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Q: Why did you publish these web pages?

AIDS is one of the major health challenges of our time, particularly in the developing world. Despite all propaganda over the past 25 years that the pharmaceutical drugs promoted to contain this epidemic are life-prolonging, the opposite is the case – the AIDS epidemic continues to spread. And there is a scientific explanation for that: Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) are toxic chemicals – so toxic, in fact, that they are prohibited from being used for cancer or other severe diseases. Millions of innocent people talked into taking these drugs are told that the toxic chemicals contained in the ARV pills kill viruses in the blood. What they are not told, however, is that these dangerous drugs also damage all other cells and organs in their bodies. The first organ to be attacked and severely damaged by the toxic ARV chemicals is the bone marrow, the very site of the production of all immune cells.

In short, millions of people suffering from the immune deficiency syndrome AIDS are coerced into taking drugs that aggravate – or even cause – drug induced immune deficiencies.

Thus, the global ARV promotion campaign that has been imposed across this planet for the past quarter of a century is a giant fraud. From the perspective of the victims, it is one of the largest genocides ever conducted. Most amazingly, however, hardly anyone dared to challenge this fraud in public.

But this genocide, conducted by the global pharmaceutical industry and thriving on the AIDS epidemic, is by no means unique. As an independent research organization, we have exposed in recent years how the drug companies have used this same fraud scheme in connection with another global health epidemic: cancer. Here the drug cartel feasted on the health and lives of hundreds of millions of cancer patients with the following trick: Extremely toxic chemicals, some of them derivatives of the chemical warfare agent mustard gas, were deceptively labeled “chemo-therapy” – with the word therapy implying that there is a cure or at least improvement. Then the cancer patients were made to believe that “chemo” selectively kills cancer cells. The key information was deliberately withheld from them: The toxic cancer chemicals also kill the healthy cells in the body and – not surprisingly – the most frequent side effect of cancer “chemo” is the triggering of new cancers, induced by those chemicals.

This giant fraud explains why, after half a century of the “chemo” cancer drugs, cancer still spreads and has largely remained a death verdict. Exposing this multi-billion dollar cancer drug fraud was not an easy task; after all, our opponent was one of the largest investment industries in the world. The lessons from that battle – the fight between a science-driven David and a greed-driven Goliath – provided us with invaluable experiences.

Thus, it was incumbent upon us to expose the next giant fraud, the ARV investment business with the AIDS epidemic. As we would soon discover, the drug cartel used the same scheme they had applied to harm and rob millions of cancer patients, to their next global market place: the AIDs epidemic. Millions of people are taking toxic chemicals to allegedly fight immune deficiencies in their bodies and no one told them that the most common side effect of this toxic drug is even more immune deficiency.

These web pages expose the global fraud of the multi-billion dollar ARV business from two angles:

