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What You Can Do Now to Stop the Plans of the “Icarus Sect”

After reading this information you might be asking yourself what can I, as an individual, do to stop these plans? There is a lot you can do! In fact, YOU are the only person who can do it.

Following are a few of the most urgent things that need to be done.

Immediate steps to be taken:

  • Distribute this article to everyone you know, including your friends, family and work colleagues. Discuss it in your church or trade union meetings to ensure that everyone knows about it. Moreover, most of the people you meet will have children or grandchildren. Tell them that the lives of all future generations will be affected by our actions or indifference today.
  • Oppose the Lisbon Treaty – the “Enabling Act” for the “Brussels EU.” Many thousands of people across Europe are already supporting aEuropean Referendum Initiative” to stop this treaty. I encourage you to visit this website, read through the information on it, and support this initiative.If you decide to support the “European Referendum Initiative,” please make sure to bring it to the attention of everyone you know and ask them to support it too.
  • Write to your local, national and European political representatives and inform them about the background of the “Brussels EU.” Make sure that they, too, learn the facts regarding the third attempt of the chemical, drug and oil cartel to take control of Europe for generations to come.
  • Use the political campaign for the June 2009 EU election to highlight the blatantly undemocratic nature of the “Brussels EU” construct.

It will be this lack of any moral basis that will ultimately block the Cartel’s plans to establish a dictatorial regime over Europe and that will enable the creation of a “Europe for the People, by the People”. The only question is how fast this will happen – and the answer is in your hands.

Further Considerations:

  • This morally-driven movement has to develop its democratic legitimacy independent of any political party controlled by the cartel. On this basis it will soon reach a point where its goals can no longer be suppressed by any political, economic or even military means or measure.
  • This movement must also develop its political strength outside the confines of the EU Parliament, in order to avoid being instrumentalized by the corporate interests that control the “Brussels EU.”
  • Our clear “No!” to the “Brussels EU” and the planned rule of corporate cartels over Europe does not mean that we should reject the idea of a united Europe where the people of Europe live together in peace and prosperity in a true and direct democracy.
  • The only way to achieve this goal is for the people of Europe – everyone – to become involved in shaping the future of this continent. The most immediate task for us, the people, is to protect democracy in Europe against the attempt of corporate Cartels to subjugate 500 million Europeans under an undemocratic, dictatorial rule via the “Brussels EU.”
  • The only way to secure democracy – i.e. a government serving the people – in a future Europe is for the people of Europe to make it their fundamental and inalienable right to determine their highest leaders, the political executive and legislative, in direct elections.
  • The time to secure this fundamental right to democracy in Europe is now. We – the people of Europe who live in these decisive times – owe it to ourselves and our children that we use the current debate for the future of Europe to establish our key principles: the right to directly elect any European government, including the right to terminate in a democratic election any regime that has become abusive of the will and needs of the people and turned into a tyranny. The importance of this fundamental democratic right was highlighted in the 2008 US presidential election. The will of the people in the USA terminated an 8-year long abusive rule of a government serving almost exclusively corporate interests.
  • The Cartel is aware that the people of Europe have begun to recognize the dictatorial nature of the “Brussels EU,” despite the barrage of political assurances to the contrary by its proponents. The clock is ticking for the Cartel. During 2009 we will see ever-more desperate measures by those interests to force the “Lisbon Enabling Treaty” upon the European people. We will see these interests taking advantage of the current global economic crisis – even deliberately aggravating it - in order to coerce any reluctant European government to comply.
  • We must not let ourselves be fooled by this pressure or succumb to it. Based on our fundamental political and moral right as the protectors of democracy, we must say “No!” to the Lisbon Treaty and insist on taking the time to work out a constitution “For the People, By the People.”
  • By first developing the “Brussels EU” as a fundamentally undemocratic political structure, and then attempting to sell it to the public as a shining example of democracy, the architects of the “Brussels EU” have put the cart before the horse. Now that this scheme is exposed, any credibility for this construct has vanished.
  • Obviously, before talking about the future structure of Europe, its moral and political basis needs to be agreed upon by the people of Europe in a constitution that enshrines their fundamental and inalienable rights. Then, and only then, can we, the people, grant any government the right to govern us.
  • The process towards the creation of such a constitution, for a “Europe for the People, by the People,” has already been started by a group of people whose political independence and moral integrity are beyond question. Survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp – people who suffered most under the rule of the Cartel and its political puppets in the past – considered it as their historic obligation to raise their voices to provide a draft constitution for a future democratic Europe.
  • I encourage you to read the Auschwitz survivors’ proposed constitution for a “Europe for the People, by the People” and to support it with your signature.

The information provided above will help the people of Europe to take a position on these questions of vital importance. If we want to look our children and future generations in the face, indifference is no longer an option.

Together we can make “ A Europe For the People By the People” a reality.

I am convinced that t ogether we will achieve this goal!

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Matthias Rath

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