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What You Can Do Now to Stop the Plans of the Icarus sectA few months ago I shared with you my analysis about the present political situation in an article headlined “The Icarus Sect“. In this article I named the interests who for decades have been robbing our planet and are willing to sacrifice the health and the lives of billions of people in the interest of the chemical/pharmaceutical and oil Cartel.

The name “Icarus“ is taken from a figure in Greek mythology: The arrogant Icarus – armed with artificial wings made out of wax – tried to fly higher and higher. He succeeded until he got too close to the sun and its heat melted the wax of his fake wings. Inevitably, he fell from the sky to his death.

Precisely this is the fate of today’s “Icarus Sect”, those interest groups who have been ruthlessly seeking to monopolize health, food and energy supplies for the people of our planet. In order to continue their unscrupulous investment business, they were willing to bring wars, epidemics, hunger and economic crisis to our planet.

The “Icarus Sect” is doomed because – driven by their insatiable greed – they were flying too close to the sun. Now the sun – the truth – is brightly shining on the fake wings of the “Icarus Sect” (i.e. the multi-trillion dollar oil and drug business) and exposing them as fakes. The tyranny of oil and the dependency of mankind on the false promises of the drug industry is ending – and with it the century-long terror regime of the “Icarus Sect.”

This article reveals the plans of the “Icarus Sect” for 2009 – particularly as they relate to its plan to turn Europe into a corporate dictatorship under the stranglehold of the chemical/drug and oil Cartel. In short, the “Brussels EU” is being strategically developed as the “politburo” of the “Icarus Sect” and as a bridgehead for the global expansion plans of the Cartel.

Before we expose the plans of the “Icarus Sect” for 2009 it is necessary to have a look back at the origin of this Sect and its current political players. Following is a short summary of the facts covered in my previous article http://www.dr-rath-gesundheitsallianz.org/infothek/ri/pdfs/2008_02_de.pdf (in German):

The melting wings of the “Icarus Sect”

The oil and drug Cartel stands with its back against the wall. For decades, mankind has been exploited by the “Icarus Sect” and their multi-trillion dollar fraudulent investment businesses with energy (refined petrochemicals), with disease (patented pharmaceutical drugs) and nutrition (genetically modified, patented food). These fraudulent businesses directly affect the lives of every human being on this planet.

The fraudulent business with fossil fuels has been exposed

For nearly a decade the “Icarus Sect” has tried to blindfold people by telling them that fossil fuels (oil and gas) are the only viable form of energy available. However, already four decades ago the first man landed on the moon – propelled by rockets powered by hydrogen, i.e. energy derived from water!

Instead of making this clean, unlimited and essentially free energy available to solve the energy needs of mankind forever, the “Icarus-Sect“ did everything to keep this knowledge secret or discourage people with the fairy tale of “insurmountable technical problems.” They were afraid that millions of people understand that energy from water can fuel cars, run public transport and factories, heat millions of households, illuminate cities and even provide energy to irrigate deserts.

The fear of the “Icarus Sect” is well founded: Energy derived from water is available everywhere in the world at any time – and at little or no cost. Obviously, the spread of energy technology derived from water – as well as other renewable forms of energy – would expose the fraudulent nature of the oil business and those who organized it. No doubt, this would be the end of the “Icarus Sect’s” strategic leg, the oil investment business, through which the Sect was able to extort “tribute payments” for energy from people around the globe – at unit prices that dwarf those of water, juice, milk and other essential foods.

As long as the knowledge about energy from hydrogen and other cheaper, renewable energy sources was kept secret, people were willing to pay these “tributes” to the oil Cartel at their gas station. However, once cars, trucks, motor-bikes, trains, airplanes and ocean-liners run – powered by water – at a fraction of their current costs, no one would voluntarily continue to pay enormous “tolls” to the Cartel. Now this time has come: With the serial production of the first hydrogen-powered cars in 2008 by Toyota and Honda, the veil of deception about the energy fraud was finally torn down.