  1. They provide the unchallenged scientific evidence that, even after 25 years of promoting ARVs as a “cure” or as “life-saving” for AIDS patients, there exists not a single, controlled, long-term clinical study showing that these drugs actually prolong the lives of AIDS patients. In a spectacular court case against the British newspaper The Guardian, the proponents of the ARV business had the opportunity to disprove that fact in sworn testimony. They could not!
    The promotion of useless and dangerous drugs to millions of people, particularly in the developing world, immediately raises the question of the motive for such outrageous action. The answer to this question brings us to the second angle of the ARV business covered in these web pages.
  2. Immediately after the liberation of the majority of African and other developing countries from colonialism, the leading economic powers designed strategies to prevent a full and equal participation of the developing world with respect to the world’s resources. Under the cover term of “population control” they designed strategies to decimate the population of the developing world because they were considered a “threat to the national security” of the economic powers. The most infamous of these documents from 1974, declassified 15 years later, was the National Safety and Security Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200). This document was prepared and signed by Henry Kissinger, then US Secretary of State and the anchorman who translated the interests of Rockefeller’s oil and drug cartel into global strategic action.
    The leading economic powers of the world today – the so-called G-8 – are all leading exporters of pharmaceutical drugs. Major parts of their economic power are derived from having promoted the organized fraud of the “business with disease” across the globe for decades. Fearing their own demise, the drug cartel has declared war on the developing world. They are using the multi-billion dollar global ARV-promotion as a “chemical weapon” to achieve their ultimate goal: Under the veil of “medical assistance” and “charity” they actually carry out the most comprehensive and effective campaign towards their declared goal - population control in the developing world.
    The ARV marketing campaign over the past two decades will go into history as one of the most unscrupulous and heinous genocides of human history – ranging at the same level as the organized extermination campaign organized by the Nazis and their corporate sponsors from the German oil and drug cartel across Europe seven decades ago.
    For those who may have difficulties to accept the accusation of a deliberate genocide by the pharmaceutical companies – that costs the lives of millions of people – the message is simple: They have done it before. The facts about the oil and drug cartel as the driving economic force behind the rise of the Nazi party, behind the WWII conquest of Europe – and even behind the construction of the Auschwitz forced labor and extermination camp – and the historic documents from the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial against the executives of the oil and drug cartels are documented at www.profit-over-life.org for all future generations to learn from.

Q: Why did you dedicate these web pages to Thabo Mbeki and Salvador Allende?

All important struggles of our time centre around one key issue: do the people of the developing world have the same rights to health, life and access to economic resources as the people in the developed world? Whenever a developing country tries to leave behind the shackles of economic dependency and to change the status quo, the economic powers and their political stakeholders retaliate with all means at their disposal including the overthrow of governments. The economic Goliaths’ fear of small, developing countries is a not a sign of strength but of desperation: they must prevent a so called domino effect among the more than 120 nations that make up the developing world.

In 1972 the developing nations of the world united for the first time within the UN to formulate their right to nationalize their economic resources. This historic programme was later adopted by the UN and became known as the Declaration of Economic Rights and Duties of Nations. One of the first governments to implement these basic rights was the Chilean government under Salvador Allende. In the early 1970s they decided to nationalize the Chilean copper industry and other key industries, in order to provide the funds for national health and education programs. The oil, drug and mineral cartel retaliated immediately. Through their anchorman in the US government, Henry Kissinger, they orchestrated a plan to finance the infiltration of key groups in Chilean society via the CIA and ultimately overthrow the democratically elected government of President Allende in a coup d’état on September 11, 1973. The following dictatorship under Augusto Pinochet restored the dependency of Chile on the mainly US multi-national oil, drug and mineral cartel. For two decades the people of Chile paid the price for not having more vigorously defended their democratically elected government.

Three decades later, on another continent, the democratically elected government of South African President Thabo Mbeki dared to challenge the growing dependency of South Africa and the African continent on the multi-billion dollar investment business with ARV drugs and on the international oil and drug cartel. Throughout his Presidency, hundreds of millions of dollars were poured into South Africa with one goal: to destabilize the Mbeki government and in particular to discredit its firm stance against pharmaceutical colonialism. The cartel retaliated in much the same way as they had three decades before in Chile. Newspapers were instrumentalized in a witch hunt against the anti-colonial position of President Mbeki’s government, trade unions were infiltrated and transformed into drug promoting organizations, opposition parties were financed with the same goal and entire university departments were transformed into operating centers for the CIA. For those readers who have any doubts about these facts, we recommend reading the Senate Hearing on the Covert Actions in Chile, documented in these web pages.

In 2008, the government of democratically elected President Thabo Mbeki was eventually overthrown on behalf of the same interests, with the same foreign financial support, the same infiltration strategies and – most importantly – with the same goal as thirty-five years earlier: to deliver South Africa back to the international drug cartel and sacrifice millions of its people on the altar of pharmaceutical colonialism.

The main purpose in dedicating these web pages to President Mbeki and President Allende is to send a clear message to the stakeholders of the oil and drug cartel: Not this time!

