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A new accomplice arising for Sarkozy from – yet again – Germany

What You Can Do Now to Stop the Plans of the Icarus sectSarkozy’s most brutal accomplices for the final stage of the “Icarus Sect’s” assault on Europe will be reckless and corrupt politicians who are entirely controlled by the Cartel. Such a politician is Roland Koch, the current governor of the state of Hesse, Germany. Frankfurt/Main is the largest metropole of that state and the seat of the European central bank. But that is not all.

Frankfurt was also the headquarters of the infamous IG Farben Cartel. It was from this headquarters – not from Berlin – that the chemical/drug Cartel financed the rise of the Nazis to power, the preparations for WWII, the heist of all chemical industries in conquered Europe and the plans for a post-war Europe under the rule of the Cartel/Nazi coalition. And it was from this IG Farben headquarters in Frankfurt that the construction of the giant IG Farben industrial plant in Auschwitz and the associated slave labour and extermination camp were planned and financed.

The headquarters of the IG Farben cartel in Frankfurt, Germany.

After the end of WWII, the banker of IG Farben, Hermann Abs, was one of three founders of the so-called Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the political party of Helmut Kohl, Angela Merkel – and Roland Koch. The CDU in Hesse was built by ex-Nazis who made little efforts to hide their past. After all, the banker who arranged the credit in the amount of one billion Reichsmark [about 10 billion dollars in today’s terms] from Deutsche Bank for the construction of Auschwitz was Hermann Abs, the founding member of the CDU party.

For decades, the slime of Nazism, Cartel interests, money laundering and corruption was dripping off the political figureheads of the Hesse CDU. Some of their leaders were indicted for corruption, but miraculously escaped punishment with the help of other members of the “Icarus Sect.” The latest in that row is Roland Koch, who owes his political survival after a corruption scandal to the intense PR efforts of the media puppets of the “Icarus Sect.” In other words: The Cartel owns him.

Currently, Koch is being positioned by the Cartel to replace Angela Merkel as candidate of the CDU in the 2009 election for the German Government. I encourage you to follow the career of Roland Koch in Germany. Obviously, the cartel is determined to launch its final assault on the people of Europe in 2009 by establishing a “European Junta” of puppets who are so corrupt that the Cartel controls them completely, including Sarkozy, Berlusconi and Koch. The brief introduction of Roland Koch to a wider international audience in this article should help to immediately identify him as a notorious member of the “Icarus Sect.”

We also have to learn to identify those politicians who serve as national mouth pieces for Sarkozy and other political puppets of the “Icarus Sect.” And we have to watch with utmost scrutiny those politicians who are promoted by certain media to ascend to power. A case in point is the new major of London.

The desperate situation of the “Icarus Sect” after the election of Barack Obama

The election of Barack Obama and “the end of the tyranny of the Bush administration” (New York Times) was only possible through the democratic constitution of the USA. In contrast, the “Lisbon Enabling Act” as the basis of the “Brussels EU” makes it impossible for all future generations to remove tyrants from power. The founding fathers of the U.S. more than 200 years ago in the wisdom foresaw the possibility of a misuse of power as it happened under the Bush administration. We have to realise that in a Europe governed by political puppets of the Cartel we, the people, must be the “founding fathers!”

After this publication, there is only one way how the Cartel still can establish its new “Thousand Year Rule” over Europe – if we, the people today stay silent. 2009 is the year to speak out – while we still can – in our own name and in that of our children and generations of Europeans yet unborn.

After over 50 Million Americans removed the “Icarus Sect” from the White House during the presidential election in November 2008 – mandating instead Barack Obama, a declared opponent of Cartel-influence – the Cartel is up to its neck in water.

Sarkozy and the “Icarus Sect” must bring the Obama government down, otherwise a global avalanche will overrun them. At present, the “Icarus Sect” is trying out various scenarios to achieve this goal:

  • A political coup to bring down the Obama government with the help of the Cartel media.
  • A provoked military conflict with the goal of involving the Obama government in an international war in order to discredit him at home and distract him from “freeing the world from the tyranny of oil.
  • A deliberate acceleration of the present economic crisis, particularly within the USA, e.g. the car industry. The bankruptcy of GM, Ford and Chrysler, for example, would prevent the production of hydrogen powered cars and keep the world from freeing itself from the Sect’s oil tyranny.
  • The financial blackmailing of the Obama government through a shortage of international credit. The USA already depends on the benevolence of international creditors, due to the extreme foreign debts accumulated under the Bush administration. The “Icarus Sect” is determined to use this to their advantage.
  • In particular, Sarkozy’s proclamation of a world economic government – under the rule of his French IMF buddy, Strauss-Kahn – would provide the Cartel with a new globally operating executive ready to discipline not just the Obama administration but also any other government opposing the global interests of the cartel.

This strategy of the “Icarus Sect,” to sabotage the new Obama administration, has three main goals:

  • to punish the US population for daring to throw the “Icarus Sect” out of the White House – after it had occupied this power center for nearly a century;
  • to prevent President Obama from implementing his campaign pledge to free the USA from the “tyranny of oil,” in order to avoid the exposure of this multi-trillion dollar fraud to the world;
  • to set an example by derailing the Obama administration in order to prevent a domino effect leading to other governments also trying to escape from the stranglehold of the Cartel.

Never before in its one hundred year history has the “Icarus Sect” had to fear for its existence as much as at the start of 2009. José Manual Barroso – the chubby “Field Marshal” of the “Fuehrer” Sarkozy – publicly voiced at the meeting of the European and Asian Heads of State in October 2008, the concerns of the Sect: “We either sink together or we swim together!” The innocent bystander could be under the impression that Barroso was referring to the economic crisis. What he meant, of course, was the opposite: Any quick solution to the present global economic crisis would be the end of the “Icarus Sect”.

Only if the cartel manages to maintain this self-made economic crisis over an extended period of time will it be able to use the economic and psychological pressure to establish what it needs to survive: a European – or better, global – dictatorship of the Cartel. From the point of view of the Icarus Sect, 2009 can be equated with 1933: Global seizure of power or global loss of power, escalation of the global tyranny of the Cartel or its ultimate demise.

Some of my readers will be surprised about the plain language used to explain the background story. This development cannot really surprise us.

Already, more than half a century ago, George Orwell warned in his book ”1984“ of ”Big Brother” – a regime where politicians talk about peace but prepare for war, where they talk about democracy but mean dictatorship. The planned reign of the “Icarus Sect” over Europe via the “Brussels EU” is precisely that.

Another warning voice came from author Ray Bradbury in his 1951 novel “Fahrenheit 451.“ He strikingly predicted today’s society, where people are strategically flooded with trivial information through mass media. The fire brigade in Bradbury’s novel is responsible for burning down the houses of the dissidents and his lead figure asks the remarkable question: “Do you still remember the time when the fire brigade was responsible for extinguishing fires – rather than starting them?“ Considering the ease by which the “Icarus Sect” provokes wars around the world to cement its rule – from Iraq to Georgia to the Middle East and beyond – we have to correctly assess that we are living in a time where the fire brigade – the politicians we entrusted to extinguish fires – actually abuse their power to start them.

In 2009, you will again be “invited” by the “Icarus Sect” to join their alleged “war on terror,” asking us to accept even more spying on all aspects of our lives and more curtailing of our civil liberties. But the next time you see Sarkozy, Barroso or any other member of the “Icarus Sect” drum up more “police state measures,” you should remember that no one on this planet needs these measures more than the Cartel in order to cement its European and global dictatorship.

In a few years, the people of Europe will have freed themselves from the terror regime of the “Icarus Sect” – similar to what the people in the United States did at their 2008 Presidential election. Then, our children and grandchildren will learn about the unscrupulous actions of Bush, Sarkozy and other arsonists of today in their history lessons – and they will look back to the year 2009 as the beginning of the end of the terror regime of the “Icarus Sect” on our planet.

A “Europe by the people and for the people” emerges

Our question to all the politicians we can reach from now on is simple: Are you willing to take responsibility for our children growing up in a Europe under a dictatorship of corporate interests?

You will notice that most politicians, confronted with these sobering facts, have no idea of the history of the “Brussels EU” or to what extent the political puppets of the “Icarus Sect” manipulates other politicians to achieve its goals. It is therefore high time to present this knowledge to them.

After realizing the striking parallel between the “Cartel/Nazi Europe” and the “Brussels EU,” no politician who wants to be re-elected can defend the “Brussels EU” construct as a democratic institution any longer. And for those politicians who close their eyes to the truth, we remind them of the words of Michael Gorbachev to Erich Honecker one year before the Berlin Wall came down: “Life punishes those who come too late.“

We can speed up this “education process“ by writing to politicians who run for public office at regional, national and EU-wide elections and make them aware of these important facts. This would best be done via e-mail, as you then have irrefutable proof that the “political representative” was properly informed and cannot say: “I did not know”.

Our arguments are clear and immediately comprehensible for everyone: One entire century of terror and the destruction of the European continent by the “Icarus Sect” is enough. A hundred million people in two world wars are enough. The deaths of millions of people from toxic pharmaceuticals such as “chemo drugs” – sacrificed to the unscrupulous business with disease of the drug industry – are also enough.

It cannot be that, on one side of the Atlantic, the people of the United States of America vote for a President who proclaims a government “For the People by the People” and, at the same time, the people in Europe let themselves be frightened and led into another disaster by exactly the same interests who have spread death and destruction across Europe twice before!

The people of Europe have learned from history. Now that the origin of the “Brussels EU” has been traced back to the drawing boards of the Cartel/Nazi coalition these unscrupulous plans can no longer be implemented. The parallel to the Icarus myth is clearly apparent: The sun – i.e. the revelation of the truth – will melt the wings of the “Icarus Sect” and they will inevitably vanish from this planet.

After the failure to bring to justice the “Icarus Sect” and the chemical/drug cartel as the culprits responsible for two world wars, we now have a historic opportunity to stop the plans of the cartel for a third conquest of Europe and put an end to the regime of the “Icarus Sect”.