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The “Brussels EU” is a precise copy of the post-WWII order for Europe under the rule of the IG Farben/Nazi coalition

What You Can Do Now to Stop the Plans of the Icarus sectWe have published the blueprint for this “New Europe” - as designed by the IG Farben/Nazi coalition - on our website. This document, as well as related documents, is a “must read” now for everyone who does not want to stay indifferent about our own future and the world we leave for our children.

These documents are particularly relevant for all those politicians who still believe Sarkozy, Merkel and the other political puppets of the “Icarus Sect,” who continue to spread the fairy tale of the “Brussels EU” serving the interests of the people of Europe.

The key point: There was no democratic control in the “New Europe” proposed by the Cartel/Nazi coalition seven decades ago – and there is no democratic control in the “Brussels EU” promoted by the Cartel/Sarkozy/Merkel coalition today!

It simply takes one’s breath away to realize the impertinence by which the “Icarus Sect” today is copying the plans of their predecessors two generations ago to finally accomplish the goal they could not accomplish by military force during WWII – the economic and political control of Europe on behalf of the chemical/drug Cartel.

To document the stunning similarity with the IG-Farben/Nazi coalition’s plan for a “New Europe” – and ultimately the world – here are the corner stones of the Cartel’s plan for the future of Europe under the “Brussels EU”:

  • The so-called “EU-Commission, a Cartel agency, plans and implements decisions that affect the lives of nearly 500 Million European citizens.
  • The members of this “EU Commission“ cannot be democratically elected anywhere in Europe and therefore have no democratic mandate whatsoever. Instead, they are “appointed” to represent the interest of the Cartel and to cement its rule across Europe for generations. Due to its role as the executive arm of the cartel – and in analogy to the Cartel-appointed dictators, particularly in the history of South America – the so-called “EU Commission” has to be described as what it really is: the “European Cartel Junta”.
  • The “EU Parliament” is a farce, a fig leaf established with the purpose of masking the essentially dictatorial rule of the “Cartel Junta”. The EU-Parliament – deceptively portrayed by the “Icarus Sect” to the people of Europe as a democratic control organ – has no actual control over the Junta of “EU-Commissioners,” it is merely allowed to pass the laws designed and formulated by the “EU Junta” on behalf of the Cartel.
  • The “Brussels EU” construct lacks the hallmarks of any modern democracy:
    • The democratic right of the people of Europe to determine the representatives, who actually govern them is non-existing. The decisions are taken by the Junta of “EU Commissioners” who can neither be voted into office nor – most significantly – be removed from office.
    • Thus, in the “Brussels EU” the people are no longer sovereign – i.e. the ultimate decision-takers – the basis of any democracy.
    • The strict separation of the three constitutional powers, legislative, executive, and judicial is blatantly absent. The people don’t vote for their government; instead, the cartel essentially nominates its “Cartel Junta” of “EU commissioners.”
    • The principle of “checks and balances” – guaranteeing strict mutual control of the three powers – is absent in the “Brussels EU”, where the parliament has no control over the executive and is essentially reduced to a horde of “nodding puppets.”
  • Our sobering analysis must go further: The “Brussels EU” is the unabashed plan to establish corporate interests – namely the chemical/oil/drug Cartel – as the rulers of Europe for generations to come. The fact that the “Executive” of the “Brussels EU” (EU Commission) is appointed on behalf of corporate interests, while – at the same time – the people of Europe are deprived of any democratic right to seat or unseat this executive, must be labelled as what it is: The plan for a corporate dictatorship over Europe for generations to come.
  • The “European Cartel Junta” of “EU Commissioners” differs from any “banana republic junta” only by the size of the territory it claims for the Cartel bosses.
  • Any treaty trying to lay the legal ground work for an attempt to establish such a dictatorship – namely the so-called “Lisbon Treaty” – must be properly described as an “Enabling Law,” just like any other legislation establishing a dictatorship. The most important historic parallel for such an enabling law is the legislation by which the IG Farben Cartel/Nazi coalition empowered Hitler in 1933 to abolish democracy in Germany in order to prepare for the World War II conquest of Europe on behalf of this Cartel.
  • The post-war plans of the IG-Farben/Nazi coalition envisioned an “enabling act” for all of Europe once it had been conquered by this coalition. In a so called “Basic Contract,“ the rule of the chemical/drug Cartel over Europe would have been cemented for generations to come. Today, the “Brussels EU” merely repeats this scheme and has barely disguised its “European Enabling Act” behind the picturesque name of the “Lisbon Treaty“. We remember, in December 2007, in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon , the puppets of the “Icarus Sect” - Sarkozy and Merkel - imposing this “European Enabling Act” upon Europe against heavy opposition.
  • The post-war plans of the IG-Farben/Nazi coalition envisioned that the people of Europe were to be governed by so-called “Cartel Decrees”. The “Brussels EU” merely changed the name – they are now called “EU Directives”. This means that whenever the Cartel does not get its way in the form of proper legislation it can command the Junta of “EU Commissioners” to issue a so-called “EU-Directive,” which, with the strike of a pen, subjugates 500 million Europeans under the orders of the Cartel.
  • For these “Decrees” to become effective law in a post WWII Europe under IG Farben/Nazi control, they simply needed to be published in a legal gazette with the most remarkable name: “Das Großraum-Kartell“ – “The Greater Sphere Cartel.” Thus, the IG Farben/Nazi architects of these plans did not even care to hide who made the laws and whom they should serve. It blatantly stated: We, the Cartel, make the laws!
  • The “Icarus Sect” successors today simply copied this plan from their predecessors. The only change they made was to mask the real purpose of the journal with a more palatable name: “The Official Journal of the EU.“ Apparently, Sarkozy and the other members of the Icarus sect thought that no one would see through this cheap trick. Obviously, they were wrong.
  • The facts are clear: If the Cartel gets its way, the “Brussels EU” laws and directives become binding for 500 million people across Europe upon publication in this legal Cartel gazette. The citizens of Europe , of course, will have had no say in the formulation of these Cartel laws and decrees – a process that ridicules any claim of democracy.
  • The “Icarus Sect” and their puppets in politics and media try to sell the “European Enabling Act” (a.k.a. Treaty of Lisbon) to the people of Europe as the foundation of the “New Europe” – essentially a “Constitution for Europe“. Remarkably, the people and nations across Europe were categorically denied a referendum on this “European Enabling Act.“ And the “Icarus Sect” knows fully well why they cannot afford to put this “Enabling Law” to the people. For if they do, the plan to establish a dictatorship of corporate interests over Europe would be unmasked throughout the European Union. In Ireland , the only country that allowed its citizens to vote on the “Lisbon Enabling Act”, the people rejected this plan in a thundering “No!”

For a long time, millions of Europeans have viewed the “Brussels EU“ with suspicion but could not clearly discern why. After all, how can all the political parties, from the right to the left, be wrong? How could all these politicians – who describe themselves as democrats – support the blatantly undemocratic construct of the “Brussels EU?” How could they campaign for this dictatorial construct – and even feed from it?

With this publication of the true background of the “Brussels EU” the mask is off – and all excuses that “we didn’t know” are gone. The true nature of the “Brussels EU” is now clearly visible to everyone: It is the third attempt of the “Icarus Sect” to enslave the people of Europe in the interest of the chemical/ drug and oil Cartel. With the “Lisbon Enabling Act,” millions of people across Europe would be turned into consumer slaves for a lifetime until they are finally sacrificed to the business with disease like lambs in the slaughter-house.

If this is a world you want for your children and grandchildren, then you can ignore this article. However, if you want a world in which your children and grandchildren can democratically participate and live in dignity, then the time to act is now.