Q: You mentioned earlier that, until now, no one challenged this fraud with ARV drugs. Why is that?

It is truly an amazing fact that the ARV drug marketing campaign that has, thus far, cost the people and the governments of the world more than $100 billion, has never been tested as to its scientific basis. In any other area of commerce, if you sell products that do the opposite from what they are advertized to do, it leads to a public outcry and regulatory closure of that business. So we have to answer the question why this has not happened with the ARV fraud.

There is, of course, an explanation for this remarkable fact. Knowing that their ARV drugs are actually causing drug-induced immune deficiencies and thereby expanding the AIDS epidemic, the drug multi-nationals spent billions of Rand in a global propaganda campaign to paint the picture of ARVs as life-saving, miracle cures. To do that they had to line-up the medical profession, the media, political parties and even governments around the world as their “Pied Pipers” for publicly promoting lies about the nonexistent benefits of ARV drugs, with the medical profession being a particular target of this strategy. In South Africa the ARV promoting drug companies became the main sponsors of the “Foundation for Professional Development” an organization responsible for brainwashing the minds of doctors and nurses across the country by portraying ARVs as life-savers.

The governments around the world were put under pressure by so called medical experts, groomed by the drug industry with one goal: to publicly deny to politicians the expertise and judgment on all matters related to AIDS and the ARV business with the war cry “we are the experts.” This handful of ARV salesmen, armored only with their academic titles and sometimes the names of their institutions, essentially took over executive power in this area in many countries. Politicians, insurance companies and millions of patients were paralyzed by the boldness of this intimidating propaganda and did not dare to ask the most basic of all questions: where is the scientific proof?

President Mbeki and Health Minister Dr. Tshabalala Msimang were among the few exceptions who publicly questioned the health benefits of toxic ARV drugs. By exposing the ARV fraud business to the entire world they, of course, became the target of retaliation from the organizers of this fraud, the drug cartel. Over the past decade, the drug multi-nationals have systematically invested in the rise of politicians with an established track record of corruption, whom they could manipulate in any direction needed.

Q: What did you do to challenge this fraud?

As scientists, we have consistently exposed the ARV fraud and at the same time provided evidence that there are alternatives to these toxic substances in the form of micronutrients known to stimulate the immune system. Most of those efforts, our research documentation and the results from our public health programs are documented elsewhere on this web site.

The most significant exposure of this fraud, however, was to challenge the lies surrounding the ARV business during court litigation. In 2007 and early 2008, we challenged the British newspaper The Guardian about articles in which they had repeatedly turned the scientific facts upside down and proclaimed ARVs as life savers. During this litigation, we provided The Guardian and its advisory team of ARV promoting experts with a historic opportunity: to substantiate, under oath, the claims they made about ARVs as life saving drugs to their readers. They could not!

Q: Can you tell us more about the case against The Guardian?

Over the years The Guardian – as well as other newspapers – praised ARVs as the answer to the AIDS epidemic. As part of this propaganda they started to attack the scientific value of vitamins and other micronutrients in the fight against immune deficiencies/AIDS and launch attacks on the scientists pioneering this field, including myself.

This provided us with the opportunity to do something that should have been done for more than two decades by governments and health insurers alike: challenge the scientific base of the global ARV business in court. The first victory we obtained during this litigation was the fact that the High Court in London allowed this case to be heard. The second victory was that the court specifically allowed an evaluation of the scientific evidence for the alleged health benefits of ARVs to become part of this litigation. Even these initial steps were already fiercely opposed by The Guardian.

Thus, our first complaint (application) focused heavily on confronting The Guardian and its ARV advisors with the most burning questions: Is there any evidence that ARVs can cure HIV or AIDS? Is there any evidence that ARVs are life saving or, at least, life prolonging? Are there any controlled, long term, clinical studies to prove the health benefits of ARVs? Can ARVs cause drug-induced immune deficiency? The evidence substantiating the legitimacy of these questions was made part of the complaint.