One does not need a PhD in politics or economics to realize what the political consequences of this development will be for the political puppets of the “Icarus Sect” in the Chancellery in Berlin, the Elysée-Palace in Paris and in No. 10 Downing Street in London. They know that their control over billions of people can only be maintained as long as the whole of humanity is kept a) economically dependent, and b) in ignorance about key technologies, particularly in the fields of energy and health.

But now millions of people realize that they have been deceived for decades by the multi-billion dollar fraud business of the drug and oil Cartel, the political puppets of the “Icarus Sect” are sweating profusely. They know that the survival of this fraudulent business, that has driven millions of families, businesses, even entire states into economic ruin, can no longer continue in a democracy. The Icarus-Sect knows it needs a global dictatorship – at all cost!

The fraudulent business with disease of the “Icarus-Sect“ has been exposed

The same is true for the second multi-trillion dollar fraud business of the “Icarus Sect” the pharmaceutical business with disease. For almost a decade, the “Icarus disciples” in politics, media and medicine have spread the myth that the pharmaceutical industry is conducting God’s own work by aiming to eliminate diseases. Now, however, millions of people everywhere are waking up to the sobering fact that the exact opposite is true: The continuation and further spread (!) of diseases is the very foundation of the existence of the pharmaceutical investment business based on patented drugs.

What sounded like a “conspiracy theory” years ago is now the subject of New York Times Bestsellers, TV reports and political analyses: The financiers behind the drug investment business are enriching themselves at the expense of diseases and the deaths of hundreds of millions of people. The tribute payments demanded by the “Icarus Sect” from millions of families - in the form of insurance and other costs to manage disease - even surpass the tribute payments to the Cartel for energy. Up to a quarter and more of an average family’s income is channelled into the treasure chests of the pharmaceutical drug Cartel. To maintain this fraud, people have been kept in ignorance for decades about the true causes of cancer, coronary heart diseases and other diseases. Moreover, the fact has been deliberately hidden from the public that science-based and safe natural treatments that effectively combat today’s most common diseases have been available for decades!

How fast the “Icarus Sect” and their puppets are drowning in their own swamp of fraud and lies is exemplified by the PR campaign to vaccinate millions of young girls against cervical cancer. After decades of propagating the highly toxic chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer patients, millions of people everywhere are beginning to realize this hoax. “Chemo” is no “Therapy” but an assault on the human body with highly toxic chemicals, some of them derived from chemical weapons like mustard gas.

Today the sparrows whistle it from the roofs that the most frequent side-effect of infusing these toxic substances into the human body is the generation of even more cancer – and, thereby, of further markets for patented drugs. Now that this fact has become common knowledge, the “Icarus Sect” and its puppets in medicine, the media and politics have to fear that they will be held responsible before national and international courts for these crimes against humanity. Just like a drowning man clutching at straws, in this situation the Sect is grabbing every tree branch – and even frail twigs. One of these twigs was the alleged promise of a vaccination against cervical cancer. Medical doctors, health insurance funds, media, and politicians were mobilised, even the 2008 Nobel Prize was awarded to turn a twig into a tree.

But this PR stunt of the Cartel soon turned out to be a hoax. Now it is becoming obvious that – here too – the patients are harmed twice for falling prey to this hoax: Once with their pocket and once with their health. Millions of girls and young women were driven by a gigantic fear campaign organized by the Cartel to subject themselves to be vaccinated with a genetically modified vaccine – without a single long term clinical study having proven any benefit. Worse, now it emerges that the vaccination involves significant risks even to the point of death.

And so mankind entered 2009 with the Public Prosecutor of Stockholm investigating the undue influence of pharmaceutical drug companies on the Swedish Nobel Prize Committee. Apparently the “Icarus Sect” had signed on members of the Nobel Prize Committee as part of their global drug marketing force.

The real scandal is that the side effects of this one drug are not the exception, they are the rule. Spreading diseases in the form of severe side-effects caused by the known toxicity of pharmaceutical drugs is the most successful strategy to continuously expand the disease market for the drug industry. Not surprisingly, the death toll from the side-effects of prescription drugs has become the fourth leading cause of death after heart attacks, cancer and strokes.

The exposure of the nature of the fraudulent business with disease to millions of people makes the political consequences inevitable: A whole industry branch based on continuation and expansion of disease is incompatible with democracy.

Once people learn these facts, they are no longer willing to support this fraudulent business. Nobody would voluntarily subject himself to a system that sacrifices millions of sick people like guinea pigs in order to fill the pockets of the Cartel. Just like in the energy sector, here too, the “Icarus Sect” knows that its multi-trillion dollar business with diseases has been exposed as a fraud and its days are numbered. They know that the only way to continue making billions from this fraudulent business with disease is by force – i.e. by establishing a dictatorial rule over Europe and the world.

The “Brussels EU“ – bridge head of a planned global dictatorship

Why do you think the people of Germany, the UK, France and every other EU member state apart from Ireland are being denied a democratic referendum about the political platform of the “Brussels EU”? What do you think Nicolas Sarkozy aims at, when he – under the disguise of fighting global economic problems – proposes to form a “Global Economic Government,” i.e. a “World Government”?

With an unprecedented PR campaign, the “Icarus Sect” tries to turn the “Brussels EU” into its “politburo” to rule Europe and into a “bridgehead” for the conquest of the rest of the world on behalf of the same fraudulent investment businesses.

Millions of people are already asking themselves “How could we let this happen?” To answer this question we have to answer the question “Who built the Brussels EU?” In short, the goals, the methods, even the blueprint for the “Brussels EU” are copies of previously failed attempts of the chemical/drug and oil Cartel and the “Icarus sect” to control Europe.

The first attempt of the “Icarus Sect” to subjugate Europe

Over the last one hundred years, the “Icarus Sect” has tried twice to militarily conquer and control entire economies and nations via the strategic sectors of patented chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Between 1914 and 1918, BAYER, HOECHST and BASF contracted the German Emperor Wilhelm II to conquer the European continent with his army. Their goal was the control the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical markets – and thereby ultimately the nations and the peoples of Europe. The Cartel directors promised the German emperor that the war would be over by Christmas 1914 and BAYER provided thousands of tons of TNT and poisoned gas in order to convince the reluctant French, Belgian and other nations of the necessity of a European economic union under the leadership of BAYER, HOECHST and BASF. For more details see also: www.bufata-chemie.de/reader/ig_farben/0100.html (German) and www.profit-over-life.org (English and other languages).

The military subjugation of Europe under the control of the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry failed and the Cartel arsonists had to admit defeat in 1918. Millions of people in Europe paid the ultimate price. However, the true criminals – the members of the “Icarus Sect” in the executive suites of the chemical and drug Cartel – were never brought to justice.

After WW I millions of Germans and other Europeans struggled for bare survival and did not focus on exposing the war mongers of the “Icarus Sect” or bring them to justice. If they had done so, we would have been spared the Second World War and other major tragedies of the 20th century and there would have been no need to write this article.

But the “Icarus Sect” remained untouched – and, naturally, took this as an invitation for their next military attempt to conquer Europe.

The second attempt of the Icarus-Sect to subjugate Europe

Already in 1925, only 7 years after instigating the tragedy of WW I, BAYER, BASF und HOECHST merged and became the infamous IG Farben Cartel. IG Farben strategically financed the rise of the Nazis to power and the preparations for WWII. The defined aim of the Cartel was the military conquest of Europe and subsequently the entire global chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical markets. Hitler was established as the chief political puppet of the “Icarus Sect.” The global strategic aims of the IG-Farben Cartel headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, were mirrored in the slogans of the SA, SS and Nazi Wehrmacht: “Heute gehört uns Deutschland und morgen die ganze Welt!“ (“Today we are the rulers of Germany and tomorrow of the entire world!”)

When this second attempt to be the masters of a “Thousand-Year-Reich” failed, an international court was established to bring those responsible to justice – the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. In the first of thirteen trials, Goering, Keitel and the political and military henchman of the IG Farben Cartel were sentenced. (Hitler, Goebbels and others had committed suicide). In a further trial, the leading medical doctors who carried out the inhuman medical experiments in the concentration camps on behalf of BAYER and HOECHST, and who were responsible for the extermination of thousands of disabled people, were sentenced. Many of them received the death penalty.

The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial No. VI indicted the true war criminals, the directors of the IG-Farben chemical/pharmaceutical Cartel. In his pleading, US Chief Prosecutor Telford Taylor summarized the guilt of BAYER, HOECHST and BASF (IG Farben) in the following way: Without the IG Farben Cartel WW II would not have been possible. If these corporate culprits are not exposed and brought to justice they will do more harm in future generations than the Nazis did during WWII (www.profit-over-life.org). With the beginning of the cold war, the verdicts against these main war criminals were little more than a slab on the wrist. The war criminals from the cartel were needed to fight new enemies.

Few paid attention at that time to the outrageous fact that the same chemical/drug corporations – BAYER, BASF and HOECHST – had caused two world wars within just 3 decades. Too heavy was the grief for millions of people victimized across Europe who faced the graves of their fallen family members and the rubble of their destroyed homes. They no longer had the power to bring to justice those responsible for the deaths of yet another 60 million people and the destruction of Europe.

The “Icarus Sect” got away a second time – again a fateful omission.

The third attempt of the Icarus-Sect to rule Europe

Many of the members of the “Icarus Sect” – like BAYER director Fritz Ter Meer – were sentenced for genocide, slavery and other crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. But instead of spending the rest of his life behind bars, other members of the “Icarus Sect” bailed him out of prison after only a few years. In 1956 Fritz Ter Meer was back in the driver seat as Chairman of the Board of BAYER – the highest position in post WWII corporate Germany. As the “grey eminence” of “Germany Inc.” he pulled the strings for the “Icarus Sect’s” third conquest of Europe – the creation of the European Common Market (EEC) in Rome in 1957. This economic union between Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands laid the basis of today’s European Union.

Another member of the “Icarus Sect”, Arno Sölter, had been heading the Nazi’s “Central Office for the Greater Economic Sphere” during World War II. In 1941, after the Nazi/IG-Farben coalition had conquered Central and Western Europe and had marched into Paris, Soelter published the blueprint for the post-WWII subjugation of Europe under the IG Farben/Nazi Coalition. This plan, entitled “Das Großraum Kartell” (“The Greater Sphere Cartel”), was published on 223 pages and is of extraordinary significance. This plan – that explicitly defines Europe as the “Greater Sphere” – is the original plan after which “Brussels EU” was shaped.

The planned post-WWII order of the European continent by the “Icarus Sect” had the following pillars:

  • Europe would be one “greater sphere”(“Großraum“) – a gigantic economic region under strict control of the chemical-pharmaceutical Cartel and its political henchmen, the Nazis.
  • The chemical-pharmaceutical Cartel controls – via patented high tech products – the economies of every country through the production of cloth fabric, plastic products, electricity, gasoline, pharmaceutical drugs and thousands of other products. With this plan, the Cartel intended to pervade the daily life of every family across Europe rendering every man, woman and child across Europe into economic servants. Under the plan of this dictatorial “Greater Sphere Cartel,” the people of Europe would have been forced to pay tributes – or “tolls” – to the Cartel with essentially every product they use in daily life.
  • According to this plan, a “Central Cartel Office” would be installed by the Cartel/Nazi coalition, representing the highest regulatory authority over the economic system of all Europe , including all aspects of trade, finance, patent law etc.
  • The power of the Cartel in the different European countries would be cemented by the political and military arms of the Cartel – i.e. the Nazis – and enabled with dictatorial powers. This dictatorial Europe would have formed the basis to conquer the rest of the world by economic and military force.

According to this plan of the Cartel/Nazi Coalition, the role of the people in this “New Europe” is limited to being compliant and servile consumers. In this “Thousand-Year-Reich” of the “Icarus Sect,” any democratic rights would have been abolished and any opposition suppressed or eliminated.

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