ovulation, immune defense and other physiological processes.

The natural blockade of these enzymes, e.g. by the amino acid lysine and other micronutrients, allows the natural blockade of cancer cell spread and metastases.

» http://www.drrathresearch.org/sci_discoveries/cancer.html

It was clear that, by applying this knowledge, cancer would no longer be a death verdict and could one day be largely unknown.

The centerpiece for removing the veil of illiteracy about cancer are collagen-digesting enzymes, also called collagenases or metalloproteinases.

The knowledge about these enzymes is such a heavily guarded secret that the world’s most widely used medical textbook “Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine” even avoids talking about it when teaching such elementary processes like “ovulation” to future generations of doctors.

Natural disappearance of brain tumor - and still alive todayThe clinical confirmation followed soon. This CT picture of a brain tumor that disappeared by natural means was one of many cases, proving that the scientific concept published in 1992 about the possibility of the natural control of many cancers is reality today.

With more than 7 million people – corresponding to the population of London or Tokyo –still dying from cancer today, our task to end health illiteracy about this disease will eventually save tens of millions of lives.

Ending health illiteracy about AIDS

After health illiteracy about cancer had remained largely unchallenged by the public for decades, the pharmaceutical business with disease was encouraged to the open new markets with an eye on the developing world.

Over the past two decades, they built the multibillion dollar market with AIDS “chemo” drugs across Africa and the developing world.

And just like with the cancer epidemic, the drug cartel is deceiving millions of patients with fantasy names. In the case of AIDS they baptized their toxic chemicals “antiretroviral” drugs, or ARVs, providing the false impression that these toxic drugs can cure viral infections.

Also the marketing scheme with AIDS “chemo” is an exact copy of their business with the cancer epidemic. They even use the same trick as in cancer to create an ever-growing spiral of disease: the promotion of toxic drugs that causes precisely the disease – immune deficiency – which they are deceptively promised to cure.

Over the past five years we were able to tear away the veil of illiteracy from this disease too.

Here are the facts about the pharmaceutical business with the AIDS epidemic.

  • All currently available AIDS “chemo” – or ARV – drugs have to carry by law the following specific warning on the patient information sheet of each drug package: “This drug is not a cure for HIV or AIDS.”

    » www.arv-facts.org

  • At the same time, the drug companies are obligated to list the toxic side effects of these ARV drugs. One of the most important side effects listed as a warning on the patient information sheet of ARV drugs is “leucopenia.” Coded in Greek language, this word stands for a “significant decrease of white blood cells”, the cellular carriers of the immune system.

    » www.dr-rath-foundation.org/stop-AIDS

    » www.dr-rath-foundation.org/nutrients-AIDS

The manufacturers of ARV drugs are required by law to warn the patients that their drugs don't work for curing AIDS and that these toxic drugs cause even more immune deficiencies.

To hide these sobering scientific facts, the drug cartel pays a whole army of lobbyists in medicine, media, politics – and even among Hollywood stars – to turn the scientific facts upside down in public and promote toxic ARV drugs as “life-saving” in the battle against AIDS.

There is more to the ARV business. ARVs are a perfect tool for the former colonial powers, namely, the UK, France, Germany and others to keep the developing world in a strangulating economic dependency.

In Africa and other developing regions, the cartel finances hundreds of ARV drug promoting organizations, generally operating under the cover of charity. These organizations are paid by the drug cartel to force the governments of the developing world to spend billions of dollars for importing toxic drugs that ultimately kill their own people.

» http://www.end-aids-business.org/

There are more shocking facts about the ARV business. In 1974, Henry Kissinger – then US Secretary of State, National Security Adviser and “Rockefeller man” – issued a policy document, named NSSM 200, warning that the overpopulation of the developing world poses one of the greatest strategic threats for the national security of the United States.

» www.nt-2.org/nssm200

In other words, if the industrial nations do not undertake vigorous efforts to decimate the people in Africa and other developing regions, the growing population there will one day demand their seat at the table of the rich countries.