With this legal strategy, the ARV promoters – for the first time in 25 years – were forced to defend their marketing arguments in sworn testimony. Their inability to answer any of those burning questions cast a devastating verdict on the entire multi-billion dollar ARV business. We are fully aware of the historic dimension of this legal dispute and its significance for the health and lives of millions of people affected by AIDS. We took great care in documenting this legal exchange of scientific arguments in sworn testimonies from both sides.

The web pages we dedicated to the documentation of this historic litigation will be of service to health professionals, governments, medical and law schools – and above all – to millions of patients who finally want to know the true facts behind the ARV business.

Q: How did The Guardian react?

Our primary goal with this litigation was to force The Guardian – and of course the ARV promoting advisors behind it – to respond to our core accusation that the multi-billion dollar ARV business is essentially an organized fraud on the public. The Guardian and its advisors – collectively named here as ARV promoters – immediately realized the danger of having to make these far reaching concessions of not being able to prove that ARVs are, in fact, cures or at least life prolonging in AIDS patients. They knew that these concessions – which, due to the nature of this litigation, they were forced to make in sworn testimony – would have global consequences for the ARV business. No government would import such drugs and no insurance company would pay for them if they realized that they had been deceived by false promises about their efficacy. So they decided to retaliate. They apparently decided to develop a strategy for the forthcoming court hearing that would bury these devastating facts under a barrage of defamation and attacks, not only on the scientists promoting alternatives to ARVs, but also the governments determined to shed the shackles of pharmaceutical colonialism. We received page after page of requests to produce documents that had nothing to do with the core issue – do ARVs work or not – but were clearly targeted at attacking the South African government, South African civil organizations and even individuals who had been supporting the work of our Foundation in South Africa.

The decision for us to take was obvious. We had already achieved the goal we had targeted with this litigation, namely exposing the non-existence of any scientific support for ARVs as cures for AIDS and the lack of any controlled, long term clinical trials substantiating any life prolonging effects of these drugs. Moreover, in their sworn testimonies the ARV promoters were unable to deny the severely toxic side effects, which specifically included ARV-induced immune deficiencies. The most important task for us now was to publish these far reaching concessions by the ARV promoters on the internet for a global audience to judge for themselves the dimension of the ARV fraud. We no longer needed to expose the government of South Africa, or anyone else, to a court hearing apparently set up by the ARV promoters as a desperate mud throwing event.

We informed The Guardian that, for us, this case was over because the key scientific facts had been established under oath. Moreover, by that time, Hoffman LaRoche, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ARVs had publicly announced that they will completely abandon any AIDS research based on ARVs. For a leading drug company to abandon research into one of the leading health challenges of our time is nothing short of a capitulation in the face of the scientific facts.

The fact that The Guardian tried to distort the reasons for our termination of this case as legitimation for the ARV business did not change one iota of the scientific facts established during this litigation.

The verdict for history had been cast.

Q: What is the significance of this historic litigation?

Our litigation against The Guardian has terminated a quarter of a century of silence about one of the most unscrupulous schemes in history. The documentation of the scientific arguments exchanged in sworn testimony during this litigation finally exposes the dimension by which patients and governments alike have been deceived by the drug cartel. These web pages have been established as a service to humanity and we are confident that patients, health insurers and governments alike will now take up the compelling scientific and legal evidence to file their own lawsuits against the manufacturers of ARVs around the world. These new litigations will be much easier, because they can now be based on our legal and scientific arguments – knowing very well that the ARV manufacturers are left without defense. Moreover, insurance companies and governments continuing such litigation can now do so without fear of defamatory counter strategies like we, as the pioneers, were faced with.

After the publication of these web pages and the legal and scientific facts, no one can say any more “we did not know.” Those who continue to promote ARVs to innocent AIDS patients as cures and life savers must now be held accountable in national and international courts.

Armed with the information from these web pages, mankind can now end the global fraud with ARV drugs, terminate the unscrupulous genocide conducted in the developing world using these drugs and end pharmaceutical colonialism once and for all.

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