If you want to learn more about the early phase of the EU during the 1950 and 1960s, you can do so. During my acceptance speech for the “Relay of Life Award” from the Auschwitz survivors I described the architects of the third attempt of the Cartel’s conquest of Europe in more detail: http://www.relay-of-life.org/speech/speech.html (English)

The time has come when we, the people, have to protect democracy!

We have already established that the continuation of the reign of terror of the drug and oil Cartel is incompatible with a democratic society, as no one aware of the scientific alternatives to the energy and drug business of the Cartel will voluntarily continue to pay “tolls” to the “Icarus Sect”.

Therefore, it is necessary to closely observe and analyse how this Sect and its members in politics and the media react to their imminent demise. For decades, the Sect has successfully seized control over decisive areas of everyday life, such as energy, health and food, by keeping millions of people ignorant. As long as these “Dark Ages” prevailed, the people of Europe and beyond had no alternatives and considered the “Icarus Sect” as their legitimate leaders.

The Sect took advantage of this state of almost blind adoration and created a heinous global illusion: They portrayed themselves as the protectors of “freedom” and “democracy”. Whenever there was a crisis anywhere, the “Icarus Sect” paraded through the Cartel media celebrating themselves as the guarantors of “freedom and democracy.” Future history books will list the year 2008 as a year when this strategy of mass deception by the “Icarus sect” was perfected: While the Cartel was coercing the nations of Europe to approve the “Lisbon Enabling Laws” under the brutal dictatorship of the cartel, Sarkozy, Merkel and the other Icarus puppets were organizing a barrage of protests and other media stunts relentlessly accusing China, Russia, Kenya, Zimbabwe and around a dozen more countries of alleged human rights violations.

Being masters of deception, the “Icarus Sect” even designed an annual “human rights award” for the “Brussels EU” – named after the Russian dissident Andrei Sakharov and known as the “Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought”. The ceremony for the 2008 award, given to a Chinese dissident, was carried by the Cartel media around the world. In other words: The Cartel is establishing a forthright dictatorial rule over Europe through the “Brussels EU” – all the while using publicity stunts like “human rights awards” to dissipate and silence the growing concerns of millions people across Europe about the undemocratic “Brussels EU” and the growing demands for a democratic referendum on the “Lisbon Enabling Act.”

I am convinced that our children will soon find this PR stunt of the Sect members inside the “Brussels EU” in their history text books, as an example of the mind-boggling swindle by which the Cartel tried to win control over Europe during its third attempt.

Now, however, as the people begin to realize that this slogan of “freedom and democracy” was only a masquerade behind which the “Icarus Sect” was constructing an open dictatorship of corporate interests, this deception no longer works.

Some of my readers may think that the state of affairs has not yet progressed to a point where European politicians admit that they intend to end democracy. Unfortunately, they are wrong. In the spring of 2005, it became evident, that the French and the Dutch people would clearly defeat the plans for a European corporate dictatorship via the “Brussels EU” construct in national referendums. The “Icarus Sect” immediately developed its “contingency plan.” On May 22, 2005, the Cartel forced the resignation of the German government under chancellor Schroeder. “Either he resigns or we will force him out,” threatened the Cartel-controlled media.

We did not have to wait long to hear the reason for this coup d’état in Germany. On June 16, 2005, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the German political party CDU, the designated new chancellor Angela Merkel – in a gush of naiveté – openly announced to the public the reasons for the coup: “We have no right to democracy and free market economy for all eternity!

Listen, Angela Merkel, we are of a distinctly different opinion!

It was obvious that Merkel had been commissioned by the Cartel. The European-wide Cartel dictatorship via the “Brussels EU” had to be completed at all costs. In May 2006, support for Merkel came through Sarkozy, in France, who was brought to power with SA-like methods (see the previous article about the Sect).

