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Timeline Towards a World of Health and Social Justice


Most of the African nations achieve political independence from their colonial powers. However, their economic dependency on the industrialized nations remains largely unchanged.

1972, Dec 19

The UN General Assembly authorizes the preparation of a “UN Charter on the Economic Rights and Duties of States.” This is the first international declaration of the developing world to define as its basic rights the ownership of their natural resources and their economic independence. Two years later, on Dec 14th 1974, 120 nations passed this Economic Charter.

1973, Sep 11

The oil and drug cartel retaliates. Managed by Henry Kissinger, the CIA overthrows the democratically elected government of Chile. Political and military rollback strategies follow in: Viet Nam, Indonesia/East Timor, South America and across the African continent

1974, Apr 24

Henry Kissinger, US Secretary of State, US National Security Advisor and Rockefeller confidante, signs the “National Security Study Memorandum 200” (NSSM 200).This memorandum defines “population growth” in Africa and other developing regions as a “threat to US national security.” Specific goals of US policy defined in NSSM 200 were: securing control over “mineral and fuel resources” in the developing world, maintaining “political stability” for the status quo and, above all, controlling population growth as a “threat to US national security.” NSSM 200 specifies: “it is urgent that measures to reduce fertility be started and made effective in the 1970s and 1980s” and “US leadership is essential.”


During the 1980s AIDS becomes a global health problem. This global health challenge offers the opportunity to implement the goals of NSSM 200, i.e. population control, under the pretext of fighting this epidemic. Towards this end, toxic chemicals (antiretroviral drugs) which are known to attack the immune system are promoted to people already suffering from immune deficiencies/AIDS.

1989, July 3

The NSSM 200 report is declassified, but only after the population control strategy by means of toxic ARV drugs is in place across Africa.


The governments of the leading pharmaceutical drug export nations, namely the US, Great Britain, Germany and France, promote ARV drugs as “life-saving” and “life prolonging” answers to the AIDS epidemic without a single long-term, controlled clinical study showing any of these effects.

The manufacturers of ARV drugs are compelled by law to warn patients that “this drug does not cure HIV or AIDS.” Moreover, the drug makers are required to include the severe side effects of these drugs in the patient information leaflets. To overcome this obstacle, the drug cartel and its political stakeholders launch an unprecedented propaganda assault on mankind. The core of this multi-billion dollar campaign is to hide the population control campaign with toxic ARV drugs behind a veil of charity and philanthropy. The NSSM 200 goal of “reducing fertility” is advanced by promoting these toxic ARV drugs not only to pregnant women, but also to newborn babies and children, thus making sure that many of them never reach reproductive age.

2000 – today

The political stakeholders of the drug cartel further perfect their “population control program” by calling for a global campaign called “Three by Five.” This innocent phrase is nothing other than a sweet cover for the real goal of putting three million people in the developing world on toxic ARV's by the year 2005. By that time the “population control” campaign has reached genocidal proportions.

In 2001 the WHO publishes global data revealing that from all people infected with HIV, statistically less than 20% develop the immune deficiency condition AIDS – even after more than a decade.

During the same period, a growing number of research and clinical studies document the health benefits of vitamins and other micronutrients in fighting immune deficiencies. This is not surprising since no less than 9 Nobel Prizes have been awarded for the role of micronutrients in human health, particularly in strengthening the immune system.

This knowledge poses an immediate threat to the survival of the multi-billion dollar investment business with toxic patented ARV drugs. The stakeholders of the drug cartel use all means available to them to fight both scientists and political leaders promoting science-based natural approaches to the AIDS epidemic, including litigation and defamation.

To stabilize this breaking dam, the oil and drug cartel declares “war on Africa” – the primary weapons being toxic chemicals, ARV's:

  • The US government initiated campaign PEPFAR (Presidential Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) allocates over $60 billion of US taxpayers’ money to promote the “population control plan” with toxic ARV's across the developing world
  • At the so-called G8 summit in Germany in July 2007, the political stakeholders of the leading drug export nations allocate another $60 billion to finance the genocide in the developing world with taxpayers’ money from the industrialized nations. This unscrupulous plan is deceptively sold to the people in Europe and America as a sign of humanity and responsibility for the poor.
  • The G8 club goes one step further. Under the deceptive title of “Growth and Responsibility in Africa” they present a 22-page document that demands the voluntary subjugation of all African governments, political parties, media, schools, police forces and even armies to the control of the pharmaceutical drug cartel. Those African governments complying with this plan will be rewarded with a share of the $60 billion (R600 billion) – those resisting will be overthrown.


The “war on Africa” plan by the G8 is swiftly implemented with Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa being the first victims. In all these countries the stakeholders of the global drug cartel have spent millions to destabilize governments in an effort to replace them with their political puppets.

But unscrupulous plans of such genocidal dimension can only be carried out if the scheme and the motives behind those plans remain in the dark. If they are brought into the daylight, if millions of people across the African continent and other developing regions understand the true nature of the ARV genocide of the drug cartel, these plans must inevitably collapse.

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