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First Reactions to the Campaign for
Equality for Natural Therapies

Letter by Gary Powell to the Editor of the British Medical Journal, Fiona Godlee

Dr Godlee

Please add our names to the list of those letting you know they support the campaign for equality for natural therapies.

I was badly injured in 1965 and after three years of drugs and hospitals was ready to suicide.  A friend took me to a natural therapies practitioner who saved my life and set me on the right track.  I became a practitioner myself  and saw for myself the damage wrought by drugs and unnecessary surgery and am apalled at your attack on Dr Matthias Rath.  I never expected such a prestigious magazine as the BMJ to totally prostitute itself the way it has under your leadership.  There is no word that can adequately describe the low level you have descended  to.  Is it possible to sink any lower? After what you did, I am sure that if there is a way, you will find it.

Gary Powell