If we look back over the last three years, we realise how ruthlessly Sarkozy and Merkel have tried to coerce the “Lisbon Enabling Act” and the completion of the plans for the Cartel to take over economic, administrative, judicial and military power across Europe. Those governments in the EU who did not comply with the plans of the Cartel and their puppets, Sarkozy and Merkel, were simply overthrown. This was the fate of the previous Polish government – and threatens to be the fate of the governments of the Czech Republic and Ireland in 2009.

In this situation, we, the people, have to recognise that we have to defend democracy itself against the desperate attacks by the Cartel! We have to defend the most fundamental right of all – democracy – for ourselves, our children, and for those generations of Europeans yet unborn!

Passing on this article to friends and colleagues is an important first step towards this goal. Only those who understand history can prevent it from repeating itself. 2009, the year of elections to the puppet “EU parliament,” will present enough opportunities for making your voice heard.

2009 – A decisive year for the “Icarus Sect” and their plans for the “Brussels EU”

The plan of the Cartel has many facets, but their goal is amazingly simple and recognisable by everyone:

  • The construct of the “Brussels EU” is to be cemented as the “bridgehead” of the Cartel for the conquest of the world. Towards this end, the “Lisbon Enabling Act” has to be forced on the nations of Europe at all costs. The most powerful weapon for achieving this goal is to coerce the heroic heads of state who had resisted the Cartel pressure until now with an escalation of the global economic crisis followed by blatant economic blackmail: Either you sign the “Lisbon Enabling Act” – or we will cut the credits for your country and force you into bankruptcy.
  • In preparation for this phase, the Cartel has already made sure that it controls leading newspapers in every country of Europe. The German publishing house Axel Springer, for example, has acquired dozens of newspapers across Europe – all of which are used as weapons to attack any politician in the respective nation who resists bowing to the Cartel and refuses to sign the “Lisbon Enabling Act.” Springer, of course, is not an unknown publishing house. Amongst other things, Springer made news when it became public that it had employed Paul Schmidt, the former press propaganda chief of Hitler’s foreign affairs minister Ribbentrop. While Ribbentrop had been sentenced to death in the Nuremberg Tribunal for the war crimes he committed, his propaganda chief Paul Schmidt – under his new pseudonym Paul Carell – was allowed to spread the venom of the Cartel/Nazi coalition in post WWII Europe.
    Thus, in whatever European country you are, find out who owns your media. It will help you to understand the shaping of public opinion in your country with respect to the “Brussels EU” and the “Lisbon Enabling Act.”
  • Under the patronage of the nuclear power France, the European Nations around the Mediterranean, together with some key African states, are to be integrated into a political-military alliance. This axis-strategy also guarantees the steady supply of uranium from Central-Africa, so that the global struggle for the Sect’s survival and their world dominance can begin.
  • Empowered by this political, economic and military “home base,” the Cartel instructed its political puppet Sarkozy and others to take on the battle for world dominance. Towards this end, Sarkozy has already publicly discussed plans for WWIII. In August 2006, only three months after the Cartel brought them to power in France, Sarkozy and Kouchner declared that they would be prepared to fight a nuclear war in order to defend their interests.

The desperation of the “Icarus Sect” will make them continue with their strategies of financial bribery, political coercion, and psychological warfare against the people and governments of Europe and beyond. A look back at 2008 illustrates the arsenal of political, economic and military tools readily used by the Cartel to bully its way:

  • The aggressive power play of Sarkozy and Merkel, who try to decide over Europe ’s fate like imitations of Roman emperors. Some of the most critical decisions affecting Europe were decided in “tête a tête” meetings by Sarkozy and Merkel - with the other two dozen leaders of European nations only being flown in afterwards, their roles being reduced to nodding to the decisions of the two political gurus of the “Icarus Sect.”
  • Without consulting most of the heads of state of the other European nations, Sarkozy proclaimed a “Union ” between the “Brussels EU” and the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. The borders of this artificial union strikingly resemble the borders of the Roman Empire 2000 years ago – or, just 70 years ago, the European/African Empire proclaimed by previous kingpins of the “Icarus Sect,” Mussolini and Hitler.
  • The global economic crisis was deliberately provoked by the “Icarus Sect.” This self-inflicted crisis serves as an important instrument – besides wars – to spread fear and paralysis among the people of the world. These global fear campaigns are being strategically developed to steer, control and discipline the people and governments of Europe and the world to voluntarily follow the “Icarus Sect”’ and subjugate to the rule of the Cartel. The paramount goal of the Cartel in Europe 2009 is to break the resistance of Ireland, the Czech Republic, Poland and other countries and coerce them – by all means available including the economic blackmail of entire nations – to sign the “Lisbon Enabling Law.”
  • The desperation of the “Icarus Sect” is also reflected in the notorious hyperactivity of Sarkozy. While the “Lisbon Enabling Law” is not finalized yet and his EU-Mediterranean Union is little more than a paper tiger, he is now already proclaiming a “world government.” This global government – or shall we say dictatorship – would, of course, be run by Sarkozy and the “Icarus Sect” on behalf of the Cartel and would use French nuclear weapons to coerce its will on our planet. Public proclamations of the goal to conquer and rule the world on behalf of corporate interests are the common language between Hitler and Sarkozy.
  • There can be no dictatorship without a perfected police state to control the people and to break any opposition by force. Here, too, the “Icarus Sect” is copying the methods and instruments their predecessors had perfected across most parts of Europe from 1933 to 1945. Under the pretext of “the war on terror,” many of these “police state” instruments have already been installed across Europe by the politburo of the “Brussels EU.” From the mass installation of public surveillance cameras to the spying on phonecalls, faxes, emails and bank accounts or the placement of ‘Trojan devices’ in any personal computer without the user’s knowledge, the ultimate goal of all these measures is, of course, not to fight terrorism – but to secure the continued reign of terror established by the “Icarus Sect” on behalf of the Cartel across Europe.
  • The build-up of a European army to be deployed also within European borders is yet another step towards securing the long term rule of the Cartel under the “Brussels EU.” Few political measures illustrate better the desperation of the “Icarus Sect” facing its own demise than this blatant preparation for a civil war – the war of the people of Europe against the “Icarus Sect” and its hide out, the “Brussels EU.”
  • While selling the ”Brussels EU” as a guarantor of peace to the people of Europe, Sarkozy, Merkel, Koch and other political puppets of the “Icarus Sect” are vigorously engaged in building up an official European army with French nuclear weapons under French command. In fact, even as this article is being written, the first expedition battalions of this “Brussels EU” army are already training for “real war” at the Horn of Africa. While the “Icarus Sect” is pretending to chase pirates, the long-term assignments are already clear: 1. Topple the government of any developing country that tries to escape the grip of the Cartel. 2. Advance the conquest of the world’s resources and markets on behalf of the chemical/drug and oil Cartel – including by military force.
  • The same purpose serves the announcement by Sarkozy to accelerate the militarization of outer space. Towards this end, Sarkozy is coercing the other EU member states to merge the hitherto civilian European “Galileo“ space program with the French nuclear arms arsenal – under the ultimate control of – you guessed it – Sarkozy and the “Icarus Sect.” Such a step can only be explained by Sarkozy already preparing for World War III, the big military conflict with China and Russia , for world dominance.
    And all this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Sarkozy is – and I can not emphasise this enough – as dangerous as the last global arsonist of the Cartel, Adolf Hitler. The same corporate interest groups brought both of them to power, the same propaganda and demagogy to psychologically manipulate the people kept them in power – for a while.

70 years have passed since the last failed attempt of the chemical/drug and oil Cartel to rule Europe and the world for a “thousand years.“ Now, another politician has entered the arena with the same goal. But not only is the “Icarus Sect” learning from the past. We – the people – are too.

The goal of this article is to spread the lessons of history – so it will not repeat!