Only a few years later, the AIDS epidemic started – followed by the production and mass export of toxic ARV drugs to Africa and the entire developing world. Under the pretext of charity and medical aid for the poor, the drug cartel and its political puppets launched a “chemical warfare” against the people of the developing world.

With the help of toxic “chemo” drugs – and the fairy tale that they cure AIDS – the forces of disease and death are organizing a “pharmaceutical genocide” among the world’s poor because they do not want to share their wealth.

To make things worse, the G-8 and the Brussels EU are financing this genocide with billions of taxpayers’s money – your money. At their 2007 meeting in Germany, the G-8 passed a program of re-colonization of the African continent, including the agenda to overthrow independent governments and replace them with puppets of the drug cartel.

The first government that fell victim to this malicious plan was the government of South Africa under President Mbeki, who had dared to promote a health care system outside the control of the drug cartel. The first measure of the organizers of this putsch under Jacob Zuma was to open the flood gates for mass distribution of toxic ARVs.

Ending mankind’s illiteracy about the true nature of the pharmaceutical industry

Throughout the 20th century, an army of paid lobbyists made the pharmaceutical industry shine like the “Rolls-Royce” of all industries. Criticism of individual drugs and certain drug companies occurred, but the public remained illiterate about the fundamentally fraudulent nature of the pharmaceutical industry’s business with disease.

This changed on June 21, 1997. In a public lecture in the City Hall of Chemnitz, Germany, I described the pharmaceutical industry as what it is: the biggest obstacle to the health of the people.

» http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/PHARMACEUTICAL_BUSINESS/

On that day, the mask of the drug companies as the “Good Samaritans” of this world was torn off and the ugly grimace of the business with disease and death became visible to the world.

This public exposure has triggered an avalanche of books, exposés and media reports about the fraudulent nature of the pharmaceutical business with disease.

Among the critics are prominent “insiders”, like Dr. Marcia Angell, the former editor-in-chief of the influential “New England Journal of Medicine”.

The most important laws that end the illiteracy about the true nature of the pharmaceutical business with disease are the following:

  1. The pharmaceutical industry is not a health industry but an investment business accountable to the profit interests of its shareholders.

  2. The prevention and eradication of disease decreases the global markets for pharmaceutical drugs and is therefore not in the interests of this industry and is being actively fought by them.

  3. Micronutrients address the cellular root causes of diseases. By preventing diseases at their roots, this natural, non-patentable health approach threatens the multi-billion global drug markets and ultimately the continuation of the pharmaceutical investment business with disease.

The pharmaceutical industry, one of the largest investment industries in the world has now been exposed as an organized fraud: it promises health but delivers disease – and feeds itself on this global deception.

» http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/The_Hague/bwdcritical.htm

With exposure as a fraud, the investment business with disease has lost any moral basis and credibility. Now it is only a question of time until the people of the world terminate this immoral business model and take health care under public control.

» www.nuremberg-tribunal.org

There is also no doubt that the people of the world will hold the architects, profiteers and lobbyists of the business with disease responsible for the crimes against humanity they committed over decades. No doubt either, that the people will demand an international tribunal organized for that purpose – similar to the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.

Ending mankind’s illiteracy about oil and drug cartel as the architects of World Wars

For many decades, the history books have tried to “sell” us the story of World War I and World War II as accidents of history. We were made to believe that the death of 100 million people and the repeated destruction of many European countries were brought about in 1914 by a megalomanic German emperor and in 1939 by a psychopathic dictator.

This illiteracy – that lasted more than half a century – has now ended too. We were able to obtain more than 40,000 pages of historic records from the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal against the directors of Bayer, BASF, Hoechst and other members of the IG Farben cartel and published them on the Internet.

» www.profit-over-life.org

These historic records unequivocally prove:

  1. WWII was strategically planned, financed and organized on behalf of Bayer, BASF, Hoechst and other members of the infamous IG Farben cartel.

  2. WWII was the attempt to militarily conquer the lucrative world markets for chemicals, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals. The IG Farben cartel invested in the rise of the Nazi gangsters to political power and actively supported their preparations for war, in return for seizing the chemical industries in Nazi occupied countries.

  3. In this way, IG Farben tried to obtain a decisive advantage in the worldwide competition with Rockefeller’s Standard Oil and other global players in these extremely profitable markets of patented high-tech products.

  4. To plan the details of WWII, IG Farben and the Nazis formed a special war-planning office in Berlin, deceptively named the “Office of the 4-Year Plan” under the rule of Goering and IG Farben Director Carl Krauch.

  5. In their plan for a post-WWII Europe under the rule of the Nazi/IG Farben coalition, patents were the key economic and legal tools to control the world markets of chemicals, drugs and other high-tech cartel products and the economies of the countries conquered.

With tens of thousands of pages of historic documents from the Nuremberg Tribunal against the key war criminals Bayer, BASF and Hoechst now available online for schools, universities and the public at large, the decades of illiteracy about the true causes of WWII have been terminated forever.

Ending mankind’s illiteracy about the oil and drug cartel as the architects of the Auschwitz death camp

For six decades, we were made to believe that Auschwitz was a concentration camp coincidentally built by the Nazis in the city of Auschwitz in southern Poland.

Now this illiteracy, too, has ended. As the Nuremberg records show:

  1. The city of Auschwitz in the mineral rich region of Upper Silesia was selected by the IG Farben cartel to build IG Auschwitz – at 24 square kilometers, the largest industrial plant in wartime Europe – to produce synthetic gasoline and rubber for the conquest of the rest of Europe and Asia.

  2. The Auschwitz concentration camp did not become the worldwide symbol of death by coincidence. It was deliberately expanded into a factory of slave labor, human disposal and death on behalf of the IG Farben cartel and its nearby factory, built almost exclusively with slave labor victims from the nearby concentration camp.

  3. The deadly medical experiments on thousands of innocent camp inmates were not the pastime of psychopathic Nazi doctors, but contractual studies with prisoners used as “human guinea pigs” on behalf of – and financed by – the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies at that time: Bayer and Hoechst. Most of the drugs tested in these deadly experiments belonged to a new category of patented pharmaceutical drugs. Their name – “chemo-therapy”!

  4. The factory of death in Auschwitz – largely financed by the world’s largest drug companies at that time – was the cradle for the multibillion dollar market of toxic “chemo” drugs promoted by the very same companies to tens of millions of cancer and AIDS patients.

» www.profit-over-life.org

We have to face the sobering fact: Auschwitz was not the end of the genocide committed by the drug cartel, it was the beginning.

Ending the illiteracy about the oil and drug cartel as the architects of the “Brussels EU”

While the political and military henchmen of the IG Farben/Nazi Coalition were sentenced in Nuremberg – the real culprits, the directors of the IG Farben cartel, were soon released from prison and reinstated in top positions in the German industry to immediately start planning their next conquest of Europe, this time through the Brussels EU.

For 50 years now, we have been told that this construct of the Brussels EU is the basis for a democratic future of this continent. Now this illiteracy has been terminated too.

Historic records published online for the first time by our Foundation document the sobering reality:

  1. The plan for the Brussels EU is an almost exact copy of the post WWII plans for a conquered Europe under the control of the Nazi/IG Farben Coalition.

  2. These plans for a European economic super state were publicly discussed by Nazi ministers Ribbentrop, Frick and even Hitler himself.

  3. The executive level of the Brussels EU today is modeled after the Nazi/IG Farben “Office of the 4-Year Plan” – a handpicked group of technocrats operating beyond any democratic control.

  4. The EU Parliament has little, if any, power to initiate legislation. It serves merely as a fig leaf masking the abuse by the Brussels EU as the dictatorial politburo of the oil and drug cartel.

  5. The so-called treaty of Lisbon is an “enabling act” that would – similar to 1933 – cement the dictatorial rule of corporate interests and its political puppets over millions of people in Europe for generations to come.

» www.eu-facts.org

On this website you have the possibility to protest against the Lisbon treaty. I encourage you to use this form of online protest. If you want to see how this online protest works you may ask one of our computer guides in the foyer during the breaks.

On November 13, 2007 a historic meeting took place in the city of Auschwitz. About 30 survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp were the first signatories of the draft constitution that confronted the immoral dictatorial plan of the Brussels EU with the draft constitution for a truly democratic “Europe for the people and by the people.”

And this constitution is not just a proclamation. It demands the outlawing of patents for health and life as the precondition for a new Europe, where the drug cartel is deprived of its fundamental tool of control over the economies of Europe and the health of its people.

» www.relay-of-life.org

I ask you, where in Europe is there a group of higher moral integrity to help design the path to a new Europe than the people who looked into the eyes of the forces of death and survived their concentration camps?

I ask you to go to this web site, support the draft constitution with your signature and discuss it with your friends and within your community.

By consistently exposing the forces of greed and death – from the graveyards of the business with disease to the killing fields of Auschwitz and WWII – we have helped to move mankind forward to the critical point where it stands today.

The “Movement of Life” overcomes the age of death and disease

On one side, stand the oil and drug cartel and its political stakeholders, ready to cement their continued rule over our planet by means of economic crises, dictatorships and even wars.

On the other side, stands the movement of change. But change is not enough.

In order for us to be successful, we must define our goal – and we must define the key value that will propel us to reach this goal. There is only one name for such a movement – the “Movement of Life.”

Only when we position ourselves on the moral wings of the people who survived Auschwitz, only if we join the ranks of people like Albert Schweitzer and Martin Luther King, only if the respect for life becomes the motor of our actions - only then will we be able to replace the forces of disease and death.

The challenge of the “Movement of Life” is to overcome the adversities of this transition in history by focusing on the new world, carried by this very respect for life in all areas of society and in all corners of this planet.

At a time when the interests around the oil and drug cartel and its political stakeholders are ready to set the world on fire – out of desperation – we must not only prevent them from doing so, but we must already prepare for the new.

How does this new world look?

  1. It is a world where today's most common diseases are essentially unknown.

  2. It is a world where energy from the water of our rivers and oceans drives cars, heats houses and illuminates cities.

  3. It is a world where the trillions of Euros thus far wasted as tribute payments to the oil and drug cartel, are being redirected to fight unemployment and poverty in the industrial nations and hunger, poverty and illiteracy in the developing world, thereby finally closing the gap between rich and poor nations.

  4. It is a world where problems like global warming, the pollution of our atmosphere and the ecological destruction of our planet have been solved by the use of clean energy.

  5. In short, it is a world we can proudly hand over to the next generation.

Difficult? Impossible? Not if you consider the survivors of Auschwitz. 60 years after they barely survived the barbed wires of tyranny, they could have looked backwards to the past and stayed passive. By supporting the constitution for a new Europe in the symbolic city of Auschwitz, they did exactly opposite. One more time, they stood up at a time when it really counted.

What a powerful symbol of moral strength! What a powerful example for all of us to help build this new Europe. This requires more than your signature, this requires you!

I encourage you to think about creating “projects of life” in your lives and your community in order to set examples and start building this new Europe and this new world of health and life.

» www.movement-of-life.org

We have established a web site that will be driven by such “projects of life”, projects of you. We are looking forward to developing this web site into an online community where you can exchange such “projects of life” with other people around the world.

Because saving as many lives as possible continues to be our main responsibility – and because education means eradication – we have developed a first project within the Movement of Life, which all of us should join: World Health Alphabetization.

» www.wha-www.org

Never before has mankind been closer to a world where today's most common diseases are essentially unknown. As scientists, we have opened the doors to this new world. Now it is up to you, to the people of the world. Together we must make sure that this world of health and life becomes